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When it comes to legendary tools that are the most wanted item in mod Warfare 3, zombies now have legendary tools at the top tier as far as rare items to actually acquire in MWZ. You are often able to find legendary tools in the Red Zone F stronghold in the Red Zone Elder dark ether and the regular dark ether, but legendary tools are the top three most rare items to find in MWZ.

Even when you do the older D-eat, there's never a guarantee of you getting a legendary tool, but there is one item that you can actually get far more often, and that's the epic tool. This item is close enough, and it can perform similarly to legendary tools. Epic tools are more in the middle class area when it comes to power because legendary tools are going to do something to your weapon, and as far as upgrading your weapon to the top tier, that's going to change the landscape between you.

And the dead, but when it comes to epic tools, you can get so many epic tools in one match in the R zone, or when you're doing any D eater if you're doing the Elder D eater or the regular D eater, but when it comes to legendary tools, they are the most powerful item. If you have the legendary tool schematic once you craft it, you guys already know it's going to take 24 hours to cool down.


Now, today we're going to show you guys how to not run out of legendary tools by using this method, which I'm sure you guys kind of already know. Keep this in mind. So this is how you don't run out of legendary ether tools. So right now, we just did a mash in the red zone, and we got two legendary tools.

I can go ahead and show you guys this other clip, When I Got Two Legendary Tools. Now we're going to go ahead and show you guys exactly what I got on my stats, so obviously I got 12 out of 10. Prior to this, I had like 23, out of, you know, obviously, 10, because of the weapon stash, Because of the stash glitch.

So we had 23, out of 10, when we did the stash glitch, but now that that's the patch, we can't, really. You know, mess with the stash glitch anymore, but right now I do have 12 out of 10; obviously, I lost a few, so as you can see, I have a lot of legendary tools. This is what I do right here, so Flawless Ethereum Crystal So far, we have an Elder Seual, and we have an ether blade.

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So right now, if I use a legendary, what would I do instead of using that space? I would actually swap that with something else, so what would I do if I had an Epic tool? So let me go ahead and craft an epic tool, right? So right now, we have an Epic tool. Let's just say I want to go ahead and use the legendary tool that I have right now in my stash, so we're going to go ahead and click on that, and we're going to go ahead.


And, boom, right so now we're using the legendary tool so now when you go to you Acquisitions here's the legendary tool now the next time, right the next time you play a game and you get one or two legendary tools basically there's no point of destroying the legendary tools or just Swap this with anything you're going to go ahead and swap it with, the Epic tool because now you can go ahead and run an Epic tool instead of running a legendary tool because Epic tool is at least close enough right so we're going to go ahead and Swap this now we're running the Epic, tool and now we got the legendary tool here all right so what we just did is we just craft this one that was just an example so now that we just got two epic tools like I just I mean legendary tools like I just mentioned on the last match now instead of crafting the refin ethereum crystal or the Flawless ethereum Crystal because I can go ahead and craft this later.

I could just keep doing this over and over, so now we're going to go ahead and swap this; we're going to go to the stash, and let's not do the Flawless Ethereum Crystal. Yet, bam, so now I have Flawless. Now I'm going to play with the Flawless, and then I'm going to play with the Epic, so then on the next match, if I get another legendary tool.

I can go ahead and swap that with the Flawless, and then I will have enough legendary tools in here so I never run out of legendary tools. So if you do want to use a legendary tool, what you do is just craft your Epic tool, or I know the Epic tool. Let's just say you get an Epic tool on the next match.

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Instead of getting the legendary tool, you're going to go ahead and swap your Epic tool with the legendary. Tool, and you're just going to keep doing that over and over, so next masch or now I got this one, right? Let's say we just use refined ethereum crystal now I can go ahead and swap that legendary tool for the Flawless so always going to keep 12 items on the stash right I can swap it with the ether blade and then once I craft another ether blade I would just swap it with the legendary tool and then my ether blade now will be on the stash and then when I play I get another legendary tool I can go ahead and swap that with the ether blade so always swap something right now where you stash right here and then you never run out of legendary tools.

Look, I still have legendary tools right here. Look at this. I got two more legendary tools right here, and then I got all this flawless ethereum crystal right now. I got two right, and now I have another one right here. As far as W weapons, you don't need to put W weapons in your stash; there is no point.

legendary aether tool

You can just wait for that. You know what I'm saying: you don't need to be running wand weapons every single time, but the main thing is that Flawless is legendary. Tools, and maybe the ether blade and the refining theum crystal, so all you got to do is just keep swapping that over and over. So basically, right now, let's say I want to roll it Flawless, so we're going to swap this one with a Flawless.

So now, for my next match, like I said, I just mentioned on my next match let's say I got two legendary tools, and I don't need to use two legendary tools that I just got from the match. Now we're going to go ahead and swap one of the legendary.

MW3 Zombies - How to Always Have Legendary tools with this method. check my previous video.
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