News - Warzone: All Surprise Weapon Update Patch Notes. New Gameplay Updates & Weapon Changes. Warzone 2 Update

Surprise weapon updates & patch notes for warzone & modern warfare 3

Surprise weapon updates & patch notes for warzone & modern warfare 3

Today is the usual update day for War Zone in Modern Warfare 3, but in addition to just the standard updates that we're going to see every single Wednesday, you know the playlist updates, we've got new weekly challenges. Today we also got some brand new patch notes, some surprise meta updates, and weapon changes, and so today we're going through everything you need to know about the brand new patch notes, starting with.

Modern warfare 3 new update patch notes explained

first on the multiplayer and zombie side of things, then we'll jump over to the war zone side as well, which has some unique things going on there as we go through all the notes here today. Patch notes and meta-breakdowns It's all right here, so feel free to hit that sub button and turn on those post notifications.

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Drop a like on it; it's always really appreciated, but diving right in on Wednesday. March 13th, update here General Global updates to the supplies to War Zone and Zombies 2 added missing visual effects to the muzzle of the lamant black cell blueprint, so just a small visual thing there for multiplayer.

UI, and ux. Bug fixes improved performance while scrolling in the calling cards menu. Is that a thing where you just get like 30 FPS on the calling cards menu? I've never been there in multiplayer. Track Prestige challenges will no longer disappear from the calling card menu. Seasonal content in offline mode will now match the available content in online mode.

Saving a custom mod in the gunsmith will no longer remove certain camos. All right, this is a big one. Let's see if it actually works this time because this is now the second time they've gone through and fully updated it so that you don't end up losing your Borealis, your Interstellar, your Priceless, or your Mastery camos.

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You haven't been able to save on blueprints for like a month or so now. Let's hope it is actually fully fixed this time. The progression-gilded mastery challenge for the SOA subverter now displays the correct requirements. I've seen a lot of questions: Hey, why can't I get you to know gold or gilded on the SOA subverter?

What's going on here that should be fully updated? The priceless camo for the subverter is now also properly tracked, so you can go through and unlock that. For map skidrow and hardpoint, additional spawn points were added to decrease the probability of an unfavorable flip. One of the many factors in spawn selection is to avoid a spawn trap when a player dies soon after respawning; that spawn point is temporarily deprioritized.

If there are not enough safe spawn points available, a spawn flip is likely to occur by adding additional spawn points. The system has more safe options available, so that should be good for hardpoint on skidrows in private matches. Increase the maximum number of bot counts from 12 to 24; that's solid weapons and attachments.

the hoger 556 Ascent Lord Stock, one of the common mainstays on our meta Loadout revived attachment descriptions This heavy stock provides better accuracy and recoil control. F556, the Sprinter, and the Recon Pad stocks replace Sprint speed and Tack Sprint speed in the list of pros to align with the true statistics.

On the Rival 9 break muzzle, replace the duplicate Jack BFB with the correct name and description. Shotguns on the Haymaker increase the hip fire spread, and the tack stand spread on the Longbow Jack Tyrant crate removes the 30% hip fire spread benefits, increasing the aim down sight time from 390 milliseconds to 470 milliseconds, as well as MW3, ranked play content restrictions, and attachment options. The Jack glassless optic is now going to be restricted for that, which is a bummer because that's a great optic.

Modern warfare zombies update patch notes

Modern warfare zombies update patch notes

In Zombies here in gameplay, updates address an issue that prevented the Elder sigils from dropping in the season 2 dark ether Rift if players had not completed season one. Dark ether Rift addresses an issue that would knock back containment levels by one tier when exfilling from dark ether Rifts.

Another big one is that they addressed an issue that prevented containment levels from knocking back one if a player left the match. There's been a lot of problems with containment levels resetting, so hopefully this fully fixes those. Now, hopefully, it is actually significant.

New warzone weapon update & gameplay update patch notes

Then we jump over to the war zone side of things, and for our initial weapon updates, it's going to be similar to that of the multiplayer, so there were some Universal.

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Weapon updates With this one again on the hogre 556 of s Lord stock, they updated the description so it is the stock that clearly provides better accuracy and better recoil control, the Sprinter and Recon stock pads on the fr556, and replacing the Sprint speed with tack Sprint speed in the list of pros to align with the true statistics.

On the Rival 9 brake barrel, replace the duplicate Jack BFB so you won't have any issues. Doubling up on that on the Haymaker Magift kit to increase the hip fire spread and then also the tax stand spread a little bit there, then again on sniper rifles with the Longbow, the Jack Tyrant kit 762. Removed the 30% hipfire spread benefit and increased the ad time, so that is a decent Nerf to that tyring kit there.

If you were using that a lot, you're going to notice it's not nearly as good anymore. With gameplay updates, cluster mines now require two mines from a cluster to down a full-plated player. That's a big update. Cluster mines are obviously very spammy, and it seems like sometimes you might get knocked by one; it blows you up right away, even with full health.

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You get up, turn a corner, and one somehow bounces around on the corner, and you immediately get knocked again. Maybe that's just me being clueless as to the cluster mine placement, but it's happened to everyone. A player with no plates will be downed by one mine from a cluster, though, so keep that in mind.

If you're around and you hear the beeping or whatever, you might get knocked by those still. Black sights increase the drop rate of black sight keys up 5%, up to 5%; it was initially just a 1% drop rate, so you should find blacksite keys a little more often now. With those bug fixes, they fixed an issue causing the bunker buster to fire from the incorrect position when on a moving platform.

Of course, keep in mind that this is exclusive to Fortun's Keep right now, so if you're wondering, hey, I haven't seen a bunker buster yet in gameplay. Why is that? Well, that's the exact reason there. They also fixed a collision issue on Fortunes that keeps allowing players to exploit under the map, so that's a big one.

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