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Top 5 best warzone conversion kit loadouts explained!

Top 5 best warzone conversion kit loadouts explained!

Ladies and gentlemen. Obviously, one of the new features that we have here within MW3 in War Zone is the conversion kits for weapons, which basically take them as a base weapon. You throw on the conversion kit, and it makes a whole new weapon that functions. It is almost entirely different in some cases from what the original weapon is; we sort of had this back in MW2.

For instance, the x13 auto kind of functioned as this; it just wasn't officially called a conversion. Kit, but now that we've got them this year and there's a lot of options for them. I wanted to break down five of them that stand out the most to me and are probably the most competitive.

Warzone best cor-45 conversion kit loadout

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As always, much love to everyone who takes the time to do so, and if you're new here or you simply have not subscribed yet, this is your one-stop shop for all things going on in COD news updates and meta breakdowns. But we're starting here first with the Core 45 and its conversion kit, which actually makes it probably one of the more unique weapons on the list here today and just in the game in general.

This essentially takes it from being a semi-auto sort of very spammable pistol into what's basically a two-round burst pistol in a really, really funky way, so if we go into our actual load out here, obviously we've got the IPV2. Conversion kit, and as you can see, this increases the fire rate, the velocity, and the idle sway.

Even though that's not fully translated to our detailed stats here, it increases the fire rate, the range, the velocity while hurting your headshot damage, your upper torso damage, and whatnot, but in reality, the burst function of this makes it so that it's crazy, crazy good close range and mid-range here, so obviously we've got the conversion kit on this load out.

modern warfare 3 best conversion kit

I go for the 30-round mag; you could even jump up to 40 if you really wanted to; it'll slow you down a little bit more, but that's more preference-based in all honesty. I don't love the iron sights here, especially with like The Recoil that the burst feature sort of adds to it, so I go for an ELO site with the MK3 reflector.

If there's a slate or a different optic you prefer more, always go for that, and make sure you're always comfortable with the optic that's in use. The DI laser gives me even better ads and sprinted fire stats there, so we're even snappier and even more aggressive. Then I go for the Sonic suppressor XS.

Suppressor here, which obviously is going to keep me off the radar it also extends the range and the velocity a little bit more as well adds in a little bit of control but that's not a huge deal just because we can manage it by how fast we're shooting it if we go into the firing range you can see, obviously if I shoot once here it's going to obviously shoot once when I press my trigger but then when I release the trigger, it shoots again so it basically becomes a two- round burst whenever you are tapping here which is a really unique feature, and in turn when you spam it up close you're going to end up being able to absolutely fry dummies now you'll see obviously the faster you spam it the more recoil it's going to end up having so it does become a little bit awkward there depending on your trigger finger and how fast you can shoot it but in super close-range, fights you know if you're pushing a building obviously distances that are closer than this will happen plenty in game if you playing Super aggressive. You're going to be able to Absol absolutely just smoke through enemies with this thing; it's pretty crazy.

Warzone best mcw conversion kit loadout

Warzone best mcw conversion kit loadout

Another really solid conversion kit is for the MCW assault rifle. This is basically the ACR, and conveniently enough, this, in my opinion, makes the MCW a lot more competitive outright.

Not only is the conversion kit itself really competitive, but the MCW as a base weapon is kind of mediocre. It's super easy to use, but its ttk is one of the worst in the game, so this makes it a much more aggressive snappier rifle, really more like an SMG AR hybrid meant for sort of sniper PT or more Rush heavy play styles, and it's actually really competitive in terms of its ttk; it's close to mid-range, which is super effective there, so obviously, on this setup, we've got the Jack Raven kit.


This is increasing the rate of fire, the close-range damage, and the mobility and handling, which we see translated here in the advanced stats, by a decent amount. I go for the 40-round mag, which is actually an aftermarket option here. You can either go for 40 or 20 if you're looking for a magazine attachment, and 40 obviously you're going to want for, you know, trios and quads or any larger squad-based engagements.

Again, not really huge on the iron sights here, so I go for the MK3 reflector, which is really good for close to mid-range fights and sniper support style builds. Nice and accurate there, and the MCW, as mentioned, is super easy to use, so instead of going for an underbarrel to help out with control.

I go all in on mobility with the Dr6 hands stop; it's not hurting my recoil at all, but I'm getting better ads. Sprint to fire base movement speed just makes this even more aggressive and SMG-like, and then just to stay off the radar, I'm using the shadow strike suppressor. I don't really want to use something that's going to slow down my ads or my sprint of fire in this case for the close range, so that's why I'm going to go with a spirit fire, maybe one of these other suppressors.

This just simply keeps me off the radar and keeps that nice and consistent, and as you'll see when we go into the firing range here, it's incredibly, incredibly easy to use, very low recoil, not really difficult at all, and it's still Snappy and it's still aggressive quick ads. Then you can just laser beam players; it's really, really easy to just basically shoot straight; that's the standard recoil pattern; they're not controlling it whatsoever; you go in and control it, and you're going to be as accurate as can be. The MCW is a very straightforward weapon, and considering close-range fights are obviously easier to shoot in as well and stay on target because the physical targets are bigger, this is a great sniper support build.

Warzone best pulemyot 762 conversion kit loadout

Warzone best pulemyot 762 conversion kit loadout

Now, arguably, the best conversion kit in the game is for the Pamat 762. This conversion kit turns this into a Bullpup LMG, which is really more like a rifle LMG hybrid, and it is utterly insane.

It makes this gun so much more aggressive while also having one of the best TTKs in the game, both in the mid-range and the long range as well. This is one of my favorite setups in the game that I'm constantly using. This is just a general, you know, setup that I want to run for standard gameplay, not even forcing a conversion kit into action here to test it out.

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