News - The Importance Of Switching Roles Mid Game (warzone 2 Ranked Play)


Today I'm actually going to try a new class out; it's going to be the Rival, but instead of using Co sneakers, I'm actually going to use lightweight. Apparently, it's good. Apparently, your timing is a lot faster than stuff like that, so I'm going to try it out and see how it works out. Obviously, I won't be silent, but let's see how we can apply it to our advice.

Fting off here, no one's actually going to be a red from the enemy. Team, there's one I'm actually going to jump across just to bait him. So right, I'm just waiting for my teammates, so I'm just going to keep on baiting them in there. You go that's exactly what I wanted to do—kind of bait them in.

I know they're going to be spawning again. Here, my team had the same intention: we actually want to back off a bit to hold the P2 spawn. That's the problem right now; we seem like we're a bit pushed out right now. I'm okay to just lock down red. To be honest, with 15 seconds left, I'm more than happy.

Tock, down, that was not good. Start a I need to stop TR this guy okay someone's actually not away it's not their way through to P2 my teamate gets that kill this guy on P2 yeah they actually push through, here they actually got through, man all good all good Yeah, we just pushed out a little bit too far there, but let's see what we can work with.


So obviously, we got the co-shoes we can sneak through; they're going to probably be watching the flank, though that's the only problem. I'm going to try to go a different way here. Now obviously. I want to try to use this class, but if we have no AR support. I'm going to have to switch here, and the article subject is going to change to why you need to switch midgame, so we're still in a good spot right now.

I'm actually going to jump through that one. I'm actually going to leave this kid right there. I'm honestly going to leave him there. Start rotating and just sneak across here so that guy can have the last five seconds. I'm okay with that. Again, I'm always looking at the bigger picture right now.


The bigger picture is that he spawns. Did he kill him? Yeah, killed i expect somebody to push the right here, and normally I play behind the car, but with a sub, I'm more likely to play like a flanker, so look at the mini map; my teammate does not need to be. Pushing, so this is like a really good play, so I gave them 10 backed off just to kind of guarantee the 30-40 right now see playing different angles as soon as my teammate dies they I'm going to back off and help my teammates; they obviously all died at the back, so unfortunate.

They both shared bullets right there, so it is unfortunate that they both got one, so at least we get the two assists. That's okay with those 20 seconds left, I could rotate, but I want to try to guarantee the last. 15 is all good; you know what? We'll take that new rotation, and that's absolutely fine.

Relocating the stand is absolutely fine. Yeah, it should get back on too; whoever's still there should get back on. The stream should be back on, so sorry about that if we disconnected, but we're still live. We're supposed to be down like 50 right now, so we need to actually go through and see what we can do.


Look at the mini map again to see where they are coming from. If I can hold this top church area, I'll be in a really good spot. St that guy, no way he kills me right, no way no way he kills me right, there we need to be really smart here now we need to be smart with our positioning 20 seconds left we going to have to rotate.

I'm going to hold the last 15; I'm going to try to. At least that's fine. We get two regardless. We get two, not the end of the world. I mean, I expected to die there on the rotation, but yeah, there's at least two or three here. There's one i know this guy's on the left. There's a big kill there.

They should be spawning, like back in P3. Now my teammate is still there, which is actually great for us. So this guy's top third, so right now you can see I'm just trying to cut off the lanes and be really effective, so I know they're going to be spawned in top red, not top red, but there's a guy in top red.


That was a $400 IQ pay from him. I mean, I got it back, kind of. I kind of got him back there. Yeah, stream i know the stream went down, so sorry about that. We should be chilling for 20 seconds left, okay? Where is it going to be in the top third right now? I definitely want top-third control as a sub.

I prefer red right now, but we can hold it for a while. What he no way gets the best timing , the there's no way he gets the best timing on me. insane timing I can't really be pushing that lane with a star; it's just an impossible gun fight, so I'm just going to be trying to watch what I can, which is going to be red.

Here's a guy in red, actually, so let's go through it and try to play for it. Here, with 20 seconds left, we're actually locked into the new hill. I got a push. No, I stopped shooting. Him, my i stopped shooting him. I'm an idiot. I was frying right there, all right. One of them's on the old hill.


We have to sneak through. Now I think this is the time I can probably get through the back here. I don't think they'll be watching it, to be honest. Just based on the position of our team, we should be okay here. As I said, there's two of them watching. If they love watching the flag, I'm literally the only one here, though I'm going to let my teammates push out a little.

Bit Yeah, I mean, I need some support here. I need some support for the boys. I might actually switch to an AR here. I want to win the game, man. I want to win the game. See how one goes, so we get a bit of time here. I'm actually going to probably rotate in a second. protectie three down, three down.

I have to rotate again. Where are they going to be coming from? Well, they have to be coming from the chicken side, like the back kind of p, basically back P3. They're spawn, so what I'm going to do is go through and try to cut them off here now. The quicker I get here, the easier it'll be to cut them off, so we go.

There's one I'm actually going to jump off; there I only jump because I was literally one shot behind them. I thought I could sneak up, kind of behind them. The good thing is that we still have the spawns. The bad thing is they might be able to push through here, so let's go through and see what we can.

We hit with literally one shot there, but it was enough to get the kill backing away. The guys are going to be on top, and here he literally pushes us. Nobody kind of watches that area, which is a bit annoying. Nobody watches that area; they're spawning all over the place; it's coming down to the wire now; it's come down to these kills.

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