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New warzone best ttk loaoduts after update!

New warzone best ttk loaoduts after update!

ladies and gentlemen. We've seen various different meta updates drop over the past couple of weeks, including the major season pre-1, and within that, some of the top TTK options and the best time to kill options in the game have changed around a little bit, and honestly, there's a handful of pretty surprising picks now if you're purely going for the best time to kill now.

That said, keep in mind that this doesn't always mean it's the number one gun in the game, just because it does have the fastest TT K. A lot of these guns do have certain drawbacks that balance them out nicely, but if you're purely focused on that time to kill stat alone, these five options are some of the best in the game, and of course we're breaking them all down here today , starting first with the rap H lmg from MW2.

Warzone best ttk rapp h loadout

best ttk loadout

Shout out to Tony as always, but we've talked about the rap a lot even prior to season 3; this was a Top ttk Choice, and it actually got better here with season 3 right now at about 57 M, really good long range distance there is an 893, millisecond ttk, which is better than every other lmg in the category, and several other longrange weapons at the same time.

It's really slow; like I got to say, the mobility here stinks, the reload stinks, the ads stink, but it's easy to use, super simple control, decent velocity, and obviously its power is inane. So here I am going for the cast-sprak compensator. It makes this recoil pattern a lot more predictable by attacking the horizontal control and giving us some better firing aim stability, ruining a heavy support pretty standard mainstay for mid- to long-range guns.

Better horizontal control and gun kick, but also better firing aim stability and idle sway, especially on an MW2, are very important to make it easy to use. I do go for the high-grain rounds as well; they extend out that velocity and that range, getting up to 966. Vo, that's great for any long-range engagement there.

That's totally sufficient for that pretty fast fire rate, which means you're going to reload a lot. I prefer to reload less because it's so slow, so I just go for the basic 100-round extended mag and then also the 2.5-times Eagle ey optic on here, and quite frankly, it works out nicely because all the barrels on this gun suck because they kill your sway, so do the stocks, and so do the rear grips, so you're pretty much forced into your specific set of attachments here, and it's a setup that works really well.

Warzone 3 fastest ttk taq-v loadout

Warzone 3 fastest ttk taq-v loadout

Next up, we've actually got the TAC V, another MW2 gun, but it's super important to note that the TAC V's best ttk actually comes when you throw this into single-fire or semi-auto mode. So much higher skill Gap weapon because it does require to spam the trigger fast and maintain accuracy on a target, which not every player can do, but if you can do it well and you can do it consistently, at about 40 m prime sort of mid-range heading into the long range and 842, millisecond ttk.

Also significantly better than the vast majority of options in that specific area again, though the high skill Gap might deter some players, but for a general good semi-auto setup here. I am going to start with the spirit fire suppressor. If you wanted to jump up to a compensator, like Cassis break or some other options here, you could do that as well, but I prefer getting the better range, the better V here.


It also adds in some control too, and of course it's keeping you off the radar, which is always nice to see. Heavy support here is important for a couple of reasons because we're in semi-auto. Firing aim stability and idle means the reentering is better; it's going to be more consistent, as you're spamming it, but also as you are spamming it.

The recoil becomes worse and worse the faster you can shoot it, so getting in better control is obviously going to be clutch at the same time. I don't want to have to worry about Ammo, so I just simply upgraded to the 50 rounding cinam mag. There is pretty much the same deal with the 2.5-time Eagle ey optic if there is a different scope that you prefer more.

Always run what you are most comfortable with there, and then lastly, I actually go for the brute stock because this is going to help out with idle sway. A lot of other attachments are going to hurt that, but there is also some decent control. It's something, and it's something, and it will ultimately make the gun a bit easier to use over those mid- to long-range engagements. But yeah, kind of a surprise pick here, but the tacv, semi-auto, is pretty nasty if you're a good semi-auto player.

Warzone best ttk cor-45 loadout

Warzone best ttk cor-45 loadout

A quick reminder, by the way, as we are going through all the loadouts and weapons here today, if you're new to the channel, this is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about Call of Duty.

Whether it is full-on loadouts and meta breakdowns, the latest news, updates, and patch notes. It does really help the channel grow, and it's always really appreciated. Now we've obviously talked about the core 45 a bit over the past couple of weeks. Even before season 3, this was a really good ttk option, but using the core 45 with the conversion kit that gives it a binary trigger means you could potentially, in theory, have a crazy ttk K as well.


It's 17 M, so prime close range is a 629. Millisecond ttk which is better than SMGs, better than other close range options? Again, it's a little bit more difficult to use; it requires you to spam the trigger and stay on target, as well as spam that trigger at a really fast rate of fire consistently, which again not everyone can do, but if you can get those little bursts of doing that, you're going to be able to knock players, crazy, quick up close right.

So the most important part of this setup is going to be this conversion kit that gives you basically a two-round burst in that binary trigger. You might as well go for the max extended mag here with that 40-round drum, so we're rocking that. I like the Sonic suppressor here because it does extend that better damage range out a little bit more, and the velocity if you're in some of the mid-range just makes it a tad bit more reliable, and it again keeps you off the radar.

I find myself to be way better with this gun when I've got an optic on here. The iron sights are all right, but the faster you're spamming, the more noisy it's going to get, so I like using an ELO sight to keep me accurate, and then lastly, the dynamic precision stock just for some better control across the board makes it a lot easier to use as you are spamming it, so again, a slightly higher difficulty weapon, but man does it.

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