News - Defeating The Red Worm Solo Warzone 2 Zombies For Rare Schematics


Today we're going to be coming into Modern Warfare zombies and defeating the red worm completely solo here in season 2 reloaded, and we're bringing in two separate Wonder Weapons, and both of these have their jobs. We got the vr11, which is going to be for damaging the red worm, and then we're also bringing in that waf, which is going to be for taking out the hordes of zombies, and guys.

I got to say the end of this article was pretty crazy; you're going to want to see it. I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today. We're so close to 15, 000 subscribers, and I cannot thank everybody for all the insane support lately. So when I first started this run, I initially wasn't even going to do the red worm.

My plans were to go straight into the Elder Dark Eternity, but I figured since we spawned over here at H2, we might as well go into this building, which is going to show us where all of our USB sticks are going to be spawning. We brought in a vr11 with a flawless crystal, so you know what I said—what the hell, let's go ahead and get this red worm done now.


Unfortunately, we didn't have the scorchers, so we had to go around the oldfashioned. Way with vehicles and drive around and get all these things another thing you guys can do which I do sometimes is when you go to the location that's going to show you where all the USBs are going to be spawning when you're looking at it just take a quick screenshot, just in case you got to pull that thing up for some reference I can't tell you how many times that I've wandered around like I've gotten all three of the USBs, and I'm just missing that last one and then I'm going damn where is that last spot again and then I either end up driving or flying around looking for this thing checking all the different spots just ending up wasting a bunch of time so if you can just take a quick screenshot.

That way, you can pull that thing up, but we got all of our USBs, and we got all of our upgrades. Now we just need to stop off at a gas station really quick. That way we can get some sentry guns, and I also need to buy a golden gas mask. I honestly almost forgot to check this out, guys. I was standing out by the boss fight because I was waiting for the gas to come in, and I was up on top of this tower, and I noticed all these zombies really far away, and I was actually able to hit them with the vr11.


I was kind of surprised, and if you guys are ever looking for where the boss fight is going to be wherever the Ether Storm is, check right around the outer circle of it, and if you notice two ammo crates that are right next to each other, that's going to be where your boss fight is. So our ether storm was finally moving, and they were covering up these ether extractors, so it was time to insert our USBs.


Now, even though we've done this several times and we do have some of the best weapons for the job, it's still definitely pretty nerve-wracking. Guys, now that I am confident that we can get this thing done, this red worm can really surprise you, and just immediately. Pattern just kind of trying to train those zombies and just make sure that you do not stop moving, you should be okay from not hitting that beam but it's definitely one of the things that I go down to the most so it's kind of a do as I say not as I do type thing I know most of you guys already do this but if you don't be sure to bring in decoys when you do this just so you can distract a lot of those zombies you're going to be hitting those ammo crates a lot during this fight just to fix that gas mask so you're going to be replenishing, a lot of decoys, so let's get all of those zombies away from us definitely going to be making it a whole lot easier than just trying to clear these things out while you're trying to fight the red worm at the same time another thing you guys can be doing like I said you're going to be hitting those ammo stations, so don't worry about the ammo in your vr11.


Be turning as many zombies, as you can I don't stay focused on the zombies your main focus should be on the red worm but just every once in a while when you see a zombie that's close to you or whatever and you can easily turn it go ahead and do so cuz not only will these things be acting as another decoy, to distract these zombies but they'll also be clearing some of them out for you as you guys can see here we've only gotten in a few shots on the red worm so far and quite a bit of his health is already gone this vr11, is just nasty against these bosses now of course like right now we have the flamethrower, that's just probably the absolute best weapon in the game when it comes to destroying things like Mega Abominations, or manglers, disciples, the storm caller stuff like that but the very next up in line is definitely the vr11.


What is vr11? does have above the flamethrower. Is that it takes down the red worm or any Worm for that matter and this will get you the best stuff in the game like I'm talking about the scorcher schematic the Flawless Crystal schematic that legendary, ether tool schematic and I would actually say having these is going to be more important than having those schematics out of either one of the dark ethers now the reason why I say this like yes I do believe that the ether Blade the golden armor Maga holding like those are some of the best schematics that we can also get in the game but the reason why I say like getting the legendary ether tool and the Flawless crystal is going to be some of the absolute most important is because these things are what's going to be making your weapons, as powerful as they absolutely can be now while the golden armor is incredibly, nice and really useful it's not going to be as useful if you can't take down the mega Abominations.


Because your weapons are too weak or you can't take down other bosses because your weapons are too weak or you struggle in the dark ether going to be the same thing with like The Ether blade while I think the ether blade is definitely, one of the best schematics and one of the best Acquisitions that you can get throw that thing at a mega Abomination, 50 times and tell me what happens I think my point is that if you're missing a bunch of schematics still like you're missing a bunch of the dark ether ones and you're missing some of the red worm ones I would make the red worm schematics, more of your priority so I'm telling you once you get your hand on that legendary ether tool and you get your hands on some Flawless crystals man doing stuff like the dark ether and going into Red Zone and stuff like that is all going to make itself way easier on you and while most of the schematics are most of like the legendary schematics.

Today we go in and take on the red worm solo then head on into the dark aether. I appreciate all the support everyone! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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