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One average Dan here, and we have already cracked the Tombstone glitch for the massive season two patch that Call of Duty launched. Etc, before I get started huge thanks to Z serial glitchers who is the one who discovered how to do the initial Tombstone glitch that we show in our stage one in season two now if you're not already part of our Discord join that but if you don't already have a friend that has a bunch of essence in their Tombstone just go around the map run four or five cargo escort contracts or simple contracts like that until you can stockpile 15 20, 000 Essence each and then just have your friend drop all that money to you so that you can set your Tombstone up with a lot of essence ideally 30 40, 000 plus if you can get more great but in this context my friend already has a tombstone with Max Essence so we're just going to use his now my buddy King has grabbed all of his money and his items from his.

Tombstone is ready to set me up with that money. So get rid of yourself. So now we have our Tombstone drink. We have the items that we want to die with. Now let's go get killed. I'm proposing to everyone watching this that for the new Tombstone setup for season 2, we all meet at the crane. The G8 tier three island has become a little crazy with all the meat getting thrown from both sides, so all start meeting at the crane, so even if you're solo, you'll have someone to revive you when you plead for help at the crane.

It's great, yep, so just give up here, and then we'll play once we're down. This can work if you stay in a squad, but we found it to be a little bit buggy if you stay in the squad, so it's better to leave the squad and then come back. Boom, so my tombstone is now set with the items that are in my inventory, and now I can use this round.

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Go run around tier three, do whatever the heck you want, and as long as I die at the end of that round instead of exfilling and I don't drink another Tombstone soda, when I come back the following round. I'll have all those same items, all that same essence. Even if I spent every single piece of essence.

I would come back with that same amount and the hundreds of thousands, or if you spend 30 or 40, 000, that's how much you'll still have, and you can reuse those items every single round. So then, after you're done with that round, just leave the squad, die bleed out all the way to elimination, and let the XP play out hit.

Leave so the next round you come in, pull out everything from your Tombstone soda, all your money, etc. Drink a tombstone, leave Squad, and get knocked. Give up, plead for help, get resed, and go along with your business. When you're done with the round, make sure to die and bleed out without a Tombstone soda all the way to eliminate it so that your Tombstone will again Remain the following round; now you can do that infinitely and use the same tombstone over and over again.

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So that's it for the initial glitch, but now let me show you where it actually becomes extremely fast and extremely useful, including being able to duplicate items to actually take back and build your stash up again. Outside of the match, you can see both of our tombstones. We have two Tombstone sodas and two large rucksacks, along with the five items that we want to use in that round.

This is where we become extremely efficient at using them every time. So by both having two backpacks and two tombstones, each of us will equip one backpack, drink one tombstone soda, then put the other soda and the large rug in our backpacks. Now he is dropping both of his, so even after we now have a large Ruck and a tombstone, you can see I've replaced both of them, the tombstone and the backpacks, so now when I reset my tombstone.

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I'm still going to have two tombstones and two backpacks, meaning I didn't use a single item to reset my tombstone. All right, so now that we have all of our essence and our backpacks, we're going to let ourselves go down. Our buddy King's going to revive us, so now we've already used a rook Seck to put back on our character, and we drank a tombstone soda, but we just put every item back in there, and now I'm going to drop both tombstones back to him, and both rucksacks back to him, when he resets his tombstone.

He'll still have two tombstones and two backpacks, so the really big thing is that by not having to go to Tier 3, you shave off about 5 to 10 minutes of travel time and rush to a bus station in Tier 3 to get a large rucksack and buy a tombstone from Wonder Fizz. This also completely reduces the risk of accidentally dying in Tier 3, thereby losing all your essence and your tombstone, which really stinks when that happens.

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You have to start all over again, so use the two tombstones, and the two backpack methods are going to save you 5 to 10 minutes every single round. Honestly, within 5 minutes of starting the round, no matter where they spawn us, we can get to our tombstones and G8 by the crane. Both die, both get resed, be ready to rock, and we still have 40 minutes left.

To actually play the game and go run tier three or run whatever contracts or missions you desire to run, this is by far the most efficient way to use the Tombstone glitch over and over again to always have the weapons and the Wonder Weapons that you want every single round. Side note: the ray gun wonder weapon got a massive buff today with season 2, so instead of losing that insured weapon every single time you could put the ray gun in as one of your items or as your wonder weapon stick that with the Flawless ethereum Crystal, and now you never run out of your insured weapons either, so there's a lot of ways around this, so that's the fastest way to do it, so that's what I call stage two, so now you already know how to tombstone.

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But now that you know how to tombstone insanely fast with your buddies, this is what's brand new. Now the last part is my favorite part, and that's how to actually duplicate items that you can take out and build up your stash. In season 2, myself, our incredible Discord, and our Tombstone operators are the ones that figured this all out, and I am so excited to share duping items in season 2 with them.

Now that you know how tombstones work in season 2, you're going to use the same method to duplicate items to actually bring back into your stash. The difference is that only your friend is doing the tombstone now and giving you those items, whereas you are just coming in, receiving those items, and filling them.

So let him go down, let him bleed out, and let him ask for help reviving him. And now that he's revived, Tombstone is reset. He can now drop all those legendary items for you, then take all those items, and from this point, you can literally just go xfill. Those are now duped items from tombstones that go back into your stash, too.

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