News - Warzone: New Best Off-meta Loadouts To Use. Warzone 3 Most Underrated Weapons

Best off-meta loadouts & weapons in warzone right now!

Best off-meta loadouts & weapons in warzone right now!

We obviously cover plenty of the absolute best within the meta in the war zone, whether it be the top rifles or the top SMGs, long-range metas, close-range metas, and everything in between. But there are also several off-meta weapons that are a bit more underrated or slept on that actually are relatively good, all things considered, so if you're looking to maybe just change up your loadouts, try out something new, and see if you find a new weapon that you actually really enjoy the feel of today.

Warzone best carrack .300 loadout

modern warfare 3

I got you covered with five of the absolute best off meta loadouts to use so for instance our first weapon here is actually the Carrick 300 from Modern Warfare 2 we've had several different sort of semi-auto meta weapons, have a decent amount of time in the spotlight so far this year obviously the most broken being the Interceptor but the MCW 6.8 has been up there the enforcer's been talked about some we've had various different battle rifles or Marksman in semi-auto be pretty dominant in war zone in the past and the Carrick by default it's a sniper similar to like maybe the signal but with this if you build it to be more of like a marksman style weapon a battle rifle style weapon and not as much of a sniper it actually performs, incredibly well when you compare it versus, those other semi-auto Marksman style weapons right so unfortunately.

Being that it is an MW2, Gun, you're somewhat limited in the actual usable attachments. First up, though, I do go for the spirit fire suppressor. This will help out that range velocity in control a little bit when you are spamming. The range and velocity benefits are huge here. I wish I could get more aiming idle sway or firing aim stability out of this, but unfortunately, with MW2 guns, that's just not something we see a ton of; in fact, a lot of attachments actually kind of take away from it, which kind of sucks, but I am going for the heavy tack.


Barrel here also extends that range of velocity and controls out a decent amount; it does end up hurting that Idol sway a little bit, so that is something to take note of here. I go for the 15-round mag. If we're using this as a Marksman-style weapon, we obviously want to have as much ammo as we can before we have to reload, so of course, with 15 being the maximum, that's our go-to choice.

25, time Eagle eye optics work great for the mid- to long range, then I go for the Palm rear grip, which helps out with aiming idle sway. That's mainly why I'm going for this; it does kind of kill your traffic and your ads. Speed Triple negatives there equate to about 7% and 12%, respectively, so it's not awful, but it is going to slow you down a little bit, but it also makes the weapon a lot more predictable and easy to use, and when we jump into the firing range here, you can see like we would an interceptor, just like we would an interceptor just tapping at range, like it actually is something that doesn't have too much visual kick, it has a decent fire rate, nothing crazy, but also not awful, it actually holds its own surprisingly, well, and definitely is a slep down weapon next.

Warzone 3 best vaznev 9k loadout

Warzone 3 best vaznev 9k loadout

Up here, I've actually got the virus. Now, for the most part, the vast majority of MW2. Subs just can't compete with MW3. Subs, that's just how it is, but the Vasnev is by far, in my opinion, the MW2 sub that stands out the most and is the closest to competing with the MW3. Subs it's not right up there with say the amr9, being so crazy or you know the HMR is insane mobility in ttk stats but it's close enough that if you wanted to use a different sub the vaset would be your best choice that's non MW3.

For sure, it actually has some decent mobility stats. It's pretty easy to use, all things considered. Initially, here I am going for the true Tac rear grip; this does speed it up even more with the ads, and the Sprint to fire here 45, round cinam mag is pretty basic; it's also the only option we have for this one.

I do go for the Dr6 hand stop, which also speeds it up even more with the ads. Sprint to fire general movement strafe speeds; on there as well, the cast one barrel extends that damage range out to about 11 M, which is pretty solid for an SMG. Definitely not the best in class but far from being the worst in class either helps out somewhat the vlo so like if you're in the mid-range it could also hold its own a little bit there too then I go for the Sonic suppressor just extends that range out even more, initially if you don't run a barrel or a suppressor on or a muszle really on this thing the damage range is not all that great so if we're able to extend that almost to 12 MERS it's actually pretty solid, and this does get the job done nicely for an MW2.

SMG, for sure, and like I said, pretty easy to use all things considered, can hold its own in the mid-range. Obviously, it's a sub; we're not going too far out, but decent mobility, pretty easy to use, and for an MW2.

Warzone best stb 556 loadout

Warzone best stb 556 loadout

SMG, it's surprisingly , nice by the ways we are breaking down all the off-meta weapons here today. Whether it is news updates, patch notes, or meta breakdowns. In terms of its ttk over range, it's right there with a lot of the Best in Class. It's relatively easy to use. It does have a little bit of a limited magazine capacity here, but for the most part, it's actually a really solid, aggressive mid- to long-range rifle, even though it's not a full-on MW3 gun.

Luckily, for the most part, we can use the MW3 attack M, so for mid- to long-range, of course, I'm going for the 2.5-time Eagle ey optic 42 round mag here. As I mentioned, it's the max and it's got a decent fire rate, so like the damage per mag here, it's kind of not great if I'm being honest with you; it's doable, but it's certainly not as convenient as some other options at the top of the meta right.

We do go for bruan heavy support here, so clutch with the firing aim stability and the aiming Idol sway that most MW2, guns just can't benefit from, plus we get better horizontal control on there as well, just making the gun more predictable across the board. We do use the rear guard. This kind of takes away from the aiming Idol sway, unfortunately, but for a mid- to long-range build, we want to be using a barrel that extends that damage range in some way, and then I go for the spirit fire suppressor yet again range velocity control benefits on there.

Overall, like I said, this thing is surprising. It's capable of competing with some of the best MW3 and MW2 mid- to long-range options here, and it's super low recoil, so of course that's going to be super convenient for any type of fight you're getting into. This is a weapon I could see being really effective on, like rebirth when that returns, for instance, especially as an aggressive mid- to early-long range option.

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