News - Warzone: This Is Completely Changing The Best Meta Loadouts. Top 5 Best Tac Stance Loadouts To Use

Warzone best tac-stance loadouts to use!

Warzone best tac-stance loadouts to use!

ladies and gentlemen. A mechanic that seems to be sort of rising in popularity right now within War Zone is the TA stance, sort of this hybrid ad and hipfire movement upgrade that we got this year with MW3. And it's becoming more and more effective here in the war zone, particularly for close-range-based movement builds, and so with that, today I wanted to break down five of the best stance-based loadouts in the game right now.

Warzone best ram-9 tac stance loadout

best tac stance build 3

all of these are very fun they're very Niche though because obviously your accuracy is not going to be as good as when you're aiming down sights but your movement's going to be a lot better there so it's got those interesting tradeoffs here and all these weapons are really based around close range exclusively, you're not going to be tack dancing at 40 50 60 M but first up here we've got the ram 9 and really these setups are nowhere near all these other meta setups that we talk about for these guns while the ram is still a top SMG for normal style gameplay the setup here is entirely based on maximizing your tack stance essentially so initially here this is an attachment you're going to see on pretty much every build today it's the Bastion angled, grip this helps out as you can see in the pros with tack stance spread also helps out with some general stability and whatnot which is cool too but really A 42%.

An increase in that tack stand spread is a huge buff, so that's obviously clutch for building out something based around tack stance. I also go for the PEC beam 5 laser. In this case, it's bright; you're going to be able to see it, but it also gives you a 30% increase in tack stand accuracy, so this thing's going to kind of be a laser.

The 50-run accent mag is pretty basic here. You want the accent mags on these builds because, like I said, you will miss a few more shots here because it is still like hybrid hip fire at the same time. I've got the motion tack pad stock on here again, helping out with mobility, and that tack stance spread then, lastly, just behind the face cam.

I've got the demo flack comb. This thing does hurt your sprint to fire and sway, but it gives you a ton of attack stance spread, so you add all five of these attachments on here, and if you want that screenshot with no face cam by all means, feel free to snap that, but you add all five of these on here.

This thing is incredibly agile and accurate in its tack-stance movements. It is very fun to use now.

Warzone 3 best haymaker tac stance loadout

Warzone 3 best haymaker tac stance loadout

Another strong option for tack stance is going to be the Haymaker shotgun. It's seen some Nerfs over time, but in close range it can still be very lethal, and as a shotgun in a tack stance, it really does thrive here. I like this as opposed to, like, some, you know, pump action shotguns or whatnot, just because you can spam this and still be super agile in TX stance combined.

So initially, here I've got the crown breaker choke, not just because it's going to help out with that tack stance spread but also the general shotgun spread. On there as well, we've got the Verdant Hook Boox Laser, which helps out attack stance spread a decent amount with the Advan stats. Bastion angled his grip yet again.

As I was saying, this is going to be on pretty much every single build here today. The 20-round drums are the max here. It just allows you to spray and prey for days, so why not here the more of the marrier? And lastly, just for some better movement across the board, I do go for the no-stock mod.

It does help out a bit with tack stance spread, but of course it's also helping out a sprint to fire your general movement speed, strafe speed, everything like that, so that's going to be pretty clutch and speeding you up, keeping you aggressive, and then also giving you the best T stance accuracy possible if you can count how many times I've said T stance in this article by the time it ends. I'll send my carrier pigeon to you with a cookie, perhaps, and.

Warzone best bp50 tac stance loadout

Warzone best bp50 tac stance loadout

Next up, here This is probably my favorite tack dance weapon at the moment: the BP50. It goes crazy. In close range, the BP50 is already a really aggressive rifle. You add a tack stance to it, and it is such a unique play style and such a unique build, but it's also so effective and efficient at the same time.

So, initially, here we've got that Bastion angled grip; no change there. I've got the hip shot L20 laser, in this case, doing a lot for that tack stand spread of course 45 runic cin a MAG. Your max here is pretty basic. I go for the ccg, the tack tape, which obviously helps out with tack stance spread, and then I go for the padded stock.

Here is just some mobility-based stuff to make the weapon still snappy and aggressive. Nothing else here is going to be helping out that tack stand spread, so we just go for that, and it works very efficiently. I really like this build, like I said, so different from our normal BP50 build but really good just in its own unique way following that.

Warzone 3 best striker tac stance loadout

Warzone 3 best striker tac stance loadout

I've got the base striker, or the striker 45. This thing is snappy and aggressive as an SMG already, and this build just makes it fly, especially when you're in that tack stance with the movement.

Is beautiful it's so much fun to use a surprise. We've got the bastion to go the grip on there yet again. I also go for the hip-shot L20 laser in this case, too. Same deal as before; a 48-round accend mag works here. The 60-round Acend mag would also work here. If you want to go for just the Max you know capacity option there in case you are missing some shots there with that RNG or that sort of Bloom that's involved with stance, that's a nice little safety net.

No stock here doing a decent amount for your tax stance spread, but also just a lot of mobility across the board so it keeps it nice and snappy, and lastly, we go for the basic attack grip, which helps out a decent amount with that attack stance spread, so definitely optimized for this type of engagement, and it works really well.

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