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For breakfast, lunch, and dinner today, I'm going to be giving you guys some of the craziest, sweatiest, and best war zone settings so you guys can never get off the game. Send your grandma to the grocery store to pick up your Mountain Dew and Doritos, so you never have to leave your house again. You won't have to go anywhere else to get these settings.

After I show you, people will keep them hidden from you, but your boy Quinx got you set up. All you guys have to do is warm up that mac and cheese, come back and start eating, and after watching this article, your boy's pizza pockets are cooked. Let's go ahead and jump into these settings so your boy can eat up those big old puffies.

Buss, first on the list, is going to be in display mode. Put that son of a gun to full screen exclusive so you could just focus on your game. You know your grandma is texting you. You know your weird articles that you're watching on the side that Quinn doesn't want to see. You know that it can be on your second monitor, just not on your main monitor.


Second screen refresh rate: make sure this matches your monitor's refresh rate, so set your monitors at 120, and you get this set to 60. You're really missing out, like there's something ain't right here now. If you don't know your monitor's refresh rate, all you have to do is go to {602}. I mean, hold up, Quinnn, you're on the wrong website.

If you want to look up the display panel number on your monitor or find the box, it'll say right there in big bull letters: Quinx sent me here now. If you still play on a TV in 2024, we're going to have a little bit of a different issue here, boys. Come on, in 2024, we ain't playing on no smartboard TVs out here; we all get the little 24-inch monitor, and we went hell hard on that.

Now, these next two settings that I'm about to share with you are so important that you have them together. This brightness might look a little fishy, like it depends on your monitor. You might have to adjust it so it looks good on yours, but I found the set rate of 47 on M looks just crisp, but you have to match it with this next setting.


If you don't have your boy throwing out here, the next setting is going to be upscaling. You want to give that to Fidelity and Cast. This goes hand in hand with the brightness; it'll make your game look unreal. The colors are vibrant. If you want to go above and beyond, you can mess with your color blind settings; some people do it.

For me personally, I like the way this is, so I leave it at this, but if you want to go above and beyond, I'll add it. Go for it. You've got your Mac and cheese; that's all you need. For your vram scale Target set that tropical fishy to 80%. This makes your target lower, so your game is focused on getting more frames.

FPS wins games. Now this is where it gets a little bit dirty. You want to run this all on low. I mean, some people run it on Medium. It depends on your PC and me personally. 3060, 30 70, 30 80 I'd still run on low, which buffs your FPS, even if you're running a 164-hertz monitor. 165, HZ monitor, I don't care, I mean the higher FPS, you'll notice a difference.


I promise you, even if your monitor's capped, FPS is number one here. Boys, even low settings don't look bad. Take my word on this. Trust me, low off low for this first part. Now this is for little Jimmy out there, saying my low settings are horrible. Look at my game right here; it looks so clean you wouldn't even know it's at freaking low settings.

Now the rest of our quality is going to be lower. I run this throughout all my settings; it helps turn off all the different bugs in the map. You know, sometimes you can see plants on high settings and then you turn your settings off to low or off, and that plant right in your way is actually gone, so having these settings on low and off can actually lead you to an advantage over your opponent.

The most important one here is going to be your shadow quality. You want that set to be low. After you apply this setting, you're going to have to restart your game, and it'll download all the shadows again. This syncs up so much, and nobody tells you about it. They run it on high, and it's taking up so much of your resolution and RAM.


We're going to jump right over to display for a quick second, guys. If you guys have this setting on vsync you want that turned off on every single game you play, that garbage is trash that should be right in McDonald's trash dumpster. That stuff stinks and will sink all your frames. Turn that crap off.

Now we're going to make our way over to view. This is important, guys. Feel the view. Put that on Max 120. You can see the whole screen. It looks beautiful. You know your boys are chilling over there in Zab Way. I can see them. You have that set to 60. You can't see anything. I have a huge advantage because I can see both sides of me so far.

Make sure the ads are affected, so when you aim down your sights, your field of view is on your scope as well, so huge boys, I recommend running this, especially if you're a war zone player. This is the key: setting. This is a setting a lot of people aren't going to tell you, folks. This will reduce Flinch in any gunfight.


When somebody's shooting you, you know how your guns are going all over, even if you turn off motion blur for certain Flinch attachments. It's still going to give you it, but with this setting, it reduces it to a point where you can barely notice it and gives you a huge advantage over your opponent.

Now for the first-person movement, you want it to be at least 50. Same with the third-person movement. Now give this a shot. Go into a private match, get your homie in there, tell them to get some hot Cheetos, eat them up, shoot you, and have this on. Then I want you to take it off and have him shoot you with the same gun, and you'll notice a huge difference.


I mean, Quinic, you're right. Now I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret. When it comes to audio, you might be wondering how Billy Joe knows where all your footsteps are coming from across the map. This setting will explain why he can hear you from a mile away. Now you want to set your stuff to PC speakers and your speaker output to stereo, so instead of the sounds coming through your headset, they think it's coming from your PC speakers, so they'll be a little bit louder when it comes to footsteps, but other explosion audio will be quieter, so it really makes it lock right onto those loud footprints, and you can hear opponents from a mile away.

I use them with my Logitech headset; it is crazy the difference. The same thing, guys: turn on this setting, have your homie run around the map, and just listen to the difference. Outstanding now this next one is going to be the very last one, guys, but the most important thing is that if you stayed to the very end of the article, lucky you.

The Best Graphics Settings for Call of Duty Warzone 3! Get more FPS, improve visibility in dark areas to see your enemies better, and reduce latency for the best possible competitive advantage in Warzone. Hint stay until the end for secret setting.
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