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There are so many amazing skins available on War Zone 3 or Modern Warfare 3's war zone whatever you want to call it this is partly because we have been able to carry over Modern Warfare 2 and War Zone 2 skins across, but also because there are a whole bunch more we can now get so in this article I'm going to cover all the best free skins we can get on war zone so we're not talking about the crazy skins in bundles here just the ones you can get for free and I can guarantee there'll be some in there you didn't know you could get and I'm going to start by reminding, you that the skins that were unlockable, via DMZ in war zone 2 are actually still available since DMZ still exists, it's just not getting any new updates.

Those skins are the biohazard skin for Kerig, where you have to extract the weapons case now, and the weatherproof skin for Cleo, which you get for completing the tier five story mission. Crack the code on the snowplow, Skin, for the C Tac group one operator, which is a reward for completing the tier five story mission.

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Russian gas then there's the Nova op skin for Nova, again you get that for a tier five story mission called emergency, exit then finally for DMZ, there's the petorian skin for kerig which you get for completing the tier five story mission in the fallinks faction so there are some great skins in DMZ there which you can unlock if you didn't get round to doing them before and the missions themselves aren't actually too bad the tricky part is actually doing all of the grinding in the missions and tiers before B point to actually be able to get to the points where you have those challenges available to you but now we're on to the Modern Warfare 3 specific skins, and I'm just going to quickly run through the list of the obvious skins and operators we can unlock for free before going into the more secret or less obvious ones first up then is BBQ.

This will be best done in plunder, using restock as your perk and stuns as your tactical equipment for blueprints; you should already have them. If you do own Modern Warfare 3, to get by line, you need to get three operator hipfire kills with SMGs in a single multiplayer. Match again; plunder is going to be best here.

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For Jabber, we need to complete the dangerous close campaign mission in Modern Warfare 3. To unlock Jet, we have to get five operator kills with snipers in a single multiplayer match. I think this one is absolutely fantastic, and again, we want to be looking at plunder. If you only have a war zone for Pathfinder, we need to complete another Modern Warfare 3 campaign mission, this time the crash site mission, and then for Ripper, we need to head into MWZ, the zombie mode in Modern Warfare 3, and then get 100 kills in a single match to get rip-tied.

It's pretty easy; we just have to get one kill with a cruise missile in a single multiplayer match, but obviously, that requires Modern Warfare 3, so if you only have War Zone, you can't get this unless there's a free trial of Monom Warfare 3 multiplayer, which periodically pops up, and I always let everybody know when these are, so be sure to subscribe and stay up to date.

Okay, then for the rocket operator, this is another one you can only get by having a copy of Modern Warfare 3, but there's no actual challenge attached to this one. Last but not least, for the speculative operators, we have Scorch, whom we can get by completing three contracts. In a single zombie match, we move over to the core tack operators and skins before going a little more Rogue, and we start with Alpine, a great operator who we can get just by getting three operator kills while crouching in a single multiplier match.

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Then there's the Captain Price knockoff Bantam, who you can get by performing one finishing move in a single multiplayer match for Blaze; we just get them by owning Modern Warfare 3 again. For Corso and Doc, we have to complete the reactor and high-rise campaign missions; for Enigma, we need to get three kills while aiming down sights in a single match.

Raptor is a little tricky to get into the war zone, specifically. As we need to get five operator kills with frag grenades in a single match, this is a plunder-specific one for sure and will be much easier if you down the enemy first and then frag them. Swagger we can get by getting 10 kills with lmgs in a single match, then thirst is another operator, you can only get by having monom Warfare 3, or at least that's the case for the standard base skin.

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Obviously, if there are new skins that come out in the future and you get them, you'll get the full operator as well, so they're all kind of normal skins. If you like them now, let's get into some of the more unique ones. And just a note on ranked play skins, by the way, which were my favorites in War Zone 2, these were likely to be coming midseason in season 1, when ranked play will hopefully drop from Modern Warfare 3, then it will probably be a little later for ranked play in War Zone, probably season 2.

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Okay, now let's talk PlayStation exclusives. That's somehow still a thing and yes I'm bitter because I'm on x box but the good news is that if you are on PlayStation and have PlayStation Plus you can get a free combat pack and get the arsonist, skin for absolutely free to get it you simply have to boot up your PlayStation, head over to the store go to the Modern Warfare 3 section and then scroll down until you find the free season 1 combat pack just download that and then next time you boot up Call of Duty it'll be there next up we have another weird semi exclusive skin and that's with the hop hunch bundle, within Amazon Prime gaming if you do have Amazon Prime you just have to link your Activision account with your Amazon account and then it's just super simple you just redeem it on the website if you don't have Amazon Prime you could just sign up to a free trial redeem this free bundle, and then just cancel it if you wanted to now I want to share with you a skin that is so rare that no one actually has it yet, and that's the zikan, nuke skin to get a nuke of course you have to win five matches in a row and then complete the Champions Quest contract, which involves putting together a nuke and protecting it whilst it activates, but at the moment this is currently not in auk stand but it will be with us when the season 1 reloaded update drops, and Raven Software even did a cheeky reveal of what the reward skin will be.

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It obviously looks absolutely fantastic, and it'll be super rare as well, but it really is a tough ask to get. I had to include it here, though, because it is technically going to be a free skin. Then we come on to the bone collector operator's skin. This is insanely cool. You can only get this in Modern Warfare Zombies, though, and you specifically get it for defeating Zach and essentially working your way through all three acts of Monom Warfare Zombies.

How to get free Operators in Warzone 3! That's right, this video includes how to get free skins in warzone 3 without multiplayer. Although you can get these free skins in modern warfare 3 MW3 free skins with the full version of the game too. This video is just more set up for people who want free operators and skins who only have warzone 3.
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