News - Warzone Just Made A Massive Mistake

Warzone just made a big change, and players aren␙t happy␦

Warzone just made a big change, and players aren␙t happy␦

Ladies and gentlemen.

Warzone season 2 reloaded completely changed the playlist updates

And that's where things get a little bit messy, so if we go through and enlarge what's going on with our playlist calendar here, you'll see that, for the most part, you know the standard stuff we're going to have ranked play trios every week. No surprise, plunder is actually sticking around for 3 weeks, which a lot of players have been requesting.

Lockdown is going to be debuting; it's just behind the face cam. From March 28th, we've got BR, solos. Duos, trios, and quads are sort of going back and forth between Urzikstan and Von Del because we've got Von Del Battle Royale now but the Resurgence. Playlist is where things are not great; this has already been a very hot topic.

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In recent weeks and months, the resurgence of playlist rotation has caused some players to really love Vondal, and they just want to play Vondal. Some weeks, when there's a rotation and they have to sit there and wait for Aika to play out, they'd rather not spend those 15 minutes waiting around, or some weeks they want to play duos, and that's just not available.

For Vondal, it's available on Ukan. POI or players really love Ersan POI, then they don't get a chance to play that because it's, you know, not the true Resurgence map, so they're not in the rotation as well. They've really gone out of their way to do something very different for the next four weeks within the war zone.

Resurgence, rotation. And it's just not great; if I'm going to put it bluntly, it's not great, so this week in particular, we've got solos on fortunes: duos for Ukan POI rotation, trios for Vondal, quads for Ashika, so every squad size is playing on a different map, and that's it, so that's already, you know, problematic for me.

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For instance. I really wanted to jump into Fortune's Keep and see the new bunker Buster and visit the new POI, but I wanted to do that PL with my usual squad, and it's solos only, so huge update and so many changes our fortunes keep specific, and we're going to limit it to just solos. It seems kind of backwards, in my opinion.

You really want to play Vondal, but you have a full squad. Well, you can only play asika because Vondal is only trios, or it's just you and your buddy. Well, unless you want to be at a disadvantage or squad fill, you have to play Ersan POI. You don't get to experience new fortunes. You maybe don't get to experience your favorite map in Düsseldorf.

Okay, so maybe this isn't my week for playlists. Let's check next week if Solos gets an ERSAN POI rotation. Vondal gets duos, and Ashika gets trios. Fortune's keep gets quads So it's the same deal; everything's just shifted, basically. So yeah, if you're a quad and you always play with you know three other players and you want to just do fortunes keep awesome, that works well for you, but if you're a solo and you're looking to play fortunes keep, you now have to squad fill with three or you're not playing fortunes keep next week, the same deal happens the week after everything shifts again.

Vondal gets solos. Asika Island gets duos Fortune's Keep gets trios, and POI gets quads.

Raven␙s reasoning for the newest playlist changes seems␦ odd.

Raven␙s reasoning for the newest playlist changes seems␦ odd.

Why are you doing this? They gave us a full rundown of why they did it. We're seeing a number of questions regarding Resurgence on the playlist calendar for War Zone season 2 reloaded. To recap the plan, all four squad sizes are to remain available for the next month, so yes, we're always going to have solos.

Duos, trios, and quads. That's great; that should be the standard. Each week, each squad size will be paired with a dedicated map, and that's where things get interesting. Honestly, in my opinion, throughout this process, we'll be collecting detailed data on the performance of our Resurgence offering.


allowing us to consider how to better optimize our playlist to satisfy the widest range of players possible, following a full rotation like the one that we've announced provides us with a clear, fixed stream of data for an Anze Resurgence. optimally, as always, we remain committed to fostering a community-driven environment and appreciate the ongoing feedback from our players as we continue to fine-tune the massive game that is War Zone, so here's my thing.

Their explanation here is: Hey, we're doing this Resurgence-style playlist where every map is limited every week to one mode to get data. Are we going to see all players basically just playing fortunes and keeping whatever squad size is? Are we going to see that whatever the Quads playlist is always has the most players, or, you know, duos going to pop up off are trios going to pop off?

What's that data going to be like that said? This isn't like we're 4 months into war zone; we're 4 years into war zone, and I think for the most part we've got a pretty solid understanding of what playlists do well within the community and what playlists don't, especially considering that since the launch of War Zone 3 here, we've always had this resurgence cycling with the playlist; we just had fortunes keep dropping; it's already limited.


Half a season later, we've had Asika and Vondal cycling back and forth with stuff on a week-to-week basis for months now. I feel like there's a good amount of data there as well. I feel like the timing of this all is very weird considering that all the leaks and rumors are pointing towards rebirth dropping in season 3, so then we'd have a playlist cycling between rebirth and Vondal Ashika.

And fortunes keep, and they've said previously that when fortunes keep and rebirth drop, it's going to be the largest war zone playlist offering in the map cycle to date, which to me is basically teasing the fact that all four maps will be in rotation; it's not like they're going to add in rebirth, then Asika is going to be removed from the game.

Now that's a possibility; that's just my comprehension and my understanding of how they explain it with the largest map offering to date. Why would you start getting data before the most requested map of all time? Maybe, second to Dan, you can kind of go back and forth there with Rebirth dropping in season 3.

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You want to see what your playlist data is like now, but I think we can all agree that, for the most part, Rebirth is absolutely going to carry the Resurgence player base when that's reintroduced. So are they collecting this data now to see, okay, rebirth is going to be the monster? What maps should we cycle in the most alongside it, like should we always have Vond Del Quads available or should we always have Fortune's Keep?

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