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Season 3 blackcell gameplay trailer

Season 3 blackcell gameplay trailer

And this is just everything being showcased; that's black cell. There are going to be standard battle pass versions of these skins, but right here they're just showing the black and gold versions, which they show as macarov, and they show fener, which is Tier 100. Throughout the trailer, they also showcase a bunch of different weapon blueprints.

The one that you see with blue on it is going to be for the bass B that you unlock automatically with the stasis operator. The rest of them are going to be ones that you'll be able to grind and are just spread out throughout the entire battle pass. They also showcase stasis, which is the main black cell operator skin, and then towards the end, they showcase a frag grenade blueprint that has a death effect, and it's like exploding.

All blackcell content & operator showcase

All blackcell content & operator showcase

I guess the black cell type is style, but now when you jump into the blog post, the very first thing that they showcase is the black cell, which says it is worth over $7, 000. Cod points You have Snoop Dog, the operator skin, which is on the left side, and then you have the BBY weapon blueprint called All the Glitters.

You get 1100, Cod points a battle pass, and 20 tiers skip the flash grenade skin with the death effect. There's a brand new finishing move called the double barrel disrespect finishing move. You have the 11 operator skins and six Tracer weapon blueprints with stasis in the center, and then as you go on, they showcase other photos and things like that, so they showcase a better photo of that BBY blueprint.

They said they animated all the Glitters. black cell weapon blueprint does have Tracer effects called async and death effects called dsync, then they showcase another photo of the black cell stasis operator skin pretty much posing and the different reactive effects that it has, so first it's starts off with a little bit of light; you can see some blue floating around; you can see a little bit of gold towards the face and the mask; and then in the second tier, you see a little bit more of that, especially towards the leg area; that's where it starts appearing even more in the arms and the shoulders.

And then the last one—I don't see much of a difference; it looks like it actually went away a little bit; the legs disappeared. But then the face looks a little bit different as well, so I guess these are the different reactive effects that you get anyways other than black cells.

All season 3 battle pass operators & blackcell variants

All season 3 battle pass operators & blackcell variants

They also start showcasing, so the very first operator skin so the very first operator is going to be Snoop Dog 2; he's going to be available in sped growth in the battle pass as an instant sector reward; the left side is going to be the standard version of Snoop Dogg; the right side is going to be the black cell version of him; it says smoke out the competition as the Dog Father himself returns as Snoop Dog 2 for his MW3.

Debuting in a black and blue tactical fit with shades and cornrows, the legendary rapper and media icon is ready to blaze the trail of destruction against foes high and low. The second operator is Marov, called the ominous skin. You also unlock this in the instant sector of the battle pass, and this is what the skin looks like on the left side.

cod season 3 battle pass

This is going to be the standard you get for $1100. You get that one. You get a black cell. You end up getting both of these versions, and it says that free and on the loose, the nefarious Vladimir Mao mixes his mark with the renewed operations, while yours extends to recent sightings of the ultranationalist on the remote Rebirth Island.

In this Dominus operator skin, Macrop retains his sharp style while remaining visible across a variety of combat situations. And then they talk about the rest of the instant sector of the battle pass, saying it also grants you a 10% battle pass boost for the whole breaker weapon blueprint for the BBY battle rifle and the tactical pet dog.

Operators finish a move featuring a brutal K9 takedown, and then they go over the rest of the battle pass operators. This one is called Akuma, and he's going to be a skin for Swagger available in Sector 2. The left side is going to be the standard version, and the right side will be blacksell. They mentioned that Swagger gets tactical, and Aviator Shades gets tattoos, slacks, and dress shoes combined with a sleek windbreaker and a flag jacket, and then the black cell version of that has the gold and the black, and then he has like a little golden glowing bandanna.

cod season 3 update

The next one that we have is going to be for Corsair. This is going to be an operator skin for Ripper available in Sector 5, and the description says that in this Frills military get-up. Ripper favors practicality and mobility while still retaining an unmatched style. The next operator skin we have is the Cardinal skin, which is going to be available in Sector 7.

This will be for Doc. As it says right here, gear up with a headband and camouflage cap over all weather gear and boots. The black cell version is a little bit different; it has a hoodie on rather than a golden scar for a golden mask like some of the other ones did. This one has a little bit of gold going on, but the majority of it is black.

The next one we have is called the scalpel skin, which will be for Riptide, and this is going to be available in Sector 10. The description says to conceal your identity with a scrim net while showing off full-sleeve tattoos with a tank-top flag jacket over digital camo pants. The next one is Banshee.

fenrir skin battle pass

This is going to be a new operator skin available in Sector 13. The right side really doesn't look too much different other than that really weird mask that they have going on with it, and then, yeah, because she's already dressed in all black, the red parts that they have, the little tiny red parts, are changed to gold, and yeah, it says the description is bans; she's ready to Le CX forces, with a headset and mic paired with a Coney group jacket, digital camo pants, and boots.

We then have the cask skin, which will be available for Corso in Sector 16. It says to deploy with a headset and balac clavo with discrete combat operations, coupled with the full-sleeve coning group jacket and black pants and boots, you then have sabur, which is going to be an operator skin for by line available in Sector 18.

hush operator mw3

I originally thought this was for Doabe, but it says right here by line that it prepares for technological. Warfare with a robot on her back goggles and a controller, along with the camouflage tactical gear. Now there's going to be two different tier 100 skins, and as you see here, it says the former farmhand thrust into the chaos of war, and then it says his name is Basher Shera.

FULL MW3 Season 3 Battle Pass Operators SHOWCASE! Battle Pass Tiers Operators - Modern Warfare 3.
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