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With the launch of season 3, we can finally drop into Rebirth Island again today. Angel Reaper and I are dropping in to bring you a quick guide on how to complete a new Easter egg that will unlock a permanent weapon. blueprint The challenge requires you to visit three areas of the map: factories, chemical engineering, and industry, and complete specific challenges at each location.

I will show you the quickest route to complete all three challenges and explain each challenge so that you can complete them all. Solo, this is probably the easiest of the challenges. You just need to land at the factory and enter the building through this window. You will see the stairs, and next to them is the gated room.

Inside the room, there is a container that you need to shoot to destroy. Once it's destroyed, you'll be able to pick up an ID card. Now that you have the ID card, run as quickly as possible to the new building located here. I will call it Building 6. On one of the building sides, you will see stairs leading to a locked door that has an ID scanner.

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Interact with the ID scanner to unlock the door. Once you enter the room, you will see a guaranteed UAV on the shelf and a computer that you can interact with to restore power. Once you restore power, the first challenge is: Completed, this challenge is the most time-consuming since you have to locate three numbers marked by one am assum in our Russian letters, similar to an a w and an X with a vertical line through them.

The locations are always the same; just the numbers change each game. The first number can be located on the second floor right here; the second number is in the small room with computers on the third floor; and the third and final number is located in the lower building, so just jump out of the window and access it from the double metal.

Doors, Here is the location of the third number. Now that you have all three numbers, you need to locate the pump room and interact with three computers to set the correct number with the matching letters. To start, you need to click the power button located here on the wall. Once you've started, you'll be able to interact with each computer.

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The hard part is that one computer increases the number for all three letters, another increases only two numbers, and the third computer increases only one number. You might want to test each computer to determine which one increases how many numbers. If you move the numbers forward too much or mess up, you can interact with the start button again to reset the numbers on the pumps back to zero and start interacting with the computers again.

Once you figure out how many numbers each computer changes, go ahead and interact with the computer that changes three numbers to increase the number on the pumps to the lowest number you found. In my case, it was three. Then, use the computer that changes two numbers and interact with it to change the number to the second highest number you found; in my case, it was six.

Finally, interact with the last computer to increase the number to the highest one you found; in my case, it was eight. Yes, the letters are pretty much irrelevant since you always set the numbers from the smallest to the largest. Using the computers, they will set the correct number for the correct letter.

easter egg reward

Once you set the correct numbers, The challenge will be completed, and you will see some durable gas masks and some of the new Squad Rage drop to the floor right where the star button is. Head over to the industry building and go to the top floor. You want to locate a computer that has a bar graph showing on the screen.

It is pretty easy to spot since it is near a lot of glass cabinets containing all four types of vests and the camo blueprint you're trying to get. To complete this challenge, you want to look at the numbers next to each bar of the graph and put them in order from largest to smallest. You can skip zeros; in my case, I had 95 24 8 7 4 2, which put together gives you an 8-digit code that you need to enter on the keypad next to the glass.

Cabinet: entering the code opens the cabinet door where the four types of vests are. You can pick them up and share them with your team. This completes the third challenge to unlocking the blueprint. Simply look to the right of the cabinet door with the blueprint, and you will see a button with three lights above it.

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If all three lights are green, that means you have successfully completed all three challenges and can now interact with the button to unlock the cabinet door and pick up the blueprint and advanced UAV. Keep in mind that the blueprint permanently unlocks only for the first person on the team that picks it up, so your teammates will need to do the Easter egg again in another game.

Discover how to unlock the new hidden secret blueprint introduced in season 3 of Warzone 3 on the new Rebirth Island easter egg! In this guide, I will show you how to complete the new easter egg and unlock the permanent weapon blueprint. Don't miss out on this fun easter egg to unlock a secret weapon blueprint! OTHER WARZONE 3 EASTER EGGS.
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