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We just found the fastest item duplication glitch for Modern Warfare Zombies season 2, so much faster than the article that I showed you yesterday. We've been putting our heads together, and I came up with this method that allows you to actually duplicate items and store them in your stash long-term, so your tombstone's no longer stuck in one round.

Check it out first. I'm going to show you what my Strike Team got John to do. By the way, I love that skin. But these guys both have nothing for gear; they've died out. I've been working on Tombstone and all that stuff, so this guy's fully loaded, so you're actually going to want to bring an operator that has nothing.

So you're not going to lose anything when you die and set your tombstone, so it doesn't matter which one we'll just go Reyes because, as you can see, we have a small rucksack and we're going to do two floss ethereum crystals, two legendary ether tools, and a golden armor plate. Bring in your decoys.

You're throwing a knife; you probably don't even need a weapon for this. I'm not going to bring one just so I can show you that way. That way, you're not losing one when you die at the tombstone. But we're going to take these things because their whole purpose is to duplicate them and give them to our friend, and we're going to repeat that over and over again.

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I'll show you specifically what I mean, and then we're going to swap rolls so that he can duplicate a bunch of items for me so that your stash can look like this and can stock up with all the great things that you want. You'll get 200+ items ready to go for you, so let's hop. Okay, we now have one objective and one objective only, which is to get a tombstone, Cola, so that we can set up a tombstone.

The easiest way to do that is to find a vehicle and then find cargo. Transport Look One just popped up here, so just get 2, 000 Essence for a tombstone. Soda, by doing that, I'm going to do a cargo fill again. I'm not even coming in with the gun, because you really don't need one. Bring your decoy grenades, and you'll be fine.

I guess you could kill a mercenary if you really wanted a gun. Now here, we're just going to open up the door and get your knife. That's why you have knives just for hellhounds. Boom, and we're off all right. We've completed the contract. Unless we get a tombstone set here, that would be awesome.

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We're all right, so now that we have completed the contract, we need to pick up a tombstone. Either go to Der Wonder Fizz if you're okay with risking Tier 3, or we actually have a convenient one located here, so we're going to go buy the tombstone from there buy our Tombstone. Soda Yum, yum. All right now, we have our tombstone.

Soda, we have all five items that we want to duplicate, so we could technically die anywhere we want to on the map, but I'm going to go down to the good old G8 crane right here where we are all meeting to set up our Tombstone so that we can help each other duplicate, etc. We have made it to the G8 crane here on the map.

going to hop out if you're in a squad for some reason, make sure you leave. Leave your squad like that. I'm playing solo, which you should be for this part. Drop yourself off and revive. You can let zombies kill you, or you can just hop off the crane yourself. No, now you can give up; do not plead for help; let that tick.

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There you go, let all the XP go through, wait till it's unlocked, leave match. Now that has set our Tombstone up to where we have all the items, and now we can give those items to our buddy for them to keep in the stats, and I'll show you how we do that. Now you're going to bring in your buddy that you want to duplicate items for; they don't need to bring anything; they can bring a gun; they can bring whatever they want because they're not going to lose it, but there's nothing that they actually need to bring.

I would recommend making them the party leader just so you don't accidentally pull them out of the match, and then I'm still not bringing a weapon in because I know I'm going to keep dying so I can run around without a weapon. Just use your decoy grenades and your knife. Okay, so now I have nothing.

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He also has nothing in his backpack because I'm going to give him the five items, and so we're just looking for a simple contract to do. Here, okay, so we'll find a vehicle, head to that contract, and then go drink a tombstone. All right, so we are grabbing our contract here to get enough money to buy a tombstone.

Tombstone Soda, no, I got the raw ethereum schematic; that's a rarity all right now. You've made it to your tombstone. Grab the tombstone if you are the one duplicating the tombstone; it didn't do the animation. We're good, though okay; he did drink it. Okay, so now that we have made it to our tombstone, I have already drunk my tombstone, so all I'm going to do is pull all my items out.

Excuse me, Mr. Zombie i have a necklace, that's why, and then if he wants to, you can have your teammate drop whatever cash he has if you want to drop yours. Cash, and then that's just going to stack up in our tombstone for next time, so you slowly add Essence to your tombstone as well. That's not important, but it works.

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Okay, so now I have all my items and I have my Tombstone drink, so now I'm going to let myself die. You can go to the crane or you go to the other, but you're going to leave Squad first, right, and so as he knocks you down, you're going to give up. And then I'm going to plead for help. Once I plead for help, my teammate can resend me, which resets the tombstone now with all the items in it so I don't lose any items, and I actually have more Essence than I started with.

Boom, there you go, and then just drop all the items for your buddy, make sure they don't use them, and make sure he picks him up to put him in his rucksack. Sack even switched over to his fist so he wouldn't accidentally use one of them. Good move there you go. So now that he's got all those, he can xfill at a normal xfill or he could even dashboard at the Act Four portal here, and I'll show you that when I'm when we swap rolls right here, so at this point though we're already left.

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I can just straight die out and he can xfill, so I'm going to go hit up the crane and die. Remember, I'm not losing anything because I have the essence that's already saved in my tombstone. I don't have any items that I'm losing. I don't have to worry about having a backpack, three plates, or any of that stuff.

You don't have to worry about getting confused with two tombstones and two rucksacks. You're good to go now. So as long as you've left the team already, we set up our tombstone, and he's taking all the items. We will die, and then he can just fly over to the Act 4 portal and dashboard, and he'll keep all those items there you go so I can give up.

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