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New warzone season 3 meta updates explained

New warzone season 3 meta updates explained

Ladies and gentlemen. Obviously, War Zone season three ended up changing the meta around a decent bit. We had some long range changes and some close range changes, as well as the addition of a couple of new weapons, and so today I wanted to go through the entire season 3 meta update, break down the changes, and, of course, reorder everything that we've got when it comes to the general meta with our tier list that features every single weapon in the game.

New season 3 weapons ␓ are they meta?

So first and foremost, as mentioned, we've got some new weapons now live in game in the form of the Moris sniper and the FJX Horus. The Horus, as an SMG, is a little bit weak, unfortunately. It's not going to be anything too crazy; it does have really, really good movement speed, but ultimately, its damage is going to be a little bit lacking.

I will say it's probably a more competitive SMG than anything else. It's magazine capacity is kind of troubling with its fire rate being a bit faster; it's borderline for sure, but as of now. I say it's probably more competitive, close to the Rival, maybe some of the MW2. Subs versus top options that we already know of, like the HMR 9, for instance.

It's a one-hot sniper to me, which makes it pretty obvious right there with the stalker and the cat in terms of its ability to be an absolute meta weapon within its own play space and range, and what's cool about the Moors is that it can be a one-shot in a variety of different ways. If you want to go for an aggressive setup, it can be a one-shot head shot within its initial damage range. If you want to go for a slow, long-range sniper setup using the charge barrel and upping the ammo to like the slug or whatever the explosive, it can also one-shot over crazy long distances too, so it's a nice balance between the cat and the stalker where it can kind of do the best of both worlds.

All season 3 weapon changes explained ␓ all warzone meta updates

All season 3 weapon changes explained ␓ all warzone meta updates

Now we also saw a bunch of different weapon updates and different buffs and nerfs and whatnot, and I've got them all listed down over here on my handy dandy notebook or Word document, so if you see me looking over here, that's why, but now let's go through and take a look at all these weapon changes and how they affect the overall meta rankings here.

So first up, the Ram 7 got its close damage and its mid damage nerfed. It also got a max range Nerf as well, so its first damage range is going to be a little bit shorter now, and a head multiplier and neck multiplier Nerf as well as the ram. Across the board, it now becomes a little bit worse; over the long range, it was already kind of a peashooter.

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It wasn't doing crazy damage by any means; it's real. You know, the area where it thrived the most was close to mid-range, and that is significantly worse now, but it's still going to be in line with the BP 50 and some of the MW2. Subs that are actually capable of competing, and so on,. I'm not going to knock it down into competitive; it's still one of the better rifles, but it's not going to be the only viable option anymore, which is good now.


The DG 56 is listed as the 58 because that's what it was initially called in the game, but the DG 56 got a sprint to fire Nerf. That's not going to be a drastic change; it's still a competitive burst rifle. This is a bit of an interesting one, the Lochman 556. Actually got a Max damage buff so that's it's close range damage getting buffed and a near to Mid damage buff along ons side a neck upper torso, and then arm and hands multiplier buff as well so the ttk, on the lockman 556 is going to be looking better however this is a rifle that is really meant to be mid to long range base not so much close to mid-range so with that said that's a change that doesn't really bring this out of competitive despite it being a lot better for maybe it's some resurgent style gameplay, it's still lacking where a lot of these other rifles are going to thrive over you know 30 40 50 60 M but it's nice to see that it is on the you know climb up a little bit rather than just being kind of obsolete now right alongside that the M13 C actually got a max range buff but quite frankly this is one that really is right there with the Chimera and the FR advancer, in terms of a viable sniper support with a decently fast ttk.


In the close to mid-range that was probably a bit of an overdue bump up into the more top tier area I know you're looking at this and saying MW2 guns in top tier but statistically speaking, they can hold their own relatively well as sniper support and some mid-range rifles also nice to see the advancer got even better with arm and hands multiplier Buffs so that's now even more efficient you love to see that also the Razer back it ended up getting a Max damage buff other than also an arm and hands multiplier, buff as well so that becomes a little bit more competitive and quite frankly I could see this being in the top tier area as well just mixing it in with the advance or with the M13 C the Chimera you pick and choose any of these if you're looking for MW2, sniper support and all of these actually would work really efficiently, now the bass B kind of got some strange updates here on the outlaw 277, kit they nerfed the damage but buffed the speed of it so that's kind of strange but then on the actual base bass B the normal battle rifle, they ended up nerfing the rate of fire and the recoil reentering.

So that becomes even more difficult to be a little bit more awkward, and with that. I think it does end up dropping down into more of the competitive category here, like The Sidewinder is an option that I might be taking over now in terms of ttk and general usability and viability. There are interesting changes, for sure, and also a bit of a bummer with the MTZ 762.

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We saw this nerfed back in season 2, and they actually nerfed it more with its close and its mid damage, receiving Nerfs with season 3, so that becomes even more difficult to do well with. It still has a decently fast ttk, but now it's worse than it was before, and it's got super limited ammo, so that's just not a great combination.

Now the SSOA subverter did see some changes, although they weren't super impactful. I would say they nerfed its max range by a couple of meters, which isn't a huge deal for its close range, but then they nerfed the Sprint of Fire and the ads. Now that there weren't, they weren't great to be with.

It was kind of a slow battle rifle, but its damage is still absolutely crazy. It's one of the best TTK options in the game, so it's still an absolute meta. It's just a little bit slower now, so that's not really a huge deal for a rifle based around mid- to long-range gameplay. Now that I've mentioned the sidewinder, they did end up buffing its sprint of fire speeds and its velocity, so it becomes even better.

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