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Today we're jumping onto Rebirth Island, as I'm going to be showing you guys a really good strategy on how to get your loadout drop within about 1 minute flat, so I suggest picking up a scavenger contract. These are easily the best contracts to pick up at the start of a game, as you get a lot of money, you also get weapons, and you get a very good amount of plates.

Sometimes some kill streaks a DEC amount of loot that we have picked up. 2,400 cash in the bottom left, and we still have two scavenger boxes to go. I'm playing on the controller in this Resurgence solo game as I've recently switched from mouse and keyboard and I'm having a pretty hard time winning games, but using this strategy here really helped out.

We're already about halfway to a load-out drop. The last box is right up here, and after we hit this, we'll get an extra six thousand dollars from completing the contract. That is a lot of money. Watch that $112, 000 in about a minute. That is insane right there. I'm just taking off my gas mask as I don't like having the overlay up, but I hear a person landing nearby by the load-out drop marker, and I've been getting beamed in the back by this person using the RAM 9, and this thing is a little bit hard to control.


I'm not a very good controller player, but I'm really trying my best. Another guy lands in, and it's a bit hectic. I get this guy B. Of course we have that load-out drop marker on us, but there's yet another one coming in to that load-out drop marker down, and hey, we got our load-out drop within about a minute, but of course we had to fight two players.

Another guy here, Tri, is pushing us, but rotational assistance kicks in as I'm playing on the controller, and that guy gets totally smoked. I'm using the tack evolver and the retti. The tack evolver is a really good kind of medium-to-long-range weapon. The option shoots 762 ammunition, so it hits really hard, and then the reet is actually the new kind of close range meta at the moment, very strong, and the time to kill is very quick; it's about.

I believe, 400 milliseconds, maybe a bit less, of course, actual time to kill compared to, like, statistics. Time to kill is a bit; different couple guys died there in the hallway, and I was going to push that, but I don't think I end up doing that because we actually push ourselves right here; it gets utterly smoked here.

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I believe I toss a proximity mine; they are actually one of the best bits of Le equipment to use at the moment. Same with Clay Wars: extremely powerful. I get pushed from behind here, and the guy jumps off the roof, making that beeping sound that you're hearing. I'm using the Flex Perk, and if you're near enemy equipment, it kind of beeps and gets allergic to that.

There is enemy equipment, though it is really useful. I've played that with Mountaineer double time and a quick fix. Yeah, I'm trying to challenge this sniper, but we have a bit of a back and forth and are still learning how to play on the controller, so gunfights like this are a little bit difficult for me.


I keep trying to peek at this guy. I throw a smoke there, and I end up challenging him from this side, and he runs in and tags him, wanting to break his plates. I get beamed in the back, but I just run back here, got to reset that gunfight that guyy is still aiming at me with the sniper rifle so I decide to just jump down and completely reset the fight got to reload that light machine gun and it does take quite a while has a 100 round belt though so, but solos, even like a game mode like quads you are perfectly fine, going to go grab a bit of a contract here but, they're either at the very top or at the very bottom so I decided to drop down and go for the one at the very bottom down here just wanting to spice things up a bit A response cell is not closed, so when it's not closed.

I usually just go around going for kills, and then once the resurgence closes. I'm going to play a bit smarter and go for the win. The guy there gets out of nowhere, but I do hear another one who's right above us. There is that staircase there in the showers, so the guy could come down, but I decided to back off once again.

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Here I'm looking at the circle, so kind of the end zone's going to be near, kind of the prison once again; that's pretty much where most end zones are at, and this guy here also gets utterly smoked. I already have a communications vest and, grab that guy's smoke just in case, see Guy Landing in here, and well, he does not have a fun.

Time, try beaming him here, but don't hit all my shots, so I end up going in for the kill-up close, personal, but the guy actually jumps off the back, and I do hear him land in the Water but almost 18, 000 at the moment so decided to spend some and get a bit of a ammo box a UAV just some supplies going on guys in the water down there as you can see does be us here a bit but we do break his plates and since this guy just came back I don't think he's going to have many extra plates so I try beaming him out of the water here, but dude's a bit of a rat he did exactly what we did earlier he literally just ran back and backed off that's a really good strategy that you have to use on rebirth quite often especially if you're playing a game mode like, solos I believe that guy there was trying to land on me, but he forgot to pull his parachute, so he just splat it straight into the ground.

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I also love how I spent, like, more than $10,000, and then there's a fire sale. I'm really going to just not spend my money until there's a fire cell that comes in right up here. That retti that comes in and melts the person easily is the best close-range meta or kind of weapon that you can use at the moment.

The H is also still very good, but pretty much everyone I've been fighting against in my lobby over the past few days has been using the reen. It's just that powerful, think I land in here, so I want to go for the kill a minute 12 until Resurgence, timer, ends and the Resurgence gets closed, pack evolver comes in clutch there, it does a lot of damage, the fire rate could be better, like there is a 5.56 kind of ammunition belt that you can use, but.


I don't think it's worth using because you lose a bit of damage because you're not shooting 762 nukes of people, basically, so I would prefer to have a bit of a slower fire rate that is a bit more controllable as well, plus a portable radar down just to see where people are, and there's another guy kind of down there, and there's one here above us as well.

Well, hostile mosquitoes are online. I believe this person was on the scaffolding, and then he ran through that kind of roofing piece that people tend to land on when going into prison. I got sniped out here as well, but I cannot really connect to many shots on that guy. I find that shooting on the controller at long range is pretty difficult, but at close range, you are just at a severe advantage over everyone else.

This video is a Warzone Season 3 guide on how to get your loadout drop on Rebirth Island in one minute.
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