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Intro / controller settings

Intro / controller settings

Look, if you're not shooting straight in rank, maybe you're not shooting straight in pubs, whatever the case may be, or probably you just want to get better, like that's what I wanted in first. If you want to get better and you want your aim right, I'm going to give you the training regimen that I follow, just so I can get my aim right, man.

Before we get into any of that, we do have to go through the setup, so the setup is just your controller and aiming tabs; those are the two most important ones when it comes to aiming. With that being said, you do want to do your dead zones, and you want someone to do them perfectly for you, so you don't want to just copy mine.

aim guide

These are a good starting point, but you have to tune them to you, so for example, if your right stick man is five, you can try lowering it to see if it works for your controller. I'm going to put it down to two just to show you, Boom I see I got a little bit of stick drift; it's not that bad if I move my stick around; I don't think it gets worse.

Yeah, see, I mean, two is not that bad. I don't like to play on two, but you can try it if you want, but I'm going to play on five, but like I said, man, just mess around with this mess around with the test's Dead Zone and make sure you get the ones that's perfect for you all right for everybody. That's not like, you know, a pro or whatever; I start it at 66, because I mean even a pro.

Rock 66, sensitivity multiplier You want to put this on 095, maybe even 0.9 if you want that extra aim assist. I like them. I like to aim to be a little bit faster, so not as sticky or whatever, so I use 0.995, but you can try 0.995. Whatever may be the case for you, your response curve is always Dynamic, like Dashley, the best shooter in the game, said no meat, Rod.

Dynamic pretty much aims for you, and if he's saying that the man's got to be true, then Dynamic is the wave. Don't try linear or standard, I promise you. Dynamic is the wave that comes out as an amist type; you can try default or Black Ops. I think most people are running default now, but you can try Black Ops to see if it works for you, and this kind of helps with your aim a little bit. If you do want to come over to the field of view tab and play on 120, you can go down to 115, just for bigger targets, but I like to do 120, so you can try to switch between these and see.

Game setup

Game setup

What hits all right So boom, look at the next part of the setup. You want to come over to a private match and set up a game slap on free for all.

Change the map to shipment. Set the game tab to 45 minutes, 1, 000 points, and 5 seconds. Make sure your health regeneration is on fast just so you're not ding to the bots a lot kill cams off just so the bot responds faster. Make sure the radar is always on. Finally, make sure you throw on spawn max ammo mags just so you can keep running around without having to K yourself, and then come over to this plus.

Mark right here and then throw on 10 bots, maybe even 11, sometimes even.

Deagle headshots

12 okay, so boom, training regimen number one. What I always do is pull out a deagle. You can copy this class right here. I'm not even kidnapping; just run around and then go for a straight head shot. All right, so what this does is just work on your center, so you get the dot on her forehead, and then you just let it go every single time.

Then you want to just try to get your aim right. Boom, another thing you want to do is open the scoreboard and come over to the stats tab, and you can always check how many kills you're getting with a head shot. This is what you want; you want your kills to be all headshot. Try to keep that at least 90%; that's how you know you're hitting your target. And it probably only takes you like 5 minutes to bang out like 60 or 70 of all these bots, so make sure you try to get 70 kills with this 50g.

Hipfire/center kills

Hipfire/center kills

All right, so the second part is going to work on your center a little bit more. All you want to do is just go around and keep the dot on the target, and then hit fire on them.

What this is going to do is just get you used to aiming at people before you even aim with that L1 or L2 whatever you use, and the whole point of having a DOT on them before you even aim minutes is so you get that little extra kick of aim assist where it kind of drags on to your target, and just having a DOT on people all the time is just always going to have you ready for gunfights.

You're never going to get CAU off guard; you're not going to have to flick up or whatever. If you just keep the dot on them every single time or every single time you see somebody, you have that dot ready for them. You're just going to get UC out of sensitivity. You're going to be ready for all the gunfights, and you're just going to find yourself winning more of your 1V ones.

Headshot only kills

best pc settings

All right, bam. The last one is step three, which is going for 50 kills with only a head shot, so make sure you're only aiming for their head. This is going to kind of put steps one and two together, and it's going to get you ready for gunfights. You're always going to be aiming above the neck, or at least at the neck level, and this is going to make you kill people faster.

You're going to wipe out squads with fewer bullets.

Extra aim assist tip

Max it out if you do set this down to 75. This is going to make your rotational aim assist kicking quicker just because your left stick Max It takes less time to reach the maximum input, and with more rotational aim assist, we all love it.

Rotational aim assist is going to get your aim feeling stickier, and you're going to kill people faster just because the aim doesn't miss. A lot of people in the scene know about this setting, but not a lot of people in the scene know about this setting, and not a lot of people like to talk about it, so I'm going to put you on just for watching this log, and then I'm about to show you these settings in effect and the effects of that training regimen.

If your controller settings in Warzone are off, or if your aim assist is not as strong, or maybe you just want better aim. I gotcha with the best aiming tips and tricks in Warzone Rebirth Island.
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