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With this, we actually saw a lot of perk and equipment balancing, as well as several quality of life changes, bug fixes, and a ton of weapon balancing. However just like with every major update I'm going to hold off on the weapon balancing until tomorrow since I like covering that in great detail showing you guys exactly what changed before and after and that simply takes a lot of time to put together since I'm not just reading the patch notes out for you guys so in today's article we're going to be covering all of the non-weapon balancing changes, including like I said a bunch of changes to perks and equipment in this game also just a quick note I'm going to have some gameplay against bots in the background just so I can show off the brand new guns and maps and this is just so I can get this information out to you guys as soon as possible without having to play for several hours first just to unlock the guns and then get the right maps and everything like that .

A few quality of life changes

A few quality of life changes

And without further Ado let's get into some of the miscellaneous, changes I noticed with this update many of these ones are really minor like they made some slight adjustments to the attachment filter options you can see now you have a toggle on and off instead of a check boox then in the firing range we now have a tactical stance indicator on the bottom right like we would normally have in game it just shows you if you're in TCT stance or not which I mean isn't really all that useful since you should know if you're in TCT stance by simply aiming down sight but I wanted to point that one out, one big thing that I was really hoping that would be fixed with this update that was introduced with the season 2 reloaded update is the latency widget they broke that with that update I was really hoping for a fix but unfortunately as far as I can tell that has not been fixed yet and then finally for the important miscellaneous things to cover here they added bonus XP for playing in parties.

Bonus xp for playing in a group

And the way this works is that if you have two players in the same group, you're going to get a 25% boost to your rank and weapon XP; if you have three players in the same group playing together, you get a 25% boost to your rank weapon and battle pass XP; and then finally, if you have four or more players in the same group, you're going to get a 30% boost to your rank weapon and battle pass XP.

Now, this is quite an interesting addition for those that do like to play at parties; however, at the time. I can't help but think that this more so feels like a punishment for playing solo, and solo players have it hard enough, as is having to fight against squads, and this seems like something that's really trying to force people to play with others.

Quick grip gloves buff

Quick grip gloves buff

But now let's get into some perk adjustments that they made with the season 3 update, and the first thing to cover here is that with the Quick Grip gloves, they increase the weapon swap speed benefit to a minimum of 40%. Depending on the weapon type and this is something I actually noticed really early on in this game's life cycle even though these gloves mentioned that they improve your weapon swap speed it actually didn't do anything for you if you were swapping from a standard like assault rifle to a fast swapping pistol like a core 45 for instance, like it would literally take the exact same amount of frames and therefore you literally just weren't seeing the benefits of that perk that you were using or at least that portion of the benefits, which didn't really make much sense whereas now we can clearly see even when swapping from an SMG to a pistol we are able to get that pistol out and firing a little bit faster so that's an excellent addition next up with the ordinance gloves, they mentioned they added a 20%, equipment field upgrade and killstreak use benefits.

Ordnance gloves "buff"

However, again, early on in this game's life cycle, I noticed we actually got this benefit by default, even though it wasn't mentioned in the description. These gloves did allow us to do these things faster. And looking at a pre-patch versus post-patch, it appears all they did here was change the description for it; we're still able to throw it at the same speed pre-patch versus post-patch; it's just that now the perk actually tells us that it does.

Marksman gloves fix

Marksman gloves fix

And then finally for the state adjustments to the perks we have the Marksman gloves and this is something that I discovered as well in my testing quite early on in the game's life cycle, outside of the Flinch Improvement for Marksman gloves which has always worked well it was always, that this improved your aiming idle Sway and yet based on my testing prep patch this simply wasn't the case it didn't do anything to your idle sway or at least nothing that I could detect whereas now in the patch notes they mentioned that they fixed the issue with this and we should now be seeing a 15% sway reduction which if you look at the side by side right here the right side with Marksman gloves after this patch is noticeably better than without so this benefit is now working properly, so there we go those are the stated adjustments to the perks for this season however I noticed a tweet today from lunchtime, mentioning some additional.

Hidden perk changes?

call of duty modern warfare iii

Buffs, and these Buffs were apparently mentioned to him in the Creator call early this week, which I really tried to attend but I just couldn't fit it into my schedule, so unfortunately I wasn't there to corroborate this, but I do trust lunchtime. And with this, the one that really stood out to me was the Commando gloves.

He mentioned that they said this will improve our sprint-out time, and with this update and also with the assault gloves, it just says better weapon handling. However the descriptions for these are exactly the same post patch as pre patch so it's not mentioned in the description it wasn't mentioned in the patch notes, and I did some testing with this and the Commando gloves are not improving your Sprint out time at all, so perhaps this is something that they intend to do at some point in the near future but as of right now at least these particular updates are not live in the game so with that out of the way let's get into the equipment category we saw a lot of changes here and the first thing we're going to talk about is the stun grenade this one saw some very notable Nerfs, the first thing they mentioned is they decrease victim aim slowness duration to 300 milliseconds.

Season 3 of Modern Warfare III is here and it came with a bunch of changes to many of the Perks and Equipment as well as fixes and adjustments to many more things. In today's video, I wanted to share exactly what changes with this update aside from weapon balancing which will be covered tomorrow.
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