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I'm finally back with another spawn tube tutorial for Modern Warfare 3. I apologize that it took me a little bit longer to get this article out, aside from the streaming and Tik Tok articles I've made over the past 2 weeks. I was dealing with some personal stuff on the side that held me back from sitting down and recording a article like this, but I feel like I'm doing well enough now to do just that, so again, my apologies for delaying this article longer than it should have been, but we're going to be checking out Subbase, and this map has a lot of great and effective spots that I can't wait to show you guys, so with that said, let's go ahead and get started.

Attacking spot 1

Attacking spot 1

So to start things off on the attacking side, I'm going to show you five spots that will cover every possible route that the Defenders can take to progress forward on the map. I'm going to start off by showing you how to tube straight down the middle and have the tube land right in front of their spawn right before they go towards the middle or into the B bomb building.

So I will say that this spot is more effective if you are a little bit closer to the front of the team, like where I am right now. If you are spawned further towards the back right there, then you might not be able to get as many kills in time because it does require you to move forward in order to actually get this tube to land in the right spot, but assuming you are in the right spot, what you're going to do is, with your rgl, aim above the helicopter right here above the helipad.

You want to aim about this high, up, Over the middle of the helicopter, And as soon as the round starts, you're going to slowly walk forward and shoot your tubes again. You want to do this as you're walking forward in order for this tube to actually go a little bit further, a little bit towards their spawn, which is where you want this to land.

So once you have this lined up, the round starts, and you're going to start shooting like this. You've secured the.

Attacking spot 2

Attacking spot 2

Device, for the next spot I'm going to be showing you how to tube the enemies that are running along the right side heading towards the docks by the water, so for this spot you can actually pair it with the first spot I just showed you and make a combo shot, so after you're done shooting your first few tubes down the middle like so, what you can then do is wedge yourself in this corner right here you're going to look towards this dome right here on top of the building this left one aim up until you are lined up with the top of this satellite tower right here, so you want to line up your shot like this and then just shoot your last few tubes get anyone running on the right.

Next i'm going to be showing you how to tube the enemies that are running straight forward underneath the catwalks towards the middle of the map, so you can use this spot as an alternative spot to the first spot I showed you that goes towards their spawn down the middle, so what you're going to do is run over in front of this barricade. Put yourself in this corner, and you're going to look to this little bar right underneath this yellow crane and right underneath it the middle part of it, just like this, and start shooting and get anyone that's running underneath the catwalks, one minute remaining.

Attacking spot 4

Attacking spot 4

Next i'm going to be showing you how to get any of the Defenders that are running inside of B and are running towards the stairs to look out the window, for the spot you're going to run all the way over here going to crouch in this corner you want to line up your right Crosshair with the very top of this Tower to the right so you want your right Crosshair to touch the very top of the tower like this, start shooting into B, and actually get a great way to defend the bomb as well so if you get a friend to plant the bomb on the right side you can set up for the spot and actually get a cool kill C if you.

Attacking spot 5

Want , and now I'm going to be showing you how to tube The Defenders that are running behind the building are headed towards the fuel station on the left side of the map. For this spot, you're also going to be wedged in this corner again. This time, you're just going to be standing up by like this.

You want to line up the top of your crosshair with the very top of the same tower. This time, the very top of it is right here. You want to be aiming in the direction of this window, and once you have this lined up, just start shooting and get anyone that's running behind the B.

Defending spot 1

Defending spot 1

Building , now switching over to the defending side. I'm going to have three spots to show you, which will again cover the main routes that the attackers could take at the beginning of each round. I'm going to start off by showing you how to tube. The Defenders that are running just straight forward right out of their spawn—now I know there are a few ways to actually execute this spot, but I'm going to just show you guys the way that I've been doing it—the way that works the best for me.

What you're going to do is lean up against this green crate right here. You're going to line up your middle and bottom right crosshairs, right in between this black box in the sky, like this kind of puzzle piece that fits perfectly in between the two lines of your crosshairs, and just start shooting as fast as you can.

Defending spot 2


Can , next I'm going to be showing you how to tube the attackers that are running either into the tunnel in the middle or headed towards the warehouse on the right side of the map, the spot is also a great way to get anyone that's trying to avoid the tubes that are being shot with the first spot down the middle so what you're going to do is you're going to run towards this window and you're going to climb on top of the window but you want to climb into it while looking forward because if you actually climb into the window facing it you're going to run through it which is not what you want you want to make sure you're standing on top of it so if you're looking forward, and lean to the right you will then get on top of the window without actually climbing through it like so and then you're going to look towards the tower and you want to aim your tube right where this part of the catwalk is the very end of this part sticking out aim directly at that and just start, shooting.


UAV standing and finally, I'm going to be showing you how to tube. The attackers that run out of their spawn immediately run to the left, headed towards the power station by a, so for this spot, you're going to run all the way back here and stay on top of these boxes. You want to move as far back as you can without falling off of the boxes, then you're going to look up towards the clouds right here—this part of it—right here, where it starts to slant a little bit and then flattens out.

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