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Ladies and gentlemen. I've gone through and I've gotten Borealis on all my MW3 weapons, of course, so I've played a good amount of zombies this year, and I really enjoyed it for the first month and a half or so that I spent grinding it every single day getting all my camo challenges done and everything like that, but quite frankly.

The future does not look good for Modern Warfare Zombies just going to go out there and start with it right away, it's not good news going forward when it comes to zombies it seems based on all the information we have officially from Call of Duty but also various you know Insider information rumors that have been going around the community in regards to zombies as well, keep in mind I want to really start this off by saying that just a little while ago when they were talking Modern Warfare 3 reports the general manager of Call of Duty at the time said that Modern Warfare Zombies is the most successful third mode that they've debuted in years meaning it was better received than DMZ better received than Spec Ops better received than outbreak even, there was a lot of hype a lot of success around Modern Warfare Zombies open world zombies, on, ekhan.

modern warfare 3 bad news

And then season 1 happened, and we got a couple of updates. I mean, we got a new boss, we saw some other gameplay updates here, and there wasn't really anything all that crazy. I'll be quite honest with you; I finished my Borealis grind pretty early on, and I didn't really play much zombies during season 1.

Why is that? Because there really wasn't much to do? Sure, I could have gone in and done the new Actx stuff, but even that wasn't really all that in-depth, at least face value, and so I kind of just waited, all right, you know? War zones are out anyway. I'm going to be grinding this; it is what it is.

We'll see what season 2 has in store. Well, season 2 dropped, and let's talk zombies for season 2. keep in mind the theme of season 2 is survive the horde points here zombie theme season Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead's Coming It's basically a whole season themed around zombies, so surely Modern Warfare Zombies is going to have an absurd amount of content, and tie in, it's going to be a huge season for zombie content.

modern warfare 3 new update

Wrong, so wrong. If you look at the road map war zone section, pretty much everything is detailed in terms of updates. A lot of stuff going on in fortunes keeps his back. Multiple zombie-themed updates are coming in War Zone; in fact, we can count them as one extradition contract and two weekly zombies.

Target, three zombies. I wonder if we have weapons for zombies, powerups, all in the war zone, pretty significant zombies update within war zone gameplay. Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, another decent update for this as well in terms of content. We've got a lot of new maps coming, even some zombies themed ones with Skid Grow and with Airborne that are like zombies variants for the Hordo mode that'll be coming in season, not too bad, and then we look at the little tiny Modern Warfare Zombies tab on the right, and I mean, like I said, zombies themed season, we have four things, previewed here on the road map.

modern warfare 3 update

Remember when we just counted a few seconds ago that War Zone had the same amount of zombie updates as Zombies does in a zombie-themed season? and none of it was launch content, like, What are we doing? Every single zombies update is an in-season update; we got to wait till season 2 reloaded basically to get the new Story Mission fully unveiled, the dark ether Rift, the new schematics, which is all right, but it's not that much, and a new warlord.

For the most part. Take it at face value. At the end of the day, there have been rumors that it's like Treyarch is no longer the main lead developer on zombies right now for Modern Warfare 3; it could partially be Infinity Ward; it could partially be High Moon; it's probably just a lot of different studios or select people from different studios all with their hands in the same pot helping out here and there to keep this mode running throughout the seasons, that we have, you know.

modern warfare 3 zombies

Season 2 just dropped obviously nothing happened, you know. Season 2 reloaded three reloaded so on and so forth all the way through season 6, and then we get to Cold War zombies. That is where a lot of the expectations are. When I said Cold War, I meant go to war. I'm going to say that so many times this year.

Side note: anyway, go war zombies. That's where the expectation is that round-base zombies should be returning. We might also see an outbreak. Modern Warfare Zombies hybrid mode as well, so kind of The Best of Both Worlds if you want round-based, you got that; that's Treyarch's, you know, bread and butter; they're so good at that, and then we got the new most successful third mode in recent years.

Modern Warfare Zombies matchup is potentially available as well; there might be super early access for Zombies in COD 2024; that's what we're all waiting on in terms of zombie content, truly. And Treyarch is obviously leading that. Treyarch, with their upcoming game, all their attention is there; clearly, it seems like with season 1 and now season two and probably going forward as well.

modern warfare 3 zombies bad news

Their attention outside of you know fixing some bugs here and there and being the community you know Vocal Point for zombies engagement being able to tweet out hey this is getting updated doing their own patch notes for zombies when that's necessary Treyarch probably is not really too focused on zombies right now and won't be going forward until their game is out.

I think that's only fair to Treyarch. Just because all these other games want to do zombies shouldn't mean that Treyarch now has to drop everything they're doing and babysit a year of IES, right? That shouldn't fall on their shoulders. Other Studios should be able to, you know, handle it, but clearly the content is severely lacking.

Outside of being a camo grinding mode right now, which is kind of one-dimensional, sure, you can do your act missions, but there's only so much of that you can do before you're out, then it's like, well. I've got nothing to do now, so unless you're just a camo perfectionist, or you really, really love going for schematics or something, or going for kill PRS, but there's no scoreboard, so you can't see how many kills you're getting, it's not really that in-depth anymore.

modern warfare 3 zombies update

At first, you jump in; it's fantastic. There's so much to do, but you can fly through it, especially if you play a lot. And now, these seasonal updates going forward don't seem like they're really contributing much to the future of Modern Warfare zombies. As you may recall from last year's DMZ, it had its own audience, it had its own player base, it was pretty successful.

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