News - How To Hold Power Positions As An Ar Warzone 2 Ranked Play


Point subbase hard point This is one of my favorite maps in the rotation. I don't think it's very good in terms of competitiveness, but I enjoy playing it. I think there's a lot of open lanes and a lot of things you could do with an AR, so I prefer playing it to other maps. That guy got melted. My teammate's going to push him, so I'm going to distract him.

There you go. I'm going to jump on the hill because no one else is there. With the lead, there you go. They should still be in front of me; just hold the nade. Here, I mean, how that guy didn't die? I have no idea, but he missed a few shots overall and was pretty well healed. There you see, we actually have the rotation as well, which is great.

Is he going to push our spa, or might he come through the left and hold? If he's actually on a right there, my teammate should be able to get the trade there, so right now in this spot, what you don't want to do is spawn what we did, so you want to hold the back, which I was trying to do, but we end up getting taken out, and you don't want to spawn P5, because if you get you in a bad trap here, so I'm going to push through, to the point of pushing through, expecting them to hold these.


Angles i accidentally switched my pistol there, but you saw he slid across; that was a good read from him; he saw me and some good shots; we're spawning really far out; this is not ideal right now; this is really not, and against a good team, they won't even let you escape through the tunnel there, so I got kind of There, so why don't I want to do it?

I don't want to lose spawns here for the next hill, so although we gave them a lot of time there, I want to hold the spawns for the new hill, so I'm going to go through. I'm going to watch the left. Rel and these first few kills are going to be huge. There's one the second guy's going to climb on top.

I mean, such a dirty hair glitch. I couldn't really do much there. He gets two. The last guy needs to push him out. So one thing we're not doing is pushing them out when we have map control. I was kind of the only one pushed out a little bit. P5 i mean, I don't know how that guy kills me. I don't know how he kills me there again; we're down by quite a lot.


The good thing is that the next heill is a massive money heill, so what we need to do, though we need to apply pressure on them, is just let them out. We can't be letting them out like that. We need to apply pressure to keep them trapped there, and that's the difference between a good team and a great team right now.

There's no pressure on them, so they're able to just walk out of the tunnel and stuff. I need to hold them. I see that my teammates are playing way too passive. This is the problem. Look at that; we're playing way too passive. We're giving them so much time to push out, and then they're just getting easy kills across the map.

You need to be pushing out, man. That's the biggest factor. That's a big difference. We're not really doing right; now, there you go; they get behind us. I mean, I don't know what my team is doing. We need to be pushing out a lot more than this, like we've lost every single spawn right now because we're just giving them the player.


I don't know how that even stun to me that's not even near me that stun was nowhere near me. 20 seconds left again, and these guys are going to run away with the game unless we change our play style here. In Solo Que, that's pretty hard to do, man. When you're playing with random people not coordinating, it's pretty hard to do reloc, so I'm going to try my best to push out, and just when I need to, I need to kind of pop off.

Here's what it comes down to: there's one need to keep this side of the map; here there's three; there you go. Get a bit more momentum here; they should be coming through the tunnel. Here So knowing they're going to come through, T's going to hold this. There's going to be a guy through our left air, and he gets good shots on me, so the guy P5 for me needs to be quicker there, so that guy right there needs to be a lot quicker to watch.

top server It just comes down to pacing. The pace is just so slow right now for everyone. Really good shots. I'm actually a TR. Take my time and play with my life. This is what I mean, though this is where you have to like Get those kills, get those popup kills; a teammate does get some kills.

There, you see, I'm actually yeah. I just need help, man. I need a lot of help. This guy keeps shooting at my body. I don't know why he's a dog. But yeah, he keeps shooting my body for some reason, but yeah, like we're still in this game. I don't know how to be honest with you; we're really not playing well as a team; we're playing really, and I need my teammates to get on time or get some kills from me; they're kind of doing nothing, right?

Now another big kill is going to be watched over, okay? Now we can put some pressure on them; they're going to be coming through. Reloc See what I mean? Try it it's all about this right-side control here. Take my T. My teamate pushed that, and there you go. I just saw that another three were down.

Now they're going to be spawning back in the tunnel here, so straight. I'm going to push through; these are the kills I should be getting. Here, I'm going to slide across the whole tunnel; that guy's weak. Again, we're back on our scoring streak. We got our score streak that is a perfect about.

I'll say, perfect like 40 seconds there now what's going to happen is because it's still P2 right we're going to spawn on the good side of P2 which is its back area we don't want to spawn here we do not want to spawn back here so we're going to start to rotate and get to P3 there might be someone middle, map, so he's gone through getting a little bit weak so now it's going to be about pushing this right side so my teammate's with me this left hand side sorry my teammate's with me I'm actually going to go through and try to watch the middle, so I expect somebody to be up here, and that's just a gun I need to be getting, so unfortunately, because of the headshot multiplayer, look at this: he shoots me four times and he gets a kill there, but you guys can see the last two hills and how we get back in the game, and it's all about that rotation, that extra rotation, but not just rotating to the hill but rotating early to get the setups, and how easy it is to get the kills once you have, so I'm kind of weak here.

Big kill again. This isn't really a money hill. This is one of those hills where, I guess, you can break it kind of easily as long as you have top control. That's what I'm trying to do. Hold top control. Someone stood there. That guy was ready for the shot. Good shot from him. And yeah, right now, with 20 seconds left, I don't want to spawn in the back here, so I'm going to start rotating.

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