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Season 3 start intro

Season 3 start intro

youtubers rebirth Island is finally back, and season 3 of the brand new War Zone is here, and today I'm bringing you guys the best settings for Rebirth Island for the brand new season of Ersan. Ranked Resurgence the whole n yards everything: the best graphic settings for visual Clarity FPS, the best controller settings for literal Aimbot.

I mean aim assist, the best audio settings, the best settings in the game, right here right now you guys have been asking and bringing you guys an updated article.

Best season 3 controller settings

To start off our settings, we're going to jump on board with the controller settings I do play on the controller. I was a mouse and keyboard player, and mouse and keyboard is so much fun, but I'm going to give it to you straight up; it's absolutely unfair because an assist is broken, especially when you use these settings.

best settings

I'm going to give it to you guys today, first and foremost. I do use an aim controller; you guys can use code Rod at anon controller. I crouch and go prone with my stick instead of a circle. Is there good sense in this war zone for movement and mobility? And we have been able to have insane aim jumping on board with our s multiplier.

We have these all at one vertical aim access standard all the way down IAL stance since multiplier. 0.70, aim response curve. This is a big one. A lot of people ask Ro what your aim-assistant settings are. I play on default with a dynamic aim-response curve. Basically, this is what's going to make your aim assist feel so sticky.

Some players are now switching to linear, in my opinion, especially those of you guys who aren't as skilled players. Do not go to linear; it's a lot harder. Aim assist isn't as sticky. You guys won't like it. Try these settings right here: dynamic aim response curve, default aim assist, and you will be shooting at absolute nukes going down the board.

best settings warzone 3

Continuing on with aiming settings, the sense multiplier Focus is 0.75. Ads sensitivity, transition timing instant, customs presume all this is doing is changing your 75. Right here and right here per the size of your scope just put it on 75 and leave this off Target aim assist, turn it on if you don't have this on you're limiting yourself it needs to be on whenever you do play controller it is broken a assist type default ads a assist on third person ads correction type assist motion sensing Behavior off jumping on board with our gam playay there are going to be some pretty important ones here so pay attention automatic Sprint I play on auto attack Sprint basically what that means is soon as I move my left stick, forward, that engages the Sprint that means I don't have to sit here and spam, my left stick to run fast saves your controller life of the stick and it makes your Mo your movement so much better slide main Sprint on auto move forward off tactical Sprint Behavior double tap ground and mantle off I have this turned off so I don't mantle.

Over all the little couches and chairs. Parachute automatic behavior. Off you break your legs turn this on sprinting door bash on ledge clown Behavior movement based aim down sight Behavior hold chain Zoom activation Sprint tactical Sprint Focus equipment Behavior hold weapon Mount activation would be ads plus melee weapon Mount exit delay medium tactical stance activation ads down button tactical stance behavior on toggle, interact reload Behavior a very important one prioritize interact what does that mean a lot of you guys ask ra how do you pick up things so fast this is the setting you need to turn on prioritize interact is going to allow you to tap to reload and interact.

Tap to interact. Hold to reload when they're available simultaneously. So if there are plates below you and you need to reload, you're going to tap Square to pick the plates up, hold Square to reload your gun, and put the setting on its insane armor plate behavior.

Best season 3 graphic settings

Best season 3 graphic settings

Vehicle camera Rec Center short delay camera initial position free look lean out activation , melee jumping on board with the best graphic settings for this article I'm going to give you guys the graphic settings that make your game still look great but give you the best frames for performance I do play on full screen exclusive you guys should as well for the most optimal performance on your machine.

I play on a 27-inch 360 HZ 1440p monitor; it's brand new; I love it; it's a new alien-wear OLED; it's an insane monitor; I love it again. I do play on a 360 HZ at 2K. Resolution i do have a 490 graphics card, and I play with an automatic aspect ratio this playay game I have this on 2.2. Srgb brightness, I play at 55.

best warzone 3 settings pc

I feel like this is the perfect balance to be able to see people in dark corners and not overly make your game too bright to where you can't see Nvidia reflex low latency off eco mode preset. Basically, turn this off. You don't want this to be on. This is going to limit your game. For like your power bill and put your console or your PC in economy mode so your energy consumption is lower I personally don't care about that I want the best performance turn it off run it up menu render resolution optimal, pause game rendering off focus mode 90 HDR, automatic jumping on board with our quality section we're going to play on the custom graphics preset cuz we are going to do these oursel these settings oursel we're going to play on 100% render resolution basically we're going to play on 2560.

By 1440p meaning we do play at 2K res Dynamic resolution off upscaling and sharpening. I have this on Fidelity FX Cass with a 90% stren or with a 90 cash strength setting path tracing Ray Construction off vram scale Target 50 vram readable rate shading off Nvidia dlss. Off leave these settings off they're ging texture resolution, normal this is going to play a big part in affecting your CPU and your memory texture F filter and isotropic.

modern warfare 3 best settings

I have this setting on low. This is going to affect your GPU the most. Turn the depth of field off. Turn this setting off if you don't want your screen to look blurry when you're editing. The detail quality level is low. The partial resolution is very low. If you choose to change these settings, it's going to affect your GPU.

The most, and it's going to very lightly affect your memory, are bullet impacts. You can have these on; I just turn them off for more FPS. It's really not that big of a deal. Persistent effects are awesome. This affects your memory on a medium scale. Shader quality low: this affects your GPU to a medium scale on demand texture streaming off local texture streaming quality low Shadow quality normal: I use this to be able to see people in dark corners.

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