News - Inside The Mind Of An Iridescent Player Warzone 2 Ranked Play


I'm playing some solo Q-Iridescent. I'm going to be talking through my decision-making process through the game as much as I possibly can. I'm playing solo Q here. I've got a frean stack on my team of some console players, and on the other team, I think there's a frean stack of PC players, so hopefully we can get a little one.

I don't normally actually go this way to the F at the start, but I'm just trying to hit a little flank off the start bit of pre gets the first kill two, kills. I know that guy's in there, so I'm just dropping back and keeping him. Control a little bit of an off-angle wait for someone to jump the time, then I shot out.

I have an itchy head, which is not ideal. I was stunned there. That's really a pain in the ass. We actually want a low size for this next hill, so at least for the second half of the Confing Stand, it doesn't look like spawns are going to flip the street because most people aren't going to check this building.


I should hopefully get one or two kills. The lead you see, they're starting to move up; that's one that's two pick-ups, one forcing him to come back first, done, got two, and now I can just stay here and the enemy team unless they spawn behind. I don't think they will or should have I just sat watching the stairs out and spotted myself, but on 20 seconds left, I'm going to rotate, um, going to follow Ultra here.

Check the midcut. Ah, nice big Kill by that bad, alive I'm hit with a deep pinch to the left. get into rugs. play a little cruddy angle in rugs While waiting for someone to come, I didn't see his bloody skin—the skin that you camouflaged in. They're getting like almost a full 60 off this, so that's not particularly ideal.

I need to have one more go breaking this hill; he's on the right. Map off-angle isn't the best, but my teammate's got my back cover, so how does he know I'm there? I would love to know the guy just pre-aims exactly where I was rather than checking mid-map strange right jump on this head to see if I can see anyone throw a down mid.

atlanta faze

Map did hit someone on the stun ni got the. Man, that's a thing you do forget when you're playing solo. If you forget, obviously, you know you get a kill; you can't just sneak around at the back of someone's mid-map somewhere and kill him. Get that blue control again and run into the window. I get Tramy; Teamate is getting traded out with 27 seconds left.

We're only 10 points down, and we do need to get this time to throw some maze down range. Check up, Blue. I don't see anything. Get the shots with my teammate. I think up top here to catch him up the hill called out a bit of a stair glitch. Nice don't if he spawns back gas still did nice now they should in theory I'm too of a cruise they should have was one gas or pal sorry but he definitely got a split spawn million per I just gave my position away there for no reason didn't even know I was there just really going to play for the screws missile now cuz we're only two kills.

bpl 8s server

There, I push down mid here because, yeah, one person might be watching mid, but it might just be a chance to get some lucky timing. I've been called out a million times, and two of them went past at the same time. That's unlucky 32 seconds I might hit an early rotation here, which is risky, but teams are getting kills on time, so I might actually be able to force them to spawn out.

You know, hopefully no one sat on As and D. I must have gotten called out. You must have seen me last second. We are going to be drawing on time again. I'll just write W down the left-hand side. They might get lucky. We might get lucky. Sorry, I just killed three of them. Yeah, we just got blessed with spawns.

Here, I will now call in my Cruis missile, and I'm going to try to curve it into the side 30 seconds down. We really need this time they've got split, Spawns big two piece there's one more a nice good trade good trade again. 27 seconds I think we just play for new here; if we don't play for new, we need to hope we don't get the time at the same time, so I will throw my at it.

bronze to iridescent

I think there's one godhead there, and he's got one shot. Man, double team—that's, I mean, you can tell how easily their people are communicating. I mean, obviously, my team is communicating, but you can like these guys' teamwork on the other team at some point. He's getting me weak, and he's just finished me off, not giving me like an easy gun fight to win might flip SW.

In this video, I do a live commentary during a solo queue game explaining my thought process and decision making throughout a game of Invasion Hardpoint.
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