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Hey, we're back, and we are only one day away from the season 2 launch of War Zone, and more specifically, Resurgence. Call of Duty just released another article talking more specifically about the Resurgence rank. It's a mode that I'm very excited to play. Let's see if it's good. Check it out. Ranking is the initial ranked experience of, so here's the thing: resurgence.

To me, it's always been really fun, especially if you don't have a lot of time to play and if you just want to be aggressive and play with your squad without having to wait to get a response. That type of stuff, like Resurgence, is great for that, but what it's always lacked is that feeling of being in an actual battle royale where it's intense, where death really means something, so I'm excited to see Resurgence ranked coming in where now, death and losing actually have some weight.

This will cause resurgence to still be fast like it always is, except people are going to play the circle a little more and are going to be a little less aggressive to make sure they get the win. Let's see what they have to say. The year we learned a ton with B Roale ranked, there were key things that we thought made sense to come over, but we have a few new improvements that really tailor the experience for Resurgence, so we're going to be going to Fortune.

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Keep in mind that the changes made to the map have really brought some new life to it. It is a fantastic map with great points on the bridges, so those are extendable, and you can retract them and, like, guard them, which I think is very familiar, and we brought that back. Additionally, we have a new feature this year called the death fee.

If you get eliminated in the match, you will start losing seniors that will never go below your deployment fees. This is to ensure that you're not just racking up deaths; we want Resurgence rank play to be a competitive environment where every life counts, and the death fee ensures that. Okay, that's huge, so the death fee.

Because you automatically respond in Resurgence if you're playing Resurgence ranked, and your Sr or your points that you gain to actually rank up over time are big based on kills. People are going to play hyper-aggressive if it's trios, which it is. You could just leave one person in the back corner and send two full sins the whole time and get up to 20 or 30 kills.

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Even though you died 20 times, it doesn't matter, but by adding a death fee in resurgence, every time you die, you lose Sr. in the game, so let's say it costs. I don't know 100 Sr to get into a match, so when you start the match, you're already negative 100. Let's say you get. I'm just throwing out random numbers here.

Let's say you get 10 SR per kill. Now you're up to zero. Right, so you've broken even, but if you've died 10 times and every time you die you lose 10, you're now back to that negative 100 even though you have 10 kills. This again is going to encourage aggression to get those kills, but also penalize sloppiness and penalize your actual deaths, so you do still have to be careful.

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If you want ranked mode to be very different than public mode and public matches, you just want full sweat. Send it who cares if you die 30 times as long as you get that dub at the end and 30 kills? Nobody cares, but ranked, you need the deaths to actually count, even if you respond. Because you're automatically responding, this is a really good move and a really clever move for reaction-based rank play.

One of the big changes we made this time around is the SR challenge system. There's a finite number of challenges each season, a handful of placement-related. Okay, so this is what they were talking about in the original announcement of season 2. So all these here get one killer assist. Place in the top eight, top five, and top three complete-season challenges to earn bonuses.

These are challenges that run across the season, so you can only unlock them once, but 200 200, that's a thousand. Sr right there, just technically, get one kill or assist. There are different tiers to it, and we're tier one out of five, so it looks like once you get killed, that will jump up to maybe 10 or 100.

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I like that, so that's progressive, and then Place the top eight zeros out of one so you can do each of these one time, so technically, if you win a match. I don't know if it would count for all of these or if you'd have to place the top three another time, the top five another time, but obviously that's going to happen when you play, so it's rewarding you both for the individual match, but then there's also one time.

Rewards in Sr., completing these seasonal challenges is another good move to keep people. Grinding challenges kill Milestone-related challenges This is to encourage players. Frank Foster, the next season, once you're through those challenges, they're gone, and that maintains competitive integrity, which ensures that our system is not a time-spent system.

We have a lot of the competitive integrity systems that we had last year this time around. Yeah, so when he says a time-spent system, you don't just get rewards for playing and not doing much; actually, go do stuff, and you'll rank up faster. That's the idea: you want it to be that there are penalties for dying penalties for doing bad but also rewards for doing very good, like the original Apex ranked when that came out.

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I played that a lot, and for a while I would just play solo, and you could literally rat in a corner and hide, and your placement would get so high that it really didn't matter if you got kills or not; that is not what you want in ranked mode. You want to get points for placement because you need them, but then what you want to do is you want to multiply the kill points that you get by the placement, which I think pretty much all rank modes do now, so let's say this season, you get one Sr per kill.

Well, when you hit the top 10, that jumps up to two SR per kill. When you hit the top five, it jumps up to three SR per kill. The whole concept is that you want people to be aggressive and actually go and get kills, not just hide and rat out, but then you also want them to go for placement by multiplying.

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Those kill points, times whatever placement you land on, encourage both getting kills and playing the in-circle for rank. We're going to require that you be at the maximum player level of 55 before you can jump into ranked resurgence. We're really excited. This is all anti-stuff from our partners at Ricochet.

We don't want players to be surprised by a public event; we're all about taking luck or items that can't be contemplated so often so that we can preserve a static rule set and a predictable experience for the players we're going to be having. Okay, so they just announced that there'll be no timed events inside.

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