News - Can Dying Be A Good Thing Warzone 2 Zombies. Solo Dark Aether Strat


So I really wanted to make this article yesterday, but with all the problems with Call of Duty, all the levels being reset, and all the bundles being taken away, there were a lot of issues that were going on yesterday. A lot of people weren't even able to access Modern Warfare zombies, so it just didn't feel right to try to put out a article saying Hey, you guys should go try this when you can't even access the game, but we're back here today and everything is 100% back to normal, at least I do believe it is, and this was kind of a special run here, so I kind of wanted to showcase for you guys how dying in modern Warfare zombies can actually be a really good thing and can be setting you up for one of the best runs that you've ever had.

I appreciate it. I'd greatly appreciate it. Now you're going to notice we're starting off here in the dark ether, and when I opened up my backpack. I already had the schematics for the golden armor and the dog bone, and I did have an ether blade case on me. Well, this is because I just ended up dying in the dark ether in my last match.

I did try to give away the dog bone and the golden armor schematics to a couple people in the main map, but I think they already had them if you just died and you have a tombstone somewhere, and let's say you have an operator that doesn't have a large backpack, or those three plate vests, or anything like that.


You really don't need to go through all the extra steps, like trying to get a bunch of essence or going to the mercenary camps to get the key cards and stuff like that. One of the things that I really like to do is look for those light blue to grayish-looking lockers. Those have a really high chance of spawning in armor vests and backpacks, and they do spawn in large backpacks and three-plate vests all the time.

Now there are certain locations that have more of these than others, like those buildings at pop-off power that have a bunch of them. There are also a bunch of buildings up in the military base that have these, so yeah, if you see these lockers anywhere and if you need any of these items, be sure to check them out.

They do have a really high spawn rate for these items. I do believe I had about 30k, in essence, plus that refined crystal in here plus the ether blade, so I stored all of those into my backpack and made my way into the dark ether after finding a Sigil. Now I did end up bringing the triple pack W, which is what we're going to be using mainly while we're in here.


I was trying and testing out the Lockwood from Modern Warfare 2, the Doom bundle version, and unfortunately. I was just not really a fan, so we're going to be making a lot of use of this Wonder Wolf, and I think the Wonder Wolf is probably one of the most popular Wonder Weapons here in Modern Warfare Zombies.

I do really love the VR11. And like the scorcher case and stuff like that, the vr11 is really good for bosses, like defeating the red worm and repairing the vehicle when you're doing the escort mission and stuff like that, and the scorcher is also just the best thing to traverse in Modern Warfare Zombies; it's definitely the fastest and most funnest way to get around, but the Wonder Wol is so good at doing certain things, just like clearing out zombies, and that's the main point of this game: killing zombies, and with this ether extractor contract done, man, we pulled some really good loot out of this one and ended up with a legendary ether tool and a ether blade case.


Man, when we got two ether blades in our stash, that's amazing, and now we're going to head on down and go start this holdout mission, and this is where the Wonder Woman is actually really going to shine now. I do feel like lately, after season 2, I kind of feel like the rewards here in the regular dark ether in Tier 4 have been nerfed ever so slightly.

I kind of feel like about half the time when I come in here now, I don't really have a chance of finding those classified acquisitions. I feel like I have a better chance of coming in here and getting those Wonder Weapons, that's for damn sure. So if you guys don't know where those keys are. I'm going to put up a map on the screen right here so you guys can go around and find those, and just go around and check all of those locked rooms and see if you can pull some Wonder Weapons.

I can usually leave the dark ether with about two of these things every game, but now they're not guaranteed. These things are very random. This game is very RNG, but usually I can leave the dark ether with about two Wonder Weapons, so just taking a look into my stash here as I was heading on my way into the holdout mission, and man, we got the schematics for the dog bone.


On the golden armor plate, we got a bunch of crystals and two ether blades—legendary, Ether Tool Man, the stash is already looking good. We got a Sigil for our next run, so we don't even have to find one of those now. I was extremely tempted to use one of these ether blades just so I could have a little bit of an easier time in here, but I'm pretty confident with this Wonder Wol to get this holdout mission done, and I do have a couple self-recesses, so I think we're going to be okay even if we go down once.

It's going to be all right. I'm also working on a Zero to Hero article that I've been trying to put together. I just had a really good match the other day. The only problem is that I don't want to upload something like an hour and a half-long article. It was a really awesome match where I started it with absolutely nothing, and then we ended it by going into the dark ether and getting a bunch of really good loot in there.


I'm just in the process of really trying to figure out how I want to edit it all together and kind of mash it into, you know, maybe a 10 or 15 minute article instead of uploading an hour and a half long thing, maybe if I actually recorded. While I was doing gameplay, that might be a little bit easier; we might try that here in the near future also, so I just want to say this right now: from the bottom of my heart, thank you to everybody that has been supporting the living hell out of the channel the last couple of months.

I was able to order a new PC, which is showing up here today, and that is honestly. 100% because of you guys, I have been working with the same old slow, junky computer for many, many years now, and I'm finally able to upgrade, and honestly, it's 100%. Because of the Modern Warfare Zombies Community, you guys rock! You are amazing.


I'm going to try to not only upload more and be more consistent, but I also want the quality of the content to go up a lot too, which I will now be able to do, so thank you guys again. But with this hold-out mission finally being done, we ended up with another refined crystal that gives us three refined crystals in our bag, which is a little crazy, and we ended up with an elder sigil, which is awesome.

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