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In today's article, I thought we could actually talk about how to get better at War Zone, like the real stuff top players are doing that isn't talked about enough, giving you all some quick background. I've been playing Call of Duty since, like, 2007, man. A lot has changed, but when I hop into a match, it just all clicks now, like I'm not even thinking about these things.

It's just muscle memory at this point anyway. I'm going to be completely real with y'all when it comes to this game. I feel like I've got to categorize some people real quick; in my eyes, there's three categories. The first category is that guy who just doesn't have it; he bought a PC setup and the most expensive headset.

All the best equipment you find in some random article online still isn't good at article games or Call of Duty in general, and it just doesn't click and never will. The second category is the guy who's played competitive sports before or been in a competitive setting in his childhood or something, has good hand-eye coordination, puts hours into a game and slowly gets better and slowly involves his game with years and years of playing, and the third category is the guy who just gets it.

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This type of guy is growing up playing article games with friends casually and stuff. When it comes to a game he actually becomes interested in, it creates a sort of competitive mindset around it. Now that guy can just easily catch on to how to be better at the game; he's just got the juice. You know, a prime example for the third category is Joo.

Pretty sure he grew up playing 2K with friends and stuff and only started playing Cod back when Call of Duty Blackout came out, which is a really good game if you haven't played it, which I think came out in like 2018, but anyways. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk a little bit about these things that give you an advantage over other players.

The first thing you're getting better at is this thing that's so simple, and that's to just start pushing everybody. To be honest, start getting into playing solos, hop into a game, loot up, and push whoever you see here or whatever. Start getting yourself into a bunch of situations. This is a battle royale game, with Call of Duty mechanics as a prime example right here.

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I literally just pushed this guy into this building; he ran out the door. I had no idea where he was going. It was a weird situation that I've never been in. We were obviously able to get the kill, but I just learned so much from that situation. You learn something new every time you hop into a new match.

As you keep watching, you're going to see that I have that push-everybody mentality the whole time the whole game. The other important part of pushing everybody is creating that sort of pressure on your enemy. Being the faster player and being able to get that first shot off or throw that first stun or grenade is super important.

Being able to understand just that will help you become a better player in the long run. The second important thing to think about is the audio in this game. Obviously, we have had audio problems in the past, but it seems to be in a really good state now. I say this because having good audio is important so you can be aware of your surroundings.

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I play on the audio setting on my PC speaker with sound EQ turned on. I'm not saying this is the best setting or anything, but it's what I've become most used to, and it feels pretty consistent to me. A prime example here is that I could literally hear this guy up on this roof right here; he's shooting a sniper.

I could hear his footsteps as I got closer, so I was very aware and ready for him to pop up on the roof right there. Now, as you can see, this player feels pressured by me, and he's starting to run away. He's running away as fast as possible right now, but I'm still shooting, shooting where I can, trying to get shots on him, throwing an air strike on me right now, good play to make be pushed back for, sure.

I'm easily able to maneuver around that and still be looking for him there, we go throw a smoke right here, he's close by, right now he's going up the ladder, we're going to throw an aade that's going to hit, and hey. I'm still trying to push here. I'm throwing smoke on the roof. We're hitting the ladder right here.

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He's going to be like, Heck, and here we go. He's still running. Bam, easy kill right there. And more i heard that guy coming as well. He gets sniped by some other guy. Now let's loot up. Let's play up. Let's reset here. There was definitely some chaos; a lot was happening, and sometimes it's easy to die by just recklessly chasing somebody down.

Also, there is a chance that you get a third party involved in the mix of all of it. We are now slowly transitioning from the midgame to the endgame. Here, there's 35 people left, we have 10 kills, and in this moment, I'm thinking that 20+ kills make this game definitely possible, so I'm going to keep applying pressure here.

Throw my smoke on the zip, but I do hear a guy on this building to my right, and I don't think it's the smartest play to hit the zip. Just yet, there we go. We were able to get the knock and then hit the zip, and now we keep pushing him. This guy's actually running away; he does not want to die, so.

how to get better at 3

I respect it, man. I respect it. Keep running; we're going to descend here. He's running down the stairs, trying to figure out where he's at. Here we go, still getting shots, and there you go. A beautiful kill right there had this man running for his life. The third important thing about getting better at war zones is taking advantage of your radar.

I'm talking UAVs, portable radars, even heartbeat sensors. As you know, top players are always popping up. It's that simple: load up, get your load out, buy a UAV, and off you go. If you didn't know already, having the advantage of pushing somebody while knowing exactly where they are on the radar is something that will help you become a better player in the long run.

As you can see, we have a few guys on the radar right here. It seems like one of these guys came back for stuff, and others decided to check out this area because of our previous fight. Now I'm feeling pretty hesitant in this moment, and taking my time to get some more information by listening to his footsteps before I push is important.

how to improve at 3

There's a few guys around, so I need to be. Another situation here is that making your enemy feel pressured helps you win the fight. Now it seems like everybody in this area has either been eliminated or decided to back off the circle, shifting more towards the city, so my guess is that there are some players taking advantage of The High Ground, so that's our next.

In today's Warzone video, I talk about how to actually get better at the game. Throughout this gameplay I give simple tips to slowly increase your performance every time you hop into a match.
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