News - Getting The Better Dark Aether Loot Warzone 2 Zombies Solo Guide


I would highly recommend you guys do that just because that's going to completely show you guys how we got to this point: doing the red worm honestly wasn't even a part of the original plan. I was just going to come into this elder dark ether first off, but since I spawned in by the building that showed us where all the locations for the USBs are.


I figured out what the hell we're going to do with the red worm before we go into the Elder, which we were able to do successfully. But in turn, when we came in here to the Elder Darkether, it completely threw us off because I did not come in here prepared, whatsoever. First off if you're going to be coming into the Elder dark ether if you have decoys equipped and if you used up both of them if you have that empty slot and you come into the dark ether it's going to completely take them away now the best way to find lethals and tacticals, while you're in here is going to be shooting those crystals that you see growing unfortunately the vr11, doesn't break the crystals so you're going to notice me taking the W and trying to shoot these things a lot throughout the run I was just absolutely struggling trying to find any tacticals that I could I was really looking for a decoy, that way I could just replenish these things but it just refused, to give me one did end up finding a couple monkey bombs and Kashmir along the way which helped us out a little bit the other two things that I would recommend that you guys bring in here is at least two sentury guns one if you plan on doing the escort you can put it on top of the ACV.


Believe it or not that will actually help you quite a bit clear out these zombies that would save the other sentury gun for when you're doing the holdout Mission, but another thing that I would very highly recommend that you guys bring in is bring in at least one turret mod cuz once the ACV, rounds that first corner and you got that Mega Abomination, that's chasing you usually there is a turret right there not only will it take out the mega Abomination that should be following you from this point but there's going to be another one that's spawning in front of you and usually it's able to take that one out as well I think an ether blade really would have helped us out in this situation too just to clear out some of these damn zombies and I really think the golden armor definitely saved my ass multiple, times in here I don't think we would have been able to do it without it there was so many times in this run.

I swear to God I should have gone down, and I just barely skipped out of it. I got to say, though, that doing this single contract alone is harder than doing the entire new Elder Dark ether. I'm pretty sure it takes about the same amount of time too. In fact, I've completed the new Elder Dark ether in just over 5 minutes, and this contract, I think, took me just over 6 minutes.

But yeah, just think about that, guys; you can complete it. Complete the new Elder dark ether in the amount of time that it takes you to do this one contract, and the one thing that is kind of cool about completing the new dark ether is the fact that you can get any of these acquisitions from there now; you're not going to be getting these older schematics.


But you can get any of the acquisitions, like the Ether Blade, the golden armor, and the dog bone. Finding all of that new Elder Dark ether is a little bit more rare than finding all of that new stuff. If you guys want that sure chance of getting that ether blade, the golden armor that dog bone is coming in here is the way to go.

Just be prepared for a little bit more of a fight, especially if you're doing this solo and if you don't have the VR1. Case, and if you're solo. I probably wouldn't even attempt doing this escort mission because you're going to need that thing to repair it. Now I have tried doing this mission without the vr11 several times, and I have gotten really close, but it usually always blows up at the end of the mission.


Maybe if you completely filled your large Ru sack with nothing but decoys. Maybe you will be able to get this done, and then you guys are going to have absolutely nothing else. You know, that actually might be something I need to try now. Granted, I get we didn't have a sentry gun on top of this thing, and I don't have an ether blade and stuff like that, but why are there so many zombies in here?

I feel like this has been buffed up quite a bit at this point. I was starting to think about myself just a little bit because we had two Mega Abominations on us, plus a bunch of other bosses and zombies, and I figured we could be taking out the Mega Abominations with the vr11. For tactical, guys, I did finally find a gas grenade, and I know that those do a little bit of damage to the zombies, so I figured what the hell, that's better than nothing.

We also got to a point where I was starting to run out of ammo for everything. I didn't have anything in Wonder World, and I didn't have anything in VR11. And finding ammo on the ground was getting a little bit harder and harder. Luckily, we do know where an ammo station is that's going to be coming up, so I decided to ditch the vehicle for just a few moments so I could run in here, refill my ammo, and come back.


This part was definitely scary, guys. I figured that they were definitely going to blow up the ACV. When I went to go get ammo, they didn't, but on my way back, I was running, dodging, and weaving through all of these zombies. We had a mega-abomination that was trying to beam us; we had a mangler that was shooting us with this cannon; plus, we were just being chased by all these zombies.

I would almost go as far as to say that if you're trying to complete this contract solo and without all the proper stuff to do it, this can be almost just as difficult as trying to do the red worm solo, and at times I would say it actually requires a little bit more movement, and if you're not 100% confident in that, like if you're a little bit more of a slower player, that's what's going to make this really difficult as someone who's been playing Call of Duty zombes since the very first iteration.

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