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So in today's article, we're going to be doing a full breakdown of that, as well as, toward the end of the article. I'm going to be doing a fullon melee comparison, partially so you can see how the soul render will stack up against the other melee weapons, and also just so you guys have all of the information on all of the melee weapons in the game.

Without further ado, let's dive right into this with the soul render. The big unique thing about this one is that it's essentially two melee weapons in one. Because we have two different attacks, we have our quick slash attack, which by default is activated by your aim-down sight button, and then we also have a heavy slash, which is activated by your fire button, and this behaves very differently depending on which one of these attacks you end up going with.

Soulrender quick slash

Soulrender quick slash

So let's start this off with the stats on the quick slash, where you're activating it with the aim-down sight button. Now, with this, we deal 150 damage. So even in core game modes, this is going to be a one-hit kill. We've also got a 250 millisecond pre-hit delay, and what this means is that with a melee weapon, when you're standing right next to somebody, if you hit the button to melee them, they don't just drop dead immediately; there is a little bit of an animation first, before you kill them, and before you kill them, and in the case of quick slash with the soul render and also most of the other melee weapons in the game, this is 250 milliseconds.

This value also effectively represents your time to kill with a melee weapon. On top of that, with our quick slash, if we want to get a second slash, let's just say there are two enemies standing right next to each other. How long does it take to kill both of them? Well, there's a roughly 700 millisecond delay from the first hit to the second hit with this, which is actually a bit on the slower side, but we'll look at that toward the end of the article with our full comparison.

Then let's talk about our lunge range with this, which appears to be 2.2, M, and that's actually pretty good for melee weapons in this game; it's not the absolute best, but it's better than most. And then finally, for the base stats here of our quick slash, we have a roughly 30° maximum hit angle, which means you can be roughly 30° off target if you're within that 2.2 M range, and it will still lock on and kill the enemy player when you activate that melee attack.

Soulrender heavy slash

Soulrender heavy slash

And there we go. Those are the basic stats for using the quick slash mechanic.

Now let's talk about the heavy slash, and with this one, we're dealing at least 300 damage. That's the maximum amount of health I can add in a custom game, and it will be a one-hit kill with the heavy slash even at 300 HP. And during this time, just like with the finishing move, the person that you're attacking can't do anything; they're locked into that animation with you; however, you are vulnerable to any one of their teammates.

And you will often find yourself getting killed when you're in the middle of this animation before you even end up getting the kill on the enemy player, so in the case of the heavy slash, this is your preit delay and also your effective time to kill, and that's a very, very slow time to kill. In either case, let's move on to the next stat here, which is our range, and I was very surprised to find that with a heavy slash, our range is identical to the quick slash.

I fully expected this to have a larger lunge range because, again, we're making a big trade-off here with a heavy slash, but nope, it turns out you don't gain any extra range out of this, and also, our maximum hit angle is identical when you're using the heavy attack, so with all of that laid out, you might be wondering.

Why would you ever use the heavy slash, and in the vast majority of situations? You shouldn't be using the heavy slash; the quick slash is the superior option far more often than not, unless you're just trying to be flashy and have that mini finishing move take place.

Soulrender counters riot shields

Soulrender counters riot shields

That is, at least until a riot shield enters the equation. This is the big upside with this whole render, and the one really unique thing compared to any of the other melee weapons in this game is that it's the only melee weapon that's capable of fully countering a riot shield.

However, this only works if you're using the heavy slash attack. With a quick slash, you can slash away at that riot shield all day long, and it will just block your hits, but with a heavy slash, it ignores the riot shield. It's like that shield just doesn't exist, and it's worth noting that this will apply if the enemy has that shield out in front of them as their primary weapon currently, or if it's stowed on their back; it doesn't matter.

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The heavy slash just completely ignores that riot shield as if it doesn't exist. And that's where the true power of the heavy slash comes in, and honestly, if you're trying to play as well as possible with the soul render, that's the only situation you should ever be using the heavy slash in. That's when the enemy player has a riot shield, and there we go.

That's going to cover all of the important things to know about the soul.

Full melee mobility comparison

Melee weapon Now let's see how it stacks up against all of the other melee weapons in the game. At 5.43 m/s, but outside of that, the rest of them are all within a pretty tight range of each other, so nothing really interesting worth mentioning there.

I would say, more importantly, let's have a look at our Sprint speed, because this is what we're going to be using to actually get around the map more often than not, and in this case, the clear standouts are going to be the gutter knife and the corit. And the Soul render is also up there when it comes to Sprint movement speed; it's got a very good Sprint movement speed compared to many of the Modern Warfare 2 melee weapons at least, and it's worth noting here that it's quite interesting that the Dual Kadachi, while they have a fast base movement speed, actually have a very slow Sprint speed compared to the other melee weapons in the game, and that same thing carries through to our tactical Sprint speed, where again the Dual Kadachi are clearly the worst in the category by a pretty noticeable margin, whereas once again the gutter knife and carit are coming out on top with the fastest tactical Sprint speed at 8.21.

And then again, the soul render is pretty good in this department; it's still over 8 m/s, which is a very fast movement speed, and that's pretty much it when it comes to the important mobility stats. Of course, you guys can screenshot that if you want to take a deeper look at yourself.

Season 2 Reloaded of Modern Warfare III brought a brand new melee weapon called the Soulrnder so today, I'm going to be breaking that down in great detail and then also sharing a full comparison and breakdown of all of the melee weapons in the game.
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