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I just unlocked one of the rarest camels in War Zone right here, and you can get it completely free. Let me teach you how to do the Easter egg, and it's a good adventure. Check it out. The only way to unlock this camo is to play Fortune's keep, and you're going to need to go directly to the lighthouse now keep in mind when you go to the lighthouse typically there's at least one or two other squads you're going to have to fight off first now when you land, you need to find a single gas can the problem is there's five different locations that gas can be which you can see in the picture, here I happen to find the one over here at the dock you can see the little red gas can now it's time to celebrate you got the first step to the Easter egg head back in fight off any baddies you see like.

Then you're going to head up to the upper part of the lighthouse, so up this ladder, and that gas can that you picked up now becomes useful. Start the generator. Go here to stop the beacon rotation, and you're going to stop it just to the left of my mark here, just to the left. Gas boom like that, now it's pointing in the right direction.

Jump to stage, two there, just a little redeploy Try to stay low in case there are any other teams again. My goal is not to win the match here or to get a bunch of kills; my goal is to finish it, so you're going to go past that building all the way here to this viewfinder. Lookout thingy migger When you melee it, you're going to find a mysterious token.

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Pick that up and head up to this building. Now place the item in the bird's nest right here, and you're going to notice it reflects the light to your second location, up here. Sprint over there and try to keep your head down or destroy anything that shoots at you first. You're going to go here next to the second, the viewfinder.

Look out for magic. I always forget what they're called, and I need that to get your second mysterious token. Boop, now run around the building to the backside. You're going to have a spot to climb here, and you're going to go to your right, up top. Keep in mind that when you're at these high points, there's a good chance there's multiple snipers looking at you, so stay moving and place it once again.

Now that you get the reflection to the third location of this building, head over to the north-northwest side of that building towards the shore, and you're going to find, well, first you're going to find this guy that you're going to have to kill, and you have to ignore that he does a bunch of cussing in Spanish, so I'll mute that here, but then run up and find your last little viewfinder.

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Hit it, grab the token, and bounce before any teams kill you. Now head back to that same building. When you get to the top, I'm going to show you how to finish this thing, which typically gets pretty busy. Make your way over and destroy anybody that's in your way like this. By the way, try the Ram Seven if you haven't already.

Such a good gun, and great sniper support too. Head up here and don't jump on that because that's wrong around. Climb up the lattice, and you're going to find even more snipers in this area, so stay moving, practice your serpentines, and lay low if you need to, and you'll find the very last bird's nest right here.

Put it in, and, boom, you just unlocked the rarest camo in War Zone. Enjoy the fireworks. You have your Crimson Worm Camo unlocked, so wait for it. Q, Dragon, congratulations! You have it now. Let's go check it out in the firing range. You're going to go to all camos, then events, and then you have your Crimson Worm right here.

It really is a nice camo. It's not an active camo, but it's a free camo that you can actually earn and don't have to pay for in the store, which I really like, and if you unlock it, it's guaranteed to make your aim three

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