News - The Ultimate Warzone 3 Movement Guide: Best Movement Settings & Slide Cancel Tips

Intro: so you want to be a movement king?

Intro: so you want to be a movement king?

It's highly possible that you have the wrong definition of movement because.

You are wrong about movement

You've been watching players who like to up their sensitivity on their controller to 2020 and spin around in circles, making everybody around them dizzy, but we're not trying to make anybody barf out here with our game play; instead, we just want to improve as players, so in order to do this, we're going to cover three tips that are guaranteed to make an impact on your game play or get your money back, except, wait a minute, you're getting this article for Free; my movement's getting so good.

How you'll feel after watching this article

This is crazy, son.

Breakdown: how movement makes everything easier in warzone

She'll never, Understand You're about to see an example of how movement allows me to escape a situation and then engage three enemies all at once. We're going to play it once through and then slow it down and break down how movement factored into the play. Chad this is a tough situation here, you know. This, we got this, my , my now notice this entire play was opened up by simply listening for footsteps replating and getting an easy down now normally after you get it down and you see that you're in a 1v3 you pretty much want to get out of there and that's when I hear footsteps behind me now luckily as I slide back around the corner I'm able to catch this guy trying to throw a grenade or a lethal, you could see it in his hand and his other teammate's just a little bit too far behind him running up the stairs so I know if I slide behind cover, he's going to think I'm running away so I challenge him and finish it with a jump shot into the final kill as I'm pushing this rooftop on vond you're about to see where tactical Sprint plays into all of this as I hit the slide cancel 180 like Tony Hawk back in 2004 I need to get to this wall and use a combination of slide cancelling and snaking to take out this.

Movement in warzone is way simpler than you thought

Movement in warzone is way simpler than you thought

Enemy, movement doesn't necessarily have to be flashy, and a lot of people think it does, but it's really just about using cover in combination with your aim watch. As I'm pushing this poor enemy on Asika Island, using the cover, aka the height, as some sort of shield to hide my next intention, there we go.

Use movement around cover

If we watch this back, you could see that I'm sliding down the stairs and using a mixture of the doorway and the stairs to kind of shield where I'm coming from, making my slide cancel and strafing a lot more effective.

The key with slide cancelling

I'm sure by now you're starting to see that the key with slide canceling is to use it in and out of cover to time it properly by perfectly raising your gun around the corner where you expect the enemy, and third of all, use it as at the right time, so believe it or not, with just three simple moves, you can actually take your movement to the next level, starting with move number one, slide cancel.

How to slide cancel in warzone

How to slide cancel in warzone

Now this is even easier to do in War Zone 3 because all you have to do is slide and then jump to cancel your slide, and this is really effective around corners, so what we want to do is use it to get around a. Corner, surprise our enemy, and boom, we're right there. There is an issue if you miss time sliding while sort of like doing a caned amim down sight, you're also going to potentially dolphin dive if you slide cancel a little bit too late, and that is going to cause some issues for you when fighting multiple enemies so what I advise that you do is try super hard to raise that gun and then hit the slide if you make sure you were actually in a tactical Sprint and then you slide out okay now if you do have a advanced controller like an aim controller, it is a lot easier, to do this properly, and mine is actually broken right now so I'm about to use code Cs and get a new one.

Myself, you can see very simple and.

How to strafe jump

How to strafe jump

Straightforward , the next move that we need to learn is basically how to strafe, junp what we're going to do is we are going to move our left stick as you can see on my controller cam here I'm moving my left stick while I'm moving and jumping, so we can't Bunny Hop like we could in war zone 1 as you see we don't get any momentum but what we can do is be moving while we're actually jumping now you obviously can't do this with like a sniper but we can with an SMG very well and this is going to make you a very effective player especially against multiple enemies so to practice it simply go against bots and try to move that left stick constantly and it's honestly a good practice to just constantly be doing this, but you can see how much harder it makes it really for you to be hit Even though these are bots, we're going to see it against some real players as well.

How to snake & "slide cancel peak"

And the last move that we really need to get down here is a mixture of peaking behind cover with something called Snaking, but also what I like to call the slide cancel. Peak, so all we're going to do is we're going to, use a slide cancel to peek behind the cover. This is going to allow us to get information without our enemy really seeing us.

Here, and most importantly, replaying, so it's kind of hard to see in that situation, we're trying to play around the cover to get info and then rechallenge, to take out as many enemies as possible. Now you could also do this by snaking behind cover, but it's going to limit you, and that's why I think combining these moves into one move is so important.

So if we get behind cover here, we're able to get a view of him, but he can't see us, and we can do the same thing. Slide is canceling, so we're just going to find an enemy behind cover. Here slide, cancel B them to break their camera and kind of use that to peak where they're going to push.

Be careful about doing this

Be careful about doing this

as you can see, they can't see us at all, but snaking has been nerfed in War Zone 3, so we can't do it as much; we're actually not going to be able to do it as you see here. As I keep doing this, eventually I'm going to go slower and slower, and it's not going to let me do it, and so for that reason, we need the slide cancellation.

The secret to movement in warzone: just keep movin'

Peak : In fact, you pretty much always want to be strafing and moving backwards because war zone is kind of a lot like soccer; it doesn't matter which direction you move; you just want to be moving in some direction. When you combine all of these things together against an enemy that doesn't have anything—they're not moving, they don't have height, and they don't have the best aim—you can see how overpowered it can really be.

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