News - The Best Gun To Use Warzone 2 Zombies Still. Lockwood 680


So we've done a lot of testing here lately on some of the best known weapons to use here in Modern Warfare 3 zombies after season 2, but one of the weapons I haven't used in a long time has always been known to be the best weapon in the game, and I'm talking about the Lockwood. Not only have there been a bunch of brand new weapons introduced to the game, but there's also been a bunch of weapon adjustments, so let's hop into the game here and see if Lockwood is still the king of this mode.

I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today. I'm going to be coming in here with two other tools. We're going to be coming in here with an epic and also a legendary, and we're going to be coming in here with a P-3 Crystal just so we don't have to worry about running around and gathering up all that essence.

We're not going to use the legendary ether tool until later. I kind of want to show you guys how this thing is handling with just the Epic at first and making our stop here in the second tier zone. As you guys can see, we just shot that mangler, and it's just handled by these zombies like absolutely nothing.


This thing is absolutely amazing, but I had no doubts that he was going to handle this zone with no problems. As you guys can see here, we're about to just tap this disciple. But with tier two out of the way, let's go ahead on into tier three, and this is where I was starting to think maybe something might have changed because I ended up getting an hvt on this mimic, and for some reason this guy kind of refused to go down now.

I thought I remembered taking care of these things in like two or three shots before, and now it took me, I don't know, quite a few. Maybe it was just my aim, but I don't know. Next, I decided to fight this big ass horde of zombies down by the bridge here, and we had a disciple. Mega Abomination, and a bunch of other zombies that were running around, and this thing, even only with just the Epic still was handling these things with no problem the only issue that I was having was getting this damn Mega Abomination, to shoot me with his beam so I finally just decided to throw on that legendary ether tool and try to get this fight over with when you have this Lockwood fully upgraded, with you know like the level three p and with a legendary ether tool hell even with an epic it should only take you two shots directly in the mega Abomination.


Mouth to explode one of those heads. It's always nice if you have something like a roof or a nice little ledge or something that you can stand on to get this guy to actually shoot you with those beams, because when you're stuck on the ground and he's just constantly charging at you, it gets annoying.

After a while, hell, even when this guy isn't even shooting those things at you with this Lockwood, you're still doing plenty of damage as long as you're hitting him in the head or if you're getting him in that mouth that's glowing. We're finally able to get this guy dealt with, and he ended up dropping me a refined Crystal man.

I am telling you guys that these Mega Abominations have definitely been dropping better loot lately. If you want my honest opinion, I would honestly say that killing these Mega Abominations is probably the best way to be farming up those flawless and refined crystals. At least for me, those seem to be the most commonly dropped items in the loophole.


Now I decided to fight this next Mega Abomination, and he decided to bust some damn thing like Tony Hawk, move over my head, and see it right here in a second. I take this guy's head off, and I run down here into, like, the middle of this bowl, and he ends up jumping all the way over my head and onto the other side of the street.

I did want to throw in this next clip right here just to show you guys how important DEP perception is. Look, you can see these crates through the wall, and in this crate right here, I found every single thing that you guys would need to regain character. There's a three-plate vest in here, a large backpack, and a gold gas mask.


This is definitely a good pull. Next, we ended up at the weapon raid stash contract in, like, the middle of the Red Zone here, and all I had to do was sit up here on the ledge and constantly shoot the zombies that were coming towards me. All of them with ease no problem whatsoever, next we ended up getting an hvt, on a disciple, in this gas station here and he ended up throwing his head through the roof and wasn't able to do that critical, damage to him so I was just shooting him in the body here but this Lockwood was still doing a really good job at just chunking away his health once he eventually ran out and I was able to actually kill this guy he ended up dropping me a Sigil, so you know what that means we're going to be headed on into the dark ether boys and once I finally made my way down here there was a bunch of people that were hanging out right at the rift looks like there was their first time going in here cuz they had one of those Mega Abominations.

That spawned out of it. Sorry boys i have my own thing to do, but I'll help you out for two seconds while I wait for this thing. It is just a little bit sad to think that getting into the dark ether is like the most Easter eggy thing there is to do in Modern Warfare 3 zombies. I do have hopes that at some point down the line they will add in some sort of actual Easter egg, but you know we'll see coming in here to the dark ether.


I ended up doing things a little bit different on this run than what I usually do. I ended up trying to do the escort mission first, and no, I didn't have the VR11. Ultimately i ended up failing the escort mission, but I figured since I brought in enough of those turrets and mods and there's a bunch of those things along the way.

I just might be able to fend off the zombies with everything that I had, but yeah, unfortunately, we weren't able to make that happen, so maybe if I brought in something like an overabundance, an amount of monkey bombs, or just decoy grenades or something like that. I might have been able to make this happen, but unfortunately, we just didn't prepare for it like that.

After watching my ACV blow up and crushing my ego ever so slightly, I decided to go start these ether extractor contracts. Now. I'm sure that most of you guys know that when you're doing these ether extractors, it's really smart to bring in monkey bombs or those Kashmir grenades, so that way you can easily lure these guys away while you start these things.

Today we look at the Lockwood 680 in Modern Warfare Zombies. This gun has been known to be one of the best in the game, lets see if it still holds up. I appreciate all the support everyone! - Ghost.
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