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This is DK Dynamite for a breakdown of the season 3 week one challenges, which will end up unlocking players the new Jack Shadow Titan aftermarket part for the Breu and LMG. You'll get that unlocked by completing five of the challenges that we're about to talk about, but as a big reminder, today is the start of our third season.

There's been a lot of content to cover. I already posted two articles just a few hours ago. We obviously have the new patch notes. We have all of the battle pass tiers that will be linked. As our third season just came out, we ended up hitting a nasty shot. With more snipers, you might see that on COD top plays in the next few days or something, but.

New season 3 playlists

New season 3 playlists

There's also plenty of content going up on {701} for those that want some article coverage of multi-player War Zone and zombies, even War Zone Mobile, and ranked There's lots of stuff going on today.

We got the new loadouts, we got updates for the bundles, and quite a bit of exclusive information from the season 3 Creator call that happened as of yesterday, so be sure to check all that out if you guys want to read up a little bit more on what's going on with season 3. With that being said, hopping into Modern Warfare 3 here, we first have the following: patch notes patch notes the following playlist updates Excuse me, which just went live as of today.

It looks like Hordo mimic is dropping in 22 hours. I'm not sure why that's the case. I'm a little confused about that. That could have been a mistake. I'm pretty sure it is, but Grow House 247 is actually locked. Until a good six days from now, I think this is a mistake, but yeah, that opens in six days.

I guess that makes sense because the 420 event is going to start today, the flag is live today, as are emergency 247, six-star, 24/7, and two brand new 6v6 maps, which is pretty damn exciting, but heading over into the War Zone section in terms of our playlist that we have for the next week we're going to be looking at.

What looks like Battle Royale across all squad sizes in Ukhan? Resurgence all squad sizes for Rebirth Island, and then the new war zone boot camp mode is live for those that want to just jump into War Zone for the first time and play against some bots for limited XP, and plunder is also available for Zikan, but yeah, rank play has now moved into Rebirth Island.

Exclusion Zone: you'll no longer see ranked play support for fortune's sake.

Godzilla event delayed!

Godzilla event delayed!

But also has a quick f y i the Godzilla xcong. Battle for Hollow Earth event did get delayed until I believe this Friday it was supposed to go live as of today, but that might have been a typo in the recent season 3 blog post. I'm sure it'll go live and be active for around a week. If you run any of the four bundles, you get an XP boost, and there's some other cosmetics and unlocks that we're going to be covering in a separate article once we do learn more information about this crossover event, but jumping into our week one challenges.

All week 1 challenges

As you guys can see, this is the Jack Shadow Titan kit, which looks pretty damn cool for the bruan. obviously a pretty powerful and viable lmg inside of this game for multiplayer, as you can see get 35 operator Crouch kills while aiming down sights with recommended lmgs; 30 operator quick scope kills with recommended lmgs; 30 operator head shot with recommended lmgs; or complete eight reloads with a recommended lmg while taking damage.

modern warfare 3

You can also get 25 operator Tech dance kills with suppressed recommended lmgs. 30 operator quick scope kills with recommended SMGs, or get four operator kills with one mag three different times with recommended light machine guns moving into zombies. 750 kills with recommended light machine guns 300 kills with recommended LMGs using cryofreeze.

200 critical kills with a recommended lmg, or 30 special zombie kills with a recommended weapon. Then 300 kills with a recommended lmg while aiming down sights 300 kills with a recommended Pack-a-Punch assault rifle and 150 mercenary kills with a recommended weapon But lastly, for Battle Royale, thankfully, they've refreshed the war weekly challenges so you're able to play Rebirth.

You don't have to stand for these; it wants you to get kills in the Northeast. Northwest. Central, and Southwest regions of Reaper Island or in any war zone experience place in a top 10 seven different times open 75 boxes or revive a teammate 15 different times, but also, as a quick FYI, this is going to be week eight.

The reward if you complete five weekly challenges eight weeks in a row will end up being the Camel Unlock. For doing all that, obviously it's on a blueprint right now, but yeah, pretty cool-looking animated camo that we'll get right after the launch of season 3 Reloaded, which is going to be after May 1st, but yeah, that is the set of week one challenges for the new Jack Shadow Titan kit.

Fast / easy bruen amp unlock

Fast / easy bruen amp unlock

As far as the easiest challenges go when it comes to week number one, I'm going to first start with Battle Royale because we're all hopping on rebirth today.

I mean, these will get done. In no time, I'd say, place in the top 10 seven times. You could probably get those done pretty quickly, you know. Reviving a teammate I mean, yeah, if your teammates are next to you and to keep downing, that's an easy clap, and then if you guys are Reaper sweats, you could probably knock those out relatively quick, but yeah.

I'm going to add these to the track because we're probably all playing Reber today more so than multiplayer, but if you're a multiplayer, only one person is super easy to do on Hardcore 35 operator. Crouch kills that won't be that bad quick scope kills recommend lmgs; again, hardcore, I'd say that's pretty easy head shot.

H completes eight complete reloads with a recommended LMG while taking damage. That's what could be tricky. I'm not going to lie; that could be tricky. Four operators kill with one mag three times; that'll take a minute. TX Dan kills for sure with the recommended LMGs. Yeah, I think I picked some pretty straightforward ones, but all of these are straightforward.

Of course, if you guys are into zombies, they're doable, but can you do those faster than the ones inside of multiplayer battle royale? Probably not, hence why I picked the ones that I did, so if you look at the track challenges, I think you can get these done in a decent amount of time. You could probably swap out the loot-cast one if you guys don't play that much War Zone.

Maybe swap it in for another multiplayer one. Reviving teammates is, again, very simple. I'm not saying to have your teammate down himself with a frag grenade, but if that were to happen, you can get those revives done in a pretty short amount of time.

Quick fix & new armory unlocks

Quick fix & new armory unlocks

Now, ladies and gentlemen, we also have brand new armor unlocks as a part of week one for season 3. It is very important to go ahead and do that.

NEW MW3 Compact LMG Weapon UpdateUnlock JAK Shadow Titan - Season 3 Week 1 Challenges.
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