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I'm going to teach you how to go into the dark ether and keep your tombstone. In season 2, almost reloaded with zombies, it works incredibly well, and there's a bunch of extra benefits that come with this new method from this post-patched glitch. Check it out, but first, a quick word from our sponsor: if you don't have the time to unlock everything and need assistance in your favorite games like Call of Duty.

Fortnite. Grand Theft Auto 5, and more, then our sponsor. Dam Mods, is the place for you. They offer all camo unlocks, zombie schematics, bot lobbies, and more. Dam Mods has a five-star rating with thousands of reviews. So to do this glitch, you'll need a sigil or elder sigil, a scorcher, and a pack-a-punch crystal at any level, and I recommend bringing a tombstone.

I'm first going to show you how to duplicate your sigil or elder sigil so that you never run out of them when you want to run the dark ether. So after running a few contracts and getting some Essence stacked up, you need at least 2, 000 to buy the tombstone and at least 1, 000 to use the portal, though I recommend getting more because then you can do it over and over again and you're going to go and drink your tombstone.

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Soda After you drink your tombstone soda, you're now ready to both duplicate those items and set up that tombstone so that you don't run out of sigils or elder sidles. You can just keep duplicating them every single round, and then I'll show you what I mean as we go on. So here's what you're going to do when you're in here: you up, arrow, and then, backwards in/Q, open that up and bounce.

Get the heck out of here; you've got to go. Now, going back to Act 4, if you're not familiar with this whole spot, you can check out my other article here. I have a very detailed description of how to do all this and how it works, so if you're struggling, that's where I would recommend going. Make sure your stamina is full once it's up, just full sprint the whole way, the whole way ATT your call Too fast, too.

Furious, now remember that we already drank our Tombstone, so we're ready. This is going to set our tombstone and duplicate our odds at the same time. All you're doing going through this portal should hit it right about 9 seconds or so, turn to the right, and sprint. Now you're going to vote in 2 seconds, right there.

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Yes, at 2 seconds, keep sprinting; you should hit it right in about 6 seconds. Perfect now all these items will both duplicate, and it'll set our tombstone, and we'll keep all of our things down here so you can hear this elimination. black screen Boop dun, skis, we've Now set our tombstone with the scorcher pack-a-punch crystal and the elder sigil or sigils.

Now those will duplicate every single time, like I did on this article here. If you need more explanation on that, take all those same items back into the match, and I'll show you how to get into the dark ether solo while keeping your Tombstone. Also, if you already had a tombstone before you watched this article, you can just jump to this part right here, and that'll help out.

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So now you can use these items because they'll also be on our tombstone. So we're going to hit that scorcher up, y'all know how it is, then we're going to hit that ethy blade up, get that Tombstone drink, get that golden armor, what you. This part is important. If you're taking a sigil to go run and get items or the Elder sigil to go get classified items, you need to have two sigils or two Elder sigils.

This will allow you to duplicate them infinitely because you're going to use one of them. If you only take one when you use it on the portal, you won't have another one the next round, so make sure to put two sigils or, if you're using Elder sigils, two Elder sigils, so that when your Tombstone resets, you'll always have one more that you can bring in the next round.

Head over to the portal by Act 4, where you have to type in the code, and I'll explain what you're going to do. You're now back in the Act 4 portal area. We're back to this guy. You do need a scorcher to have this. That's why I duplicated my scorcher first. You arrowed in it, then opened that portal.

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Now that we have our scorcher, we can just scorch her back, but I'm going to show you how to get into the dark ether and back out. Here, so I have my elder sigil. This would also work the same with the Sigil, boom, big, nice portal. If you haven't opened this portal yet, check out this article; it shows you how to do it.

Do the whole Easter egg to open it up solo all right so here we go we're going to spend it so what we're going to do we're going to spin he hey stop throwing your meat at me can you please you're going to activate the portal and then boost over there ready so spin the Elder sigil, and immediately charge this bad boy up obviously don't vote yet, got to go got to go got to go got to go right now, can we make it over this little lip I think we can.

Yeah, perfect so you're going to fly right through this door. Change your gun; it's going to be faster to run with. You could do this without a gun too if you really wanted to. Our timing is great; we're actually about 2 seconds ahead of where I normally want to be, but we do have a gun, so we're going to run a little slower.

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You're still going to vote at 2 seconds; this should be a pretty perfect vote at 2 seconds. Perfect timing, so you want to get in right as it hits 6 seconds. Now remember, we have all these items minus the signature that we spent; we're not going to exit out this time we died, and it loads and it loads.

The loads are all right. Look now; notice a couple things. We lost our Tombstone as well as any other perks, but we still have our scorcher fully pack-a-punched. We still have our gun. It's not pack-a-punch because we didn't, and everything else is kept, so that's not where the goodness of this glitch ends.

The goodness is only beginning. I will sing of the goodness of this glitch, but let's do a little boost. Let me see that Boosty boost to the left to the left to the right to the right to the front to the front to the side to the side, so we're going to go straight for the fill here. You could technically go play around.

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Go obtain your classified schematics if you haven't; go get your Wonder Weapons if you haven't; and then we're going to hop in here. boom and we're going to fill completely normal xfill right, we haven't done anything, round, time there you go, so all these things are going to fill; normally, if you had schematics, they would fill; successfully, if you want to do camo grinds for your guns, this method works.

NEW SOLO KEEP Tombstone Glitch in DARK AETHER SEASON 2 MW3 Zombies POST PATCH Elder Sigil.
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