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So we are back on some more Modern Warfare zombies, and today we're going to be heading back into the new dark ether once again because I'm missing. One of the last schematics, and that would be the blood burner key, so we're hopefully going to get that today, and I also just kind of want to showcase why I think this game mode is kind of special, and then I just kind of want to talk about the season 2 reloaded update for a little bit.

I appreciate everybody who stopped by the article today. Not to say that I wasn't enjoying myself, because I definitely was, but yeah, I can only retake doing something repeatedly. For so long, what was also kind of a shock was that when I came in here with this squad. I didn't even really have to go after the bunnies or anything like when I had to come in here with a few other squads before; usually I was the one that had to run around and kind of show everybody where everything was.

But this guy seemed to know where everything was, so it made it way easier on me. The only bunny that I had to grab the entire time was the first one, and he was heading straight forward. I don't know why he didn't jump in the window, but this is one of the things that I think makes this game mode incredible.


One of the guys that I was with in this match ended up dropping two vs. 11 cases for people because he's just like, I've been getting a bunch of these things over the last day or two and I don't really want them anymore, so I'm like, That's really nice, man. It just goes to kind of show you that there is a very non-toxic.

Side of Call of Duty Yes, there are toxic people in the zombie community. Don't get me wrong, but over here, the majority of us are just very welcoming. And you know it's a very nice and refreshing thing to see in the Call of Duty scene for sure, and to be 100%, perfectly honest, if you guys want to know the best way to get the best loot and the easiest way to get like all the schematics and stuff like that is right here, like you can tell, in this contract right here.


I didn't even really have to shoot anything. To be perfectly honest, I kind of felt like I was just standing there now. There are certain instances where this is kind of going to be the other way around, like for the red worm, the health for the red worm kind of scales with the number of people that are on your squad, but if you're coming in here into the dark ether and you're doing these contracts, if you're trying to attempt to do them solo, they are definitely possible, and there's a bunch of ways that you can make doing these things solo easy.

I'm definitely guilty of farming those types of articles myself, but ultimately, if you're coming in here with a big squad and doing these contracts, it's going to make things a thousand times easier on you. We were able to kill the HVT mega-abomination in nearly mere seconds while we were doing the holdout mission, which is definitely the hardest mission to do here in the dark ether.

It didn't even really feel like I had to shoot anything, then once we moved on over to do the ether extractors, each one of us did those at the same time, so we got that one done really fast. Ultimately, doing these things with a team is going to make these things a thousand times easier on you, but honestly, I do get it.


I like to run solo a lot of the time myself, and that is why I like to put out a lot of solo guides, by the way, speaking of guides. If you guys are still wondering how to open up the dark ether, maybe you're still looking for those parts or you need to upgrade. Overall, I do have to say I'm pretty happy with this update so far.

I really do like the addition of the new dark ether. I think it's a bit better than the previous one that we had. The playspace seems like it's a lot bigger. Personally, I'm a big fan that they switched out the escort contract for an HVT. I think that was a great move. I do think they could have done something else with the other contracts, but that's all right, this dark ether is definitely 100%.

If you want to come in here and actually complete this thing, it is definitely way more solo player-friendly in order to complete the first dark ether. If you didn't have that vr11, Case to repair that escort, you were pretty much just now in this one since you only have an hvt, A hold out, and then you got to do those ether extractors.


This one is definitely way more solo player-friendly, so collecting these schematics shouldn't be too difficult for you guys. I think you can get pretty much all of the classified acquisitions from any of these contracts, so coming in here even with a regular signature just for the loot, from my experience so far, has definitely been good, and that's another thing.

I had to do the story Mission a few times, so I had to fight that boss quite a few times, and every time that I defeated him, he ended up dropping me a Wonder Weapons case and something else like it's just good loot, which thank you guys, because before, like when we got the new warlord, every time I beat her, we got absolutely nothing, which I think is tragic.


Like, how are you guys going to put a boss in the game mode, and then once we defeat them, we get absolutely nothing, like just a perk can? I actually haven't killed the new warlord. I'm going to have to go and try to do that today and see what kind of rewards that we're going to get from them, but at least from coming in here to the dark ether, they did a good job, and I also really like the fact that they finally brought those xfill streaks in, so now if you have a character that has been exfilled quite a few times, like you get reduced prices on perks and Pack-a-Punch, and things like that, which is a really cool addition to the game, it does finally feel like Modern Warfare Zombies might be getting a little bit of quality of life updates, which is a breath of fresh air, and just maybe just maybe I think there might be some really big updates that are going to be coming around the corner for this thing, but yes, so far.

I think that the season 2 reloaded update is definitely worth it. I like the new dark ether. I like the new boss. Even though he's not really a new boss, at least it's not a worm, and when you defeat him, he does give you really good rewards, and you can go in there and defeat him every single match if you want to.


Granted, you do have to sit through a cut scene that you cannot skip, and then if you leave the match, you'll lose everything in your backpack, like I realized in this last game, and I was so pissed. As long as you don't do that, you should be okay. We got new schematics, and we got a new warlord.

Today we unlock the last schematic I need in the new Dark Aether, the bloodburner keys. I appreciate all the support everyone! - Ghost. Membership Link.
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