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Ladies and gentlemen. Loadouts are everything going on in Cotage right here, so feel free to hit that sub button and turn on those post notifications. So what we're focusing on here is kind of a combination of two different movement mechanics. The first one's going to be your automatic sprint, whether you're using basic automatic sprint or automatic tax sprint, and then also your slide and dive.

Behavior is now newly updated with Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone. With the integration this year, there are various new options for your slide and dive behavior. For instance, for me, it's my thumb stick. I would tap that once and I'd do my slide or back in War Zone 2, obviously because sliding was basically useless; it was tap to dive, and then in that case it's the inverse for the other mechanic.

I'd be holding my thumb stick in to then slide or tap to slide, and I'd be holding it to dive. Now this year we've got slide only, which gives you the option to only ever slide; you are not supposed to be able to dive whatsoever. Then there is the inverse of diving, where you never slide, and I wouldn't recommend ever using that because, obviously, slide cancellation this year is the more favorable movement, whereas diving is more so, like meant for evasive purposes or momentum-gaining purposes when like pulling your parachute and whatnot.

best movement settings mw3

But slide only has been what I've been using for some time, and there is a specific reason behind this that's actually been broken down in detail, so a big shout out to the homie jod, obviously super good when it comes to specific in-game detailed stats. He's always testing very detailed stuff there, and he recently did like a full breakdown of movement within MW3 in War Zone.

He really went in-depth on a lot of mechanics there, and within his testing, he was going through the various different slide and dive behaviors and discovering responsiveness. Between our two main settings that You' want to be focusing on for war zone and MW3, which are obviously sliding, slide only, and tap to slide, would be the two ones that you'd be looking at there, and he found that with slide only responsiveness, to actually trigger your slide or your slide cancel when pressing it on whatever your slide button is for the sake of this article, it's my thumbstick again; it's a 100 millisecond response to actually slide, so it does make sliding more responsive.

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Now, if you have to tap to slide and hold to dive, it basically delays your slide animation by 100 milliseconds; it's 200 milliseconds, responsiveness, so you actually have an input delay when using tap to slide, which is why so many players are using slide only because you want that. Snappy that quick slide cancel option you don't want to have that wonky input delay or the chance of messing that up and that ruining your movement you get more dead slides with tap to slide you get more you know momentum, stopping, situations with tap to slide on which is why so many people have gone for slide only obviously though the problem with this is that as it says in game it's supposed to completely disable your dive which in certain situations.


Can be catastrophic, if you're trying to gain momentum to jump off a roof and get your parachute and you have you know a further distance there and you can't dive to get that kind of sucks if you're trying to evade bullets and you need a dive you can't do that kind of sucks if you're trying to like dive into water for instance you can't do that it kind of sucks but there's a workaround behind this that is now 100% guaranteed, so we're going to go ahead and load on into a private match here really quick and as we do so obviously a big complaint this here with the slide only mechanic is that there is actually a bug in game where you're not just sliding only you do actually dolphin dive even though you have slide only set as an input which a lot of players have been very vocal hey why is this bug in the game why is this glitch in the game where I'm still diving in situations.


Where I have slide only on and that's been a hindrance to gameplay, well that's largely because players, didn't know what they were doing that was causing this random dive mechanic to actually happen in game but now that we've had the game accessible to us for some time players have figured out I'm not sure who the first one was but credit to whoever that was players have actually figured out what exactly is going on now that is causing this random, dive mechanic so as you can see in game I'm running around I've got my controller I have Auto tax SP on so I only have to press forward on my left stick to get my tack Sprint going and obviously I have tap to slide so whenever I just tap my right stick once I do my slide and I can quickly slide cancel, throughout that nice and easy right now here's the thing you'll notice that when I'm sliding only even if I were to hold my right thumb stick in I still just get a longer slide right well how about this what if I go ahead.

And I randomly dolphin dive now; that's a situation where players are, let's say, mid-gunfighting. You know you're fighting; you're trying to slide up to them, but then suddenly you're randomly pushing, and then you dive, and this takes away your ability to shoot. Now that you're prone on the ground, it leaves you vulnerable to the fact that enemy players don't want that happening.


Well, here's the situation that is now causing it. And your slide button at the same time—that's what's going to cause this dive, so if I press forward on both of them. I then dive after about that same delay that would happen if I had, you know, tapped to slide on instead of slide only now. I know how I can use this mechanic to my advantage in fights if I'm trying to, you know, jump off a ledge because I want momentum.

Obviously, it won't work here multiplayer because of the lack of parachutes, but if I wanted to jump off this and gain momentum. I know I could do that nice and easy and get my parachute to pull off of a roof, or if I needed to, you know, escape an enemy here and I need to quickly dive around a corner.

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I know that I can quickly do this now slide whenever I need to, but then start, and I'll get that dive going. It's something that's going to take a lot of muscle memory because if you're in the middle of slide canceling and then you're trying to do that, you really have to basically stop your momentum to then start it again, but it's now a mechanic that you can control.

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