News - These Make Mwz So Much Better Now (warzone 2 Zombies)


This has changed Modern Warfare zombies forever, and thankfully, for the better, if you're wondering what I'm talking about, we have a brand new edition inside of season 2 reloaded called containment. Levels, which are the brand new xill streaks that we have inside of the game, and in today's article.

I want to explain to you how not only do these make the game so much better but also make your life so much easier in many ways. So first of all, to quickly explain how to get these containment levels, you have to complete contracts inside of a match and successfully exit. For those contracts that you completed, the points you got from them count towards leveling up your Xville streaks.

It's not exactly like DMZ, where you have to constantly keep on the Xville streak, and then when you die, you lose everything. If you just collect that Xville streak and you die, you will only go down one tier, so just one level, and you'll be able to keep all the other upgrades for the next game.


Now you do get one point in Tier 1, two points in Tier 2, and three points inside of Tier 3, or the dark ether for completing the contract, to go towards the containment level, and that is already amazing in my opinion because hopping into Tier 3 and completing those contracts is honestly super easy sometimes, so if you, for example, are on level 100 and then you lose level 100 and go down to level 75, it'll be super easy to just get 25 points in one game.

You could potentially level up absolutely everything in one game if you're really efficient, and you could potentially have friends helping you out. I think that could be a faster way. If you want to join it, there's over 4, 000 people there. If you ever need to find anyone to play with, the actual upgrades that you get inside of here are incredible.

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Not only do you get to spawn with a bunch of essence, but you also get five armor plates, and I think the best ones are the 30% increase or 30% decrease in things, so firstly, we have the 30% off perk machine cost. This makes the perks 1,400, which is incredible. And then on the 30th contracts that you complete, you will get a 30% increase in the contract Essence reward, so if you go inside of Tier 3, you will be getting 6,500 points, and that is incredible in my opinion, making those points super easy to collect, not to mention the 1, 000 and 1,500 increase and all the way up to 5, 000 Essence.

When you spawn, if you complete one contract inside of Tier 3, you will essentially have 11, 500 points, which is amazing, but then going on further. I guess, or back since we already talked about 5, 000 Essence 50% off the Mystery Box cost; this will be just something that you could do on the side.

50% is a lot, so you will not be spending that many points on it. It's essentially like our fire sale, but not really. The fire sale is only $10 for the actual mystery box, but you know what? I'll take it, and lastly, the 20% off packa punch cost. This one is huge; you will no longer have to worry about having ether crystals all the time because of the amount of money that you will now need to upgrade your weapons.


It feels like they really did release this feature into the game just to completely remove the idea that I need to duplicate my items now. I think they could have used maybe adding on another tier in here; they could have probably figured out five more tiers in some way, which I hope they do in the future, but you know what?

The main reason is because I think there should have been a schematic cooldown in here; I don't know how that would have worked or at least something in the game that would cool down the schematics. So that not only will it remove the idea that I don't need to get those actual crystals all the time because leveling up or getting the amount of money that I'll need will be insanely fast, and then on top of that.

I'll be able to get the Pack-A-Punch, which will cost even lower. On top of that, I would have preferred if, again, as I said, tools were very important. I don't know if their compensation for the Ether tool, like non-addition, is 50%. They added this to the game, and now I'm really worried that they're going to take forever with it, but no, they were like, You know what?


Here you go. Here's something that has been in the game since, like, launch day. We knew about these forever, and it's just great that they're here, so if you're wondering if there's a reason to hop back onto Moder Warfare Zombies. I don't know if this is a reason to, but if you're a player who's like me and still likes to hop on and play the game, then this is a great change.

If you're a person who was looking for something brand new. L gentlemen I just wanted to make this really quick article to talk about them again. I already talked about them, but it was more of an explanation. Even though this was as well. We'll let that slide for now.

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