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We have taken the Modern Warfare Zombies season 2 solo Tombstone method and refined it once again. We have already made this glitch way faster as a community. I would argue that it's probably even better than the original Tombstone glitch for a few reasons, which I may talk about later. I'll make a separate article on that.

This is another tweak to it that makes it even more efficient and allows you to have unlimited Tombstone sodas that you can use whenever you need to duplicate items. Check it out now. If you have a buddy that can drop you tombstones, obviously that's going to be way faster. I jumped in with my friend Neon, another zombie creator, who is actually the one who had this idea.

We're also sharing them back and forth, showing what you can do with them, but you can do this method completely solo, so also join our Discord if you're ever looking for squads to play with that kind of thing. Description: Why did I find that funny? So we have a single tombstone, no weapon, and nothing else.

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Let's get this started. So, as always, you need the 2, 000 Essence to buy a new Tomb Stone so that you don't use this so you can actually duplicate them, so you're just going to look for a delivery cargo contract. I'm going to grab a quad nearby to be able to get there quicker. You can also always ask in chat if anyone has Essence.

If you can find somebody who already has Essence, even if it's not much, even 10–20,000, it'll speed up your process a lot. Also, be sure to check out my article on how to get and keep Max Essence in the newest season 2 update right up here CU your deliver cargo, contract. And contract complete done should get a self-revive from this cuz we're solo, heck yeah, and you can put the stuff in there if you want, but now we actually have a Tombstone Soda right next to it, which is great streamer luck, but there's also a Wonder Fizz there if you, if it's not close to you, can go to Tier 3 and grab it very convenient, yummy.

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Once you've drunk your tombstone and have it in your inventory, you're actually ready to set up a new tombstone. If you already have a tombstone like I do, you do need to go break that one first; otherwise, it'll mess up the tombstone. Glitch all right now you're to your Act 4 portal you've drank your tombstone and you have a tombstone in your inventory throw that Decoy Out start it jump in the water, whatever that was now you're going to let yourself drown in the water, until this air bar here goes down to the red then you're going to vote Yes, this caused you both to be eliminated through dying and going into the dark ether, so there's your red vote.

Yes, now that we've got the countdown, what's going to happen is that we're going to die, and then it's going to go into the dark, Ether, and then the dashboard on the black screen. Again, if you're on a PlayStation or Xbox, you want to close the app as soon as the portal shows, but on a PC, it's the black screen.

We've officially duplicated our first tombstone. We want to bring it back, but make sure you don't drink it. We're going to buy it one more time. Let me show you what I mean. So we're back. Find your delivery cargo. Go get $2,000 and buy a tombstone. Impress drink a tombstone. Yeah, all right.

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So now that we have drunk a tombstone that we bought and brought in the original tombstone that we had, we're going to drop that self-revive. We don't need an extra one. Throw a decoy to get them off our backs. So just pull that out of your tombstone. Now take your two tombstones that you can reset.

Okay, now take your two tombstones and the one you already drank, and go set up the glitch. Again, you that H, boom baby, there are now two Tombstone sodas ready to duplicate in your Tombstone, and you have two on you. You're going to bring both of those back in, but this time you're going to drink one, and we'll start to fly it back to your tombstone.

You can see we have two inside and two here. This is where it gets really fast because you no longer need to go find your own tombstones now, so drink one, yoink, and pull these two out. We're going from two sodas up to three sodas to set in our new Tombstone. The big thing with this new method of glitching is actually that I'll get to take these out and they'll set up, which means we have six next time, and the following time we have Max Tombstone sodas.

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Wait for that black screen, baby. Don't wait too soon. Soon, there it is. Yeah, so now instead of having two, we now have three in our bag, and we'll have three in our tombstone at the cemetery, so head back in and you're almost there. Max is all right, so now that you're here, you have the three in.

Let's drink one yummy drink, and then you're going to pull the rest out. Excuse me now keep in mind that we're taking five out, and there's going to be five in the tombstone next time, so you basically have unlimited tombstone sodas. Now come on, come on. Boom, there we go. So now you have five tombstones.

Head back in. Boom, five cans are already in here. We're going to drink. One got to drink that soda drink of that drink. That soda drink of that. I'm going to take all these and look at them. We now have nine tombstones, or sodas. Awesome! He's doing the glitch too. I love it. Remember, you'll, Die, and then black screen Nine Tombstone sodas and five golden armors are all right.

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So now that you have all nine Tombstone sodas, what you can do is bring one of them in, get rid of the rest back into your stash, and go back in. This allows you to go from nine Tombstone sodas in your Tombstone Bring one in so you're using one of those every time, so then that's 8 16 24 32, and then once you get 32 Tombstone sodas, that's 32 separate times you can duplicate eight items.

Now that's 256 items; that's more than you can store. easily, so now you have your tombstone that you brought in to drink, get the other one, and pull all nine of those. Out, And go to the Act 4 portal. Jump in and enjoy the water. So now you have your nine, so every single round you bring in a tombstone.

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Bring the nine—you've duplicated eight tombstones—back into your stash and do that three or four times. If you have more than enough tombstones for probably like a month to set up and duplicate items, then you don't have to worry about keeping tombstones in. You don't have to worry about keeping your tombstone; you don't have to worry about going and buying tombstones.

It just makes everything faster with about 20 minutes of prep work, okay? So once again, you've duplicated your eight total tombstones; put those back in, and then your stash begins to look more like this: Where you got 20 or 30 tombstones is just chilling now. Just go and pick up all the items you want to use for that mat.

FASTER Tombstone Duplication Glitch SOLO ITEM DUPE SEASON 2 MW3 Zombies NEW.
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