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So in today's article, what I got for you guys is going to be reacting to the 10 types of War Zone players. With the movement demon Tik Tok movement TI Tok movement Demon's y button is hanging on by a thread and is known for breaking any camera he comes into contact with. You start your morning with two instant releases.

Aderall washed down with three scoops of G fuel just to get going. Was that wait, who was that, Chad? Was this what that looked like? Chad, you're probably using a VPN. You crank some Norwegian death metal as you slide cancel, even in the pregame. Lobby, you'd be caught dead if you ran any other tactical in the game aside from stems.

Once your teammates go down, you suddenly become allergic to the buy station. Even if you could afford the entirety of a small nation, if you as much tickle someone with your max-range AR, you immediately push across the whole map without telling anybody. The rare times you do give callouts, the entire Discord call needs new ears.

Drums, no matter how you die, you complain every time there's always a hacker, and you never get outplayed. You also never play rank because it actually requires teamwork. You retired from gaming during the entirety of War Zone 2, you missed rebirth more than anybody else, and you thrive in solo versus quads.

call of duty

No fill, and you without a doubt use the bunny operator skin, I feel like Joe I feel like that was a little shot at you. That was a little shot at me, too. I feel like I'm a Tik Tok little demon. You feel me chat. You know what I'm saying, classic troll player. Who's this, for sure? You're definitely this guy, probably running C sticks as a secondary.

St knives are your best friend. You may kep in a corner all game and do your best to stay stationary at all costs, or you're spamming stung grenades and smokes to win every close-range encounter. You can flourish in solos since the only thing that can beat you is being outnumbered. You also might have the most wins out of anyone else on this list, [__].

call of duty modern warfare 3

There is some overlap between rats, and that's. Defin, right shielders, but we got the whole Not all rats are Riot shielders, but all Riot shielders are rats, and your weirdo self will still be in a corner of some random building with the cluster mine. Claymore, suppression mine C4, and guardian ready to go, you remain undetected with cold blood and ghosts to ensure that no one will ever track you.

You may be the most disgraceful player in not only the war zone but gaming as a whole. You began your rat career as a camper in COD 4, and your emblem in Black Ops probably looks something like this. Each and every win you've gotten has been non-deserving and ungratifying, yet you continue with your evil ways.

You have not only the worst mechanical skill but also the worst game sense, hence why you limit your movement to no more than that of an adult trite, wa what was that. No way he just, yeah, no way he just put a gun, hence why you limit your movement to no more than that of an adult trite. Man, herit, this is everyone's least favorite kind of player, and you're responsible for ruining countless player wins and high-kill games.

call of duty warzone

What was the war zone made for? You took it all very seriously as a kid and have adopted the play style of War Zone with perfection. You find the tallest building possible and don't leave until you absolutely have to. You passed physics class with flying colors since your bullet trajectory predictions are perfect.

You hated War Zone 2 since you couldn't wait, where was this shot from? No this shit's from prison on dank, and it hit somebody with fire at Dam. Nah, what if you passed physics class with flying colors since your bullet trajectory predictions are perfect? You hated War Zone 2 since you couldn't get one shot for the longest time right now.

You're probably using the cat AMR since the one-shot range is unlimited. If you're not using the cat AMR, you're probably using the XRK stalker since it's the closest thing to the Kar98 that we've ever had. The stalker player is much more aggressive and treats Resurgence like a One V one on Rust.

call of shame

You wish the stalker would give you one shot at unlimited range, even though you know it would be broken. Then there's the thermal optic user. These have been extremely relevant for a long time, yet you refuse to let go of them. You're bottling in Trauma from the HDR and Ax50 thermal meta that has been dead for years.

Just give it up, man, rank-stackers [__]. These are also known as sweats. You play every game like your mother is being held over a cauldron of lava, begging you to clutch the wind to grant her safety. You and your sisters have a medical condition that won't let you stay more than 5 MERS apart from each other.

You're extremely average at the game and never make aggressive plays unless your team is at your hip. You also abused Sr placement with low kills all the way up to Plat 1, yet you've never touched Diamond, nor will you ever. You're hopeless without teammates and will back out of the lobby once they die.


You also, for some reason, talk the most trash out of every player on this list. The worst part is that you do all these things in pubs. It's insanely more powerful for you to use shotguns since they're really not all that viable right now. However, in the inevitable update where they mistakenly buff a shotgun to infinity, your six senses have you reinstalling the game.

This is your bread and butter, and the only time you play regularly, you're the reason the snake shots have become meta three separate times. You died the day the Doof was nerfed but was resurrected once the broadside was introduced. If you're a true shotgunner, you probably ran a riot with your secondary to overlap with yet another despised play, Style.

You have the most patience of anyone else on this list. You probably came from Battlefield and wish that Battlefield had put out a decent game in the last decade. You play War Zone as if it's a campaign. Your teammates are actually good enough to grant you five wins in a row, which most people could never dream about doing.


You're probably good at Rainbow Six Siege. Also, you were pretty pissed when they allowed players to just get 30 wins in a season to unlock the contract. When you had to win five consecutive games, you wore nuke skin as a badge of honor. You spend more time piloting a vehicle than on foot, like me.

You wish War Zone had custom games that were really bad. The heavy helicopter being brought back was the best day of your life. If War Zone 2 was good for one thing, it was adding boats to the game. You spent your days on Cadera in the plains, you never let anyone else drive, and you clutched several wins by chilling in a helicopter final.

FaZe Swagg Reacts to 10 Types Of Warzone Players! From Verdansk to Rebirth Island Warzone Movement Demons, Hackers, Snipers, Bots and more.
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