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Most of these challenges you'll probably complete without realizing it, so it's worth checking before you start grinding them out to see if you've already gotten the rewards for them.

Contracts challenge

The first challenge requires you to complete 50 total contracts; these can range from anything like bounty, secure Intel, or scavenger contracts, including the new spy drone contract.

Complete 50 contracts, and you'll unlock his first weapon charm, which is a cute little drone for your gun.

Vehicles challenge

Vehicles challenge

The second challenge requires you to drive a vehicle in 25 matches. The pregame Lobby doesn't count for this, though you'll have to wait until the match starts after jumping out of the plane, and then all you need to do is drive a vehicle for a few seconds, and then you can quit and start a new game.

It's very simple, and in return, you'll unlock the ominous Runner ATV skin, which has a Cony group kind of vibe to it.

Uav challenge

The third challenge requires you to activate three UAV towers at the same time. You will need a little bit of luck to do this solo and a bit of coordination if you're part of a team, but essentially, you just need to have three UAV towers active at once.

You don't need to actually set them off at the same time. I recommend doing the three UAV towers that usually spawn in a row at the prison control center and docking; if those W spawn in any way, in return, you'll unlock the missing home weapon sticker.

Squad assemble challenge

The fourth challenge requires you to complete 25 squad assemblies.

Now you can only do a squad assembly at the start of a match, and basically all you need to do is land with at least one teammate. At the start of the game, you should see a parachute icon appear on the ground where the teammate first to land has touched the ground somewhere near that, and you'll be notified on screen that you've assembled with some or all of your squad.

In return, you'll unlock the tower's animated emblem.

Squad rage challenge

Squad rage challenge

The fifth challenge, which is without doubt the worst and most annoying challenge, requires you to activate and affect 100 teammates with squad rage. Now Squad rage is a new field upgrade added to War Zone that is basically battle rage, which gives you infinite attack sprints and faster health regeneration for a short period of time, but squad rage also applies this to your nearby teammates as well.

It's actually really useful in war zones, but when you go to pick it up, you'll see that it's purple, which means its rarity is epic. Squad rage is sometimes very hard to come by. In some games. I'll find it five or six times, and in other games. I won't see it a single time, and I also can't recall ever killing an enemy and seeing them drop it, so it seems most people don't pick this up anyway.

I recommend searching for it in tents between the living quarters and the control center or on the dock above the control center with the boat near it. Prisons and industries can also be good places to look for it. It seems that you're most likely to find it in Resurgence crates; they're the blue ones that recharge and can be reopened over time, but you can also find Squad Rage by itself on a random shelf or on a crate, so you just need to keep an eye out for it.

You'll see on your hood that you'll have your teammates squad numbers light up when they're close by. Once you have at least one squadmate nearby, activate it, and it'll count. But remember, the challenge is to affect teammates and not yourself, so if you activate Squad Rage next to two of your squads, it will count for two people, not three, including yourself. After you've completed the challenge, you'll unlock the blood in the water weapon sticker, which seems to have its icon bugged in the menu, so it can be a bit tricky to locate it.

Loot crate challenge

Loot crate challenge

The sixth challenge requires you to open 250 loot crates, which follows on quite nicely from the previous challenge because you'll probably end up completing this challenge way before you get the squad rage challenge completed.

If you're determined, you should be able to open 50 or more crates in a single game. I wouldn't even bother counting them either, as it will come naturally over time. By completing this challenge, you'll unlock the fire below the loading screen.

Blueprint easter egg

Finally, the last challenge that you can do on Rebirth Island, of which I'm not actually sure if it's required to get the mastery reward, is the blueprint challenge, but I have a separate article going in depth on how to unlock that.

I'm not 100% sure if you need to do the blueprint challenge to get the mastery reward. Now, after all those challenges have been completed, you will finally unlock the Sky Piercer parachute skin, and this is where it's hilarious. After all that work, especially for the Squad Rage Challenge, you can equip the parachute and show everyone else that you're a Rebirth Island Legend.

Wait, you can't; it's bugged, and it shows the default parachute instead. Sorry for being sarcastic, but it is truly quite frustrating. Once you've gone through all of this work to unlock it, you can't actually even use it, but yeah, once you've unlocked it, at least you can say that you've done it, and once they finally fix the skin and it shows up in the game again, it'll be really cool to have something that is super rare.

This is how you complete ALL SECRET CHALLENGES on Rebirth Island and unlock the ULTRA RARE Sky Piercer parachute skin.
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