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New warzone 4th anniversary event!

New warzone 4th anniversary event!

Welcome back to a brand new article. So yesterday was Call of Duty's fourth-year anniversary, celebrating War Zone, and you're probably wondering where the rewards are from last year. For the third year, we ended up getting some free gift packs; we got a weapon blueprint; and there were some other cosmetics that were given to us.

This time around, we haven't gotten anything. Apparently, they're actually saving this for another update, and I got all the details that you guys need to know about that. In today's article, we're going to talk about all the rewards they've revealed so far, all the information you need to know about them, and much more.

I did post a article yesterday going over all the upcoming season 2 reloaded operator bundles and early gameplay showcasing of them, so if you missed it out, you want to see what the bundles look like—their weapon blueprints, the prices, and everything else. A quick word from our sponsor, {623}. It's a store that can get you the most exclusive operators, help you complete your Mastery Camo challenges, and much more.

Warhammer 40k event & trailer

Warhammer 40k event & trailer

We got our first Warhammer operator bundle pack. I'm not going to showcase it because I've already showcased it a couple times, but instead they actually dropped a trailer, and this is the footage that you are looking at right now. The event is scheduled for this Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.

It will be XP-based, so you simply have to play the game. You can put on this new bundle for an XP boost, and once you complete all that, you'll be able to get yourself a Mastery reward. I've already showcased all the rewards you'll be able to get in a article. That's the event that's going to be taking place this week.

I just wanted to keep you informed on that, but let's talk about the main topic we have for today.

Cod warzone 4th year anniversary rewards & event

cod mw3

And that's Call of Duty: War Zone's fourth-year anniversary. Last year around this time was March 10th, when we had our 30-year anniversary. The rewards really weren't the best, but it was just like a little celebration, something to reward people for logging in during the time of that event.

Now you're probably wondering, What's going on right now? Where are these free gift packs, and why haven't we gotten anything, even though it was actually yesterday? Surprisingly call of Duty has not added the cosmetics and the rewards yet to the files, but they're actually planning to add them in the season 3 update, so as for the release date, it makes sense why they haven't been able to add them right now; instead, they actually dropped a trailer for us.

cod mw3 soap operator

It was just like celebrating; they said to tweet out your best Cod plays in War Zone during the years that you've played, and it was just like a whole thing that they did over on Twitter and they were celebrating, but then when we talk about the actual reward side of things or the in-game event, there wasn't anything available for us to do, but they ended up sending out something like marketing, and they ended up talking about it, and they said it's going to start on April 3rd, which is the beginning of season 3, and they said after April 3rd, keep an eye out for a free MCW.

Weapon blueprint, and this is what it looks like: They said coming in season 3, earn the free anniversary weapon skin, and the skin just shows like a collage of different area locations, like Pois from Rebirth Verance. Year, Exan, and Alzer. All the different maps that we have seen in the past during the life cycle of War Zone, there was also another photo that they provided that showed a little bit more rewards, and they said the same thing earned the free anniversary, the weapon camo, and then they showed some emblems and some stickers.

I don't think these are going to be all the rewards, so these are just some of them. They usually have around five to six different rewards. I ended up making this concept art right here of what it pretty much could look like. This is what we saw last year, and then this is a version that I made for this year, and I do want to talk about one of the major things that could potentially come in, and that is the soap Hawk operator skin.

Soap the hawk operator skin coming soon?

Soap the hawk operator skin coming soon?

According to Cod Warfare, he posted saying that soap is going to be receiving two brand new skins in the season 3 update, as you guys know when it comes to task force skins.

They usually add them either in the battle pass or in a way of a free reward. We've seen them do that multiple times and actually have a soap operator skin that's available in the battle pass currently. It's not really the best one, not one that anyone really wanted, but it is available nonetheless, and there's also the potential that it could come in as some sort of event, which I personally think would make great sense for them to do as an anniversary if you guys recall the 20-year anniversary.

cod warzone event

We ended up getting the OG Cod for Captain Price operator skin as one of the rewards for that 20-year celebration, the daily login thing, and maybe this could be something that they could do this time around as well. There's also the fact that since they mentioned there were two of them coming in, maybe one of them could be the night version.

I believe this one's called the Nighthawk. This is definitely another fan favorite operator skin that people want to see as well, so if we don't get the Hawk version, maybe we can end up getting this version as a substitute, but they have been teasing it quite a couple of times now, ever since the official chance to get it during the faction Showdown event back in Modern Warfare 3, and they carried it over into MW3, when no one is supposed to have it, so it tells you that maybe it is scheduled to release sometime in Modern Warfare 3, and I just wanted to keep the discussion up because I definitely think that this could be a prime opportunity.

free rewards

Maybe during the season 3 update that they can release it, we've started to see a lot more free operators coming out, like the ghost condemned operator skin, the Safeguard, the Monster Energy skin, and the killshot operator. They started releasing a couple more free operators than usual with the nostalgic event of 4 years of war zone and especially with what happened to him over in the campaign.

I just can't see a better fit for them to add this as a free operator than right now for an event like this, and then on top of that, Mobile has randomly started giving out a soap variant operator. It's called the heatwave, and this is what he looks like, and they started giving him out in War Zone Mobile, and that one's only exclusive over there, but it is also a free reward.

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