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We have absolutely cracked the season 2 patch for the Tombstone glitch. It works phenomenally now and is arguably the most efficient it's ever been. This article is going to show you how to get Max Essence, how to share it with a friend if you already have it, and more importantly, how to keep it in your Tombstone while actually using it.

That Max Essence Check it out. The first method I want to show you is to see if you already have a friend who has Max Essence. If you don't join our Discord, a lot of them have Max Essence, and we'll be happy to share it with you. So we're going to show you how to share it through that, and then I will talk through how to get Max Essence with your buddies.

If you're starting from zero, I always recommend bringing in a couple Tombstone sodas, one for you and one for your buddy. That way, you don't have to go do contracts or go find the Tombstone soda dispenser can to drink from. If you have extra from duplicating, use the Ether blade case. Also, if you're struggling to get Tombstone sodas, make sure to check out this article, as it'll show you how to go from a single Tombstone soda all the way to 30 or 40 very quickly, and you can do it solo, which is very helpful for the future when you're duplicating.

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It's right here, okay? Let me go to Moveie, so you can go ahead and grab it. All right, so now this is my buddy's tombstone. You can watch his essence. Boom, there you go, Max Essence. He's going to pull everything out of it. There, all right now he's crushed his Tombstone; take those other items if you want; pick him up; all right now we're going to go a little bit out of the way here to go exchange Essence, so now that he's already drunk another Tombstone, he's going to I'll leave Squad; we're going to let him get down.

Here, boom, now he's going to give up and then plead for help. He's tapping these. Guys, there you are. Go have you drunk the Tombstone? Soda, leave the squad, and then get down either by zombies or by falling. If you're the one bleeding out and looking for help, make sure you do not have a self-revive.

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Drop that first give-up, then plead for help when I go over to him and ask him when he's playing for help. That is going to reset that tombstone with the same amount of money and the same amount of items. If you're unfamiliar with this glitch, check out this article. This was the original method for season 2 Tombstone glitch by following that guide that'll allow you to share your max Essence with your friends as well using that same guy, and then once you're back up, he's going to share all of his Essence with me, and he can even give me his items if he wants to, and then he's going to die out again without a tombstone or anything, so that his max Essence Tombstone with all those items will stay there still if you're sharing with your friends.

Just follow that article that I talked about earlier to reset your tombstone, then give away your essence so you have it and your friend has it. There's going to be one vial of essence that gets stuck, so typically you're not going to have 999, 000. You're going to have. In most cases, we'll see if it happens this time or not.

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It seems like we did it. Look at that—a full transfer. That's actually a first; normally, it's not a full transfer. So there you go. Now we have all of these things, and I'm going to drink a tombstone and head to Act 4. Right now, you've made it to the ACT portal. Do the thing you started voting for, whatever; pull up the dark ether to vote, and then you're going to drown.

Once it gets to the red, you're then going to vote yes to going to the dark ether, so you will both die and you will also be teleported to the dark ether act for bad signal. Portal There you go, all right? As you can see, we still have all of our items, minus the one that we used, which was the tombstone.

Soda, those will also be in our tombstone. Now, when we go back in with the 999, 000 essence, let me go back in to show you how you can lose your essence, but more importantly, how to keep that essence. You are safe to stow any of these items that you want to stow and get back in there. Okay, we made it back to our tombstone.

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Unfortunately, it is also a mercenary camp this time, yay, but we're going to pull that out, get all our stuff, and be one short, so let's just drink that Tombstone already, and then we're going to head back to the ACT for Signal. All right now, we're back to the Act 4 portal, but I want to show you something first.

That is, if I drop a little bit of my money, I'm just going to drop $2, 000. Right now, we have 9979,199. When I reset this, let's see what the essence actually is. Are you sure about this? I didn't love the sound of it here. You can see the essence is not quite fully correct, so now what we're going to do is do a simple contract.

This is important to understand. Yeah, contract when you're using this method to keep Max Essence every single time that you drown in the water while also using the portal, you are resetting a tombstone. This is different from the original season 2 method, where you would leave the squad, drink a tombstone, die, give up, and plead for help.

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Get back up in that method your tombstone sets the moment you get tired from playing for help, then you could use those items, use that essence for anything else you want to do, and then just die out normally without drinking a tombstone. So if you use 30,000 Essence during a match to buy perks and maybe a juggernaut or something along those lines, then you have to earn that money back.

Otherwise, when you reset, you'll have $30,000 less than when you started. Now, when you're at the maximum essence of $999, 000, it's not a big deal to spend $30,000; you could do that 30 times before you'd run out. But if you only get up to, let's say, 30, 40, 000, 100, 000, then that does make a difference, so the best method with this is to get your tombstone.

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drink a second one play the game like normal in tier three go earn 30 40, 000 in a round which really isn't that hard to do if you're killing Mega Abominations and doing contracts then leave the game by drowning and going through the act for portal that will replace all of the essence that you lost so ignore the bottom that's glitched out but we're at 98, 000 right now so when we complete this contract it's going to bring us up back to Max Ence as you can see now we got, 999, okay so now we drank our Tombstone we have Max Essence again because we did a contract and we're going to go into here, so ignore the number on the bottom I'll put the right number there it's that weird glitch where it's shown somebody.

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