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bal-27 gameplay

YouTube is Legend; welcome back to another Modern Warfare 3 season 3 war zone mobile season 3. The War Zone 3 season 3 update information article is here on my channel.

Modern warfare 3 update 1.41 released!

Modern warfare 3 update 1.41 released!

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Mw3 season 3 mp content revealed!

In for some new content, finally here for season 3 with Modern Warfare 3 as a whole, we got a lot of content here on the road map. I'm a little disappointed about the B 27 coming out from Modern Warfare 3 season 3 Reloaded, but you guys can get it with the unlock all tool when it comes out.

So we got six multiplayer maps coming out, and we got an emergency: a six-star tank. So this one right here is a 6v6 map; it looks like a raid, but it's really not, and we also got six stars. Overgrown from Call of Duty 4: Do you guys remember this map? Do y'all remember this map from Call of Duty 4?

bal-27 mw3

It's here it's here; it looks just like it did back in Modern Warfare 3. We got another one called Tank. I think this one has to do with the zoo. Back in Black Ops 1, now for rank play, we're getting a lot of rewards and content that you guys can unlock if you guys play rank play. I don't play rank play, but you guys might, but let me tell you how much this update is It's about 21 GB, so it's a fairly large update, but let's go ahead and talk about that rank-play content coming from Modern Warfare 3.

And we do have some new vests coming. We got the Gunslinger vest. We got the modular, assault rig compression carrier-reinforced boots. High-gain antenna, so let me tell you what the Gunslinger vest does. It has the following benefits: apply to secondary weapons only refreshes stamina on kill and improves reload speed, while sprinting increases weapon swap speed by a minimum of 40%.

So this is insane, and you can spawn with maximum ammo as well. Another one here is modular assault, where you start with maximum reserve ammo, replenish lethals and tacticals from dead players, and for compression carriers, immediately regenerate health either by a kill or objective capture reduce effects from gas or grenade, and then for our new perk reinforc boots, you're immune to movement reduction effects, and High Gain Atenna is like UAV on steroids; we got new DLC weapons; we got the fjx.

Horus, we got the Gladiator and Melee weapons, and we can also go up to rank. 650 all the way to prestige 13.

Mw3 season 3 zombies content cancelled!

Mw3 season 3 zombies content cancelled!

I'm sorry, y'all, that episode 27 is not coming until season 3 Reloaded. I know you hype, and the more snipers coming out and all of my zombie players out there, y'all are disappointed again. We're not getting any content until season 3 Reloaded, probably by the time of May.

Warzone season 3 content revealed!

And Treyarch is working on round base for their Call of Duty game coming out in October of this year, Gulf War, so you guys got to understand that.

Warzone 3 rebirth island gameplay!

Okay, so now moving on with War Zone for season 3, we have Rebirth Island. Y'all favorite map is coming back. If you hate Rebirth Island and are not a true Call of Duty fan, you can click off my article right now and go watch a different one because I love Rebirth Island.

Warzone season 3 content revealed pt 2!

call of duty update

and I'm happy that it's coming back now when the unlock all tool is back and working for season 3. We have some new nuke skin rewards for season 3 that you guys can earn. You're looking at the screen right now, and I know you guys love that nuke skin outfit. Now there is a new war zone mode called boot camp, and it will have 20 players and 24 bots only available in quads.

And you can basically get a little bit of XP from this; it's basically teaching people how to play War Zone. Now there is a new field upgrade coming to War Zone 3 called Squad Rage, and if one of you or your teammates equips or has this, you guys are immune to the gas, and this is going to make it a lot easier for you guys to win.

So if you have this and you're around your squad, basically, it will give you infinite tactical sprints, increased health, and regeneration for the duration of the rage, and this will help you guys win your match a lot more, and the gas will not hurt you. That is the most important thing, so I know a lot of people are going to end up using this squad rage because it's going to be super-OP.

Now there's another thing I want to talk about, and this one's called the utility box. If you guys have the armor, boxes, and munitions combined into one, that makes war zones a lot easier. Okay, so now we have this biometric scanner, and it's basically a key card, and you guys can earn rewards and ammunition. I do want to talk about Reapir Island having daytime changes, which is also cool now that we have these LCD TVs on War Zone for Rebirth Island, and basically if you get these key cards, you guys will basically be on that TV screen, so I'm telling you now that is crazy and you guys want to get the unlock all tool.

Closing statements

Closing statements

You guys got a free trial from April 4th to April 8th. We have some new bundles coming out. I know you guys want these for your account, so when the tool is updated. I will make a article and an announcement, and you guys can come buy this and join my Discord for cheat C services because a lot of people charge a lot, so I'm trying to help you guys out.

Hopefully, you guys all enjoy season 3. I'll catch you guys on my next article. Happy season 3! My birthday's coming up on the 7th of April.

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