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Rebirth Island has a brand new blueprint Easter egg. In this article, I'm going to show you exactly how to get it. Breaking it down, there are three mini Easter eggs that you need to complete within the same game in order to get the blueprint. I did this all solo, so it is possible, but it is difficult.

Starting with the first Easter egg, you want to make your way to chemical engineering. You want to make your way to the second from the top floor, and on the wall, you will see that there will be a Russian symbol with a number underneath it, so you want to make sure that you note down that symbol and the number that it correlates to.

You're then going to want to head upstairs in chemical engineering to the top floor and make your way into this back office, and in this room with the computers, you'll see that there will be another symbol with another number underneath it. These randomize every single game, so make sure you note both of these numbers down, as we're going to be going for the third and final one.

new rebirth island easter egg

You want to head further north of chemical engineering, to the other side of the building, where you are going to find this room, and on the wall is going to be your final symbol, which looks like an A, and there'll be a number underneath that too. Now that you've got all three numbers and the symbols that they relate to, there is going to be a secret room in chemical engineering.

There will be a red button that you can press to reset the water level. Once you do this, you'll notice that the three computer terminals next to you will now be activated. Alongside, there are three orange water pumps that have the same symbols that we found earlier, with the same digital screens underneath that will all be at zero.

What you need to do is match each of the symbols to the numbers that you found just now, and the way you do that is by going up to each of these three terminals and interacting with them to use them now. The trick here is that these terminals are a little bit of a puzzle. One of the terminals might change two of the pumps with a single press, one of them might change all three pumps at once, and then one might just change one of the pumps.

new rebirth island easter egg guide

You're going to have to do some classic trial and error to work out which terminals affect what pumps and activate them all so that the numbers correlate to each of the symbols that you found. Now If at any point you want to reset the order, you can just go ahead and activate the same water level button to reset them all to zero.

That way, you can try again all the way from the beginning with all of the pumps reset. Eventually, you'll start being able to work out which terminals you need to use in what order in order to get the three symbols that match the numbers you found. Once all three symbols have the correct numbers, you'll see a prompt indicating that pressure has stabilized.

And that is one of the three Easter eggs. The second Easter egg is going to take you over to the factory POI for rebirth. You want to make your way to the main factory building on the first floor and make your way to the main staircase, where you can see the number one on the wall behind this lock door.

rebirth easter egg

Under the staircase, there is a box that you can shoot, and it is going to reveal an ID badge item that you're going to want to pick up. Now you need to make sure that you are not eliminated. While you have this ID card because if you drop it then the Easter egg is over and you're going to have to attempt this in a future game, we're going to be heading a little bit further north on the map in between Harbor and chemical engineering there is going to be one unmarked building on its own, and if we go up to that building there is actually going to be a prompt to unlock the door of the heart with the ID badge that we just picked up so if we interact with it we'll be able to open the door and once we get inside.

There is going to be a computer system that will have a prompt for us to turn on power, so if you interact with that, there'll be a popup saying power restored. And that is the second of the three Easter eggs completed. You'll also find a UAV kill streak in here guaranteed every time, and I think this is really useful because you're going to need it just to make sure that you can do the final part of this Easter egg without being eliminated.

rebirth island

Thankfully you don't have to go very far for the final step in this Easter egg as we're going to be heading over to the industry building which is right next to chemical engineering, make your way to the second floor of the industry building and you're going to see this computer monitor right here that's going to be displaying a bunch of data and you are going to want to take a screenshot of this as this monitor is actually displaying a code for a keypad that is directly behind you now the way that this key works and this randomizes, every single game is that this screen is showing you a code that you're going to need to input starting with the highest value number and ending with the lowest value that you see and Visually you can also tell the order based on how big the bars are in each of these rectangles so starting at the very top we have 95 so our code starts with 95, then the second biggest number is 24 so it's going to be 9524.

rebirth island easter egg

Then there is an 8 a s and then a two again your code will be different to mine so just make sure you note it down but then behind you is an access code keypad and you literally just type in those numbers starting from the highest to lowest so here we go 95.2 4 87. 42, and code decrypted should appear and this glass cabinet should now reveal all four specialist vests for you to pick up but right next to it should be a red button and each of the Easter eggs that you've just completed, counts as one of these green lights so if you've completed all three in the article you should see all three lights lit up green if they aren't then you are missing one of the Easter eggs but at this point there will be a prompt for you to lift the island lock down by pressing the red button there'll be a prompt saying access granted, and the glass door should slide over giving you an advanced UAV.

rebirth island easter egg guide

As well as the redacted. DG 56 blueprint, and you'll see an on-screen secret challenge blueprint unlocked, and when you finish the game, you will have this brand new blueprint unlocked for you to use as a permanent unlock reward, which is really cool in total. You're completing three mini Easter eggs to gain access, and you can do any of the three in any order you like, but I prefer the order that I've done in this article because you always want to end with that keypad Easter egg.

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