News - Close Range Meta Ranking Warzone's Top 5 Smgs (after Update)



In this article, I'm going to give you the top five best SMGs in War Zone after the new update.

Number 5

Now at number five, we have the WSP 9. The wp9 is such a great weapon mid- to long range, and it has the fastest sprint of fire time out of all the SMGs, but there's one thing the wp9 lacks, and that's fire rate.

The wp9 is the slowest SMG in War Zone; it shoots the slowest, so missing even a few bullets could drastically increase your ttk. This is why I do not recommend the WP9; it's a great SMG, but there are better ones. Now for the loadout, I do have two builds for you: the no-optical build and the optic build.

This is the optic build; make sure to take a screenshot. Now for the no-optical build, just take off the optic and put on the WSP factory stock. This factory stock will give you not only a movement boost but also an ad boost. It is insane.

Number 4

Now at number four, we have the AM-9. The amr9 is such a great SMG; it has the fastest time to kill of all the SMGs in the war zone, and it also has a great mid- to long-range time to kill, but the one thing that holds the amr9 back is its sprint of fire speed.

The sprint of fire speed on the AR9 is the highest of all the SMGs, meaning if you get caught off guard, you're probably going to lose that gunfight because it takes so long for you to be able to actually pull out your gun and shoot. The AR9 is a great SMG, but it falls a little bit too short. Now this is the optic build for the AR9; make sure to take a screenshot and use it, but if you do struggle with recoil, make sure to take off the zening compensated flash hider and put on the Jack BFB for that extra recoil control. And for the no-optical build, make sure to take off the optic and put on the AMR Regal barrel for those extra ads and Sprint of Fire Speed.

Number 3

Number 3

At number three, we have the Ram 9. Now, the Ram 9 is a very good SMG. It has the second-fastest TTK in the war zone, and its iron sights are amazing, but there are a few things holding the SMG back.

The damage range on this gun is not that good; it actually has the lowest damage range out of all the weapons on this list. Also, another thing holding the SMG back is the Sprinter's fire speed. It's not horrible like the HMR 9, but it also isn't that good now. The Ram 9 is such a great weapon, but I do feel that there are two SMGs that are better than it; that's wisely ranked at number three.

Now here's the no-optical load out for the HMR 9. I really don't recommend running an optic on this gun because the iron SES are just that good, but if you do want to run the no optic build here, just take off the DXs flash 90. And put on any optic of your choice. This build is still insane and has zero recoil. I really recommend this build if you want to run an optic.

Number 2

Number 2

Now, surprisingly, at number two, we have the HMR 9. Now, the HMR 9 is the most versatile SMG on this list, fast ttk goated iron sights. It also has the second fastest sprint of fire speed on this list, meaning you'll be winning gunfights even when you're caught off guard easily.

Now, this SMG has no flaws; it's amazing, and this is going to be the SMG that most people use. This SMG is so good that it's the most versatile SMG in the war zone. If you want a SMG that can do anything, you're going to choose this 10 out of 10 times. This is going to be a lot of people's favorite SMG.

Now this is the best HMR 9 class in the game, with fast movement and no recoil. But if you don't like the iron sights on the H9 or you just want a long-range build. Put on the principal long burl; it not only gives you clean iron sights but also boosts your bullet velocity range and gives you less recoil.

Now, what SMG could be better than the HM? 9 is debatably the best SMG in war. Well, you're about to find out the number one SMG in the war zone.

Number 1

Number 1

The striker has a fast ttk, a good sprint of fire speed, and insane bull velocity. This is all around the best SMG in the war zone, but the one thing that sets it apart is the movement speed. Trer 9 is the fastest SMG in the War Zone.

When you use this, you will zoom across the map, allowing you to easily win gunfights and break people's camas. This is why it's my favorite SMG in War Zone, and this is why I ranked it in the number one spot. The movement on this thing is just crazy. Now for the best load out in war zone, this Max movement build will have you zooming in across the map and winning every gunfight that you get into.

The iron tights on the Strier N are decent, so if you want to run an optic, take off the stock and run any optic of your choice. The optic build on the striker 9 is a little bit slower, but you still have insane movement speed.



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