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Mw3 season 3 update release date

Mw3 season 3 update release date

Mw3 season 3 new dlc weapons

Horus, I'm putting a screenshot of what it looks like on the screen right now for you guys. It honestly looks kind of like an MP7. SL MP9, like we had in the OG Modern Warfare 3, does have some patch notes on the submachine gun, so we have an idea of what this is going to feel like in the game before it actually drops.

Swarm replacement: I don't know about you guys, but honestly, I hope it is because we do need some god-tier SMGs that are going to be dominating, absolutely dominating, at those close ranges. Some additional information they have about this submachine gun is that versatility is the name of the game with this machine pistol SMG.

A favorite of those who like to pack a punch on the run, this is actually really, really good for me. This weapon has an incredible fire rate and class-leading mobility, and its handling helps mitigate recoil control. My, this is going to be a pretty interesting gun. I think a lot of us are going to keep running the WSB Swarm.

1.41 update mw3

Are you guys going to be running this, or are you guys going to stay running the WSB Swarm? I don't know about y'all, but I definitely am going to go ahead and give this SMG a try immediately. Now the next thing we're getting within the season 3 update is actually a sniper rifle, and it is a fan favorite from Advanced.

Warfare: I'm not too sure if a lot of you guys enjoyed Advanced Warfare for me personally. I actually did not like that game at all. I think that kind of started the downfall. Of course, overall enjoyment of Duty is still enjoyable, but everything that happened in advanced warfare drastically impacted it, like how the games play out today.

I don't think we have fully recovered from that, but this sniper was a blast, and I think it's going to be actually pretty effective here in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. Now that this is going to be available in the battle pass, man, we do not have to wait till the season reloaded update, which is a massive W.


This is going to be a weapon that has 19 levels. This single-load rail gun delivers a high-damage payload with excellent velocity and penetration, so it is a very interesting gun if you guys have not used it back in advanced warfare. This is actually going to be like a one-shot sniper, meaning that every time you shoot, you have to reload it, so I'm going to put a screenshot on the screen right now of what the Moors look like.

If you guys are confused, every time you shoot it, you're going to have to reload it, but the reload is not slow whatsoever. It's technically like a bolt-action weapon, but it's not. The speed of the reload is like a bolt-action weapon, so do not fear. If this is going to be something you have to sit back and camp with 24/7, now again it is a military-operated rail sniper, AKA.

Moors MOR is a one-shot beast offering high damage with exceptional handling distance. Handling distance is an afterthought with this long-range and accurate sniper rifle, which might be the perfect combination of accuracy and damage. The weapon has single-round devastation with a reasonable, rapid reload rate, like I said, so it's not going to be a weapon that you're going to have to sit back in the spawn and camp with 24/7.

Or if you're going to get it or if you don't, you're going to get destroyed; that's not how it was in advanced warfare, and from the game playay that I personally saw with this weapon, that's not how it is in Moder Warfare 3 multiplayer as well as War Zone, which again is going to be massive. I really enjoy the snipers in Modern Warfare 3 a lot more than I did in Modern Warfare 2, so personally.

I'm incredibly excited to go ahead and get my hands on this because I feel like all the snipers in this game are more or less the same. At least the bolt action snipers are very enjoyable to use, and they offer a very consistent one-hot kill potential, especially if you build the setup properly. A proper setup is good at literally all ranges, which is huge.

Mw3 season 3 new dlc maps

Mw3 season 3 new dlc maps

In my book, here within Moder Warfare 3 multiplayer as well as War Zone, we are also getting a melee weapon within the season 3 update, and that's going to be called The Gladiator. I'm going to put a screenshot on the screen right now of what this looks like. I like to go ahead and call these, you know, gimmick weapons; they're not really real DLC weapons, at least not in my personal opinion; they're just more of, you know, a gimmick and honestly an annoyance.

You know, if you ask me, but they have to bring this in just so they can have skins and, you know, fill a void for people who want to go ahead and melee, which is cool, but I think the majority of us care about ranged weapons and weapon balance, which is why I focus on that when I do make these update articles, if you have not already figured that out.

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Now we are also getting another weapon during the mid-season update for me personally. I honestly, well, actually, I'm not going to say that I was going to say I'd rather have this drop immediately, but it really wouldn't make sense for them to go ahead and drop this immediately. We are getting the B-27 assault rifle, which is going to be pretty much a remake weapon from Advanced Warfare, just like the Morse Sniper.

This is going to be a weapon that has 19 levels, and I'm going to put a screenshot of what this gun looks like on the screen right now for you guys to go ahead and take a look at. This is actually pretty badass because this is potentially a very good contender to take over the midrange assault rifle meta, meaning I believe it is going to start to outshine a lot of the MCW, as well as Hogre 556 users, a bull prototype weapon designed to increase fire rate over time while the trigger is squeezed.


The first four shots are slower to fire but highly accurate, so kind of like the HBR A3, actually no kind of like the reverse HBR A3, back in advanced warfare, so this is going to be firing like slow, and then it's going to get you know increasingly faster, meaning that you're going to be able to destroy you know at any and all ranges relatively easily.

I think this is going to be a massive W, and I'm really excited to go ahead and see how the bout of 27/7 is going to play out here in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. Top loading with a reasonable rapid ammo swap, this fast-firing future-proof assault rifle shreds at close ranges, has a moderate kick that drifts upward, so it is very easy to control recoil like the AK-47, offers great default reticles, so there's not going to be a need for an optic, just like there was no need for an optic in advanced warfare, and it comes with a 60-round magazine once you've leveled it up.

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