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Warzone new resurgence meta loadouts after update!

Warzone new resurgence meta loadouts after update!

Ladies and gentlemen. The Resurgence Meta here in War Zone Season 2 Reloaded is looking a little bit different, but in a good way, because we've got a lot of super competitive options in The Meta right now, specifically if you're playing Asika or Ersan.

Best resurgence meta perks & equipment

You know sounds, of course, and I usually go for a medic vesting game if I can find one of those.

That way.

Warzone best amr9 rifle & bp50 loadout

Warzone best amr9 rifle & bp50 loadout

I'm sort of doubling up on quick, you know, regen, and quick revives at the same time, which is just very clutch, but initially here this first loadout is the AR9, built as a rifle, and then also the BP50, built as like an SMG, so we're taking an SMG and turning it into an AR and an AR and turning it into an SMG.

The AR9 has no business having such a good ttk in the mid-range, but it does feel like it legitimately outguns other rifles and all other SMGs, so you build it for range, and this thing absolutely dominates initially. I've got the integrated suppressor barrel, which helps out that velocity and that range a good amount.

modern warfare 3

We've got a 27 M effective damage range, which is insane. Velocity: this thing works so well in the mid-range. I do have Bruin heavy support on here, which makes it a lot easier to use. Obviously, with the firing stability of the horizontal control being attacked, that's really solid. There's a basic 50-round extended mag; if you wanted to jump up all the way to 100, you could, so you're going to be a little bit slower.

This isn't the fastest build by any means, but it's just preference-based, like there's no wrong answer; one's just really overkill. I do go for the glassless optic; 2.5 times would work well here as well, but the firing aim stability here again just makes the gun even easier to use, and lastly. I go for the Wolfhound stock, which just helps out with basic recoil control and hurts your ad speed a tad bit, but that's already not really a focus here because it's going to be slow when you focus on the mid-range effectiveness here, but yeah, this thing is surprising.

Surprisingly, good, and the BP50 as a rifle was nerfed a little bit in the close range, but it's still ridiculously good here as well, which is extremely. Agile for a rifle with its strafe speed and its ability to just be aggressive—a really fun setup here, so I do go for the z35. Compensator here shortens those radar pings helps out with the control hurts your V and your ads speed a tad bit where you can gain that back elsewhere like for instance with the dr6 hand stop gaining back the ads speed increasing our Sprint to fire our strafe our general movement speed just really makes it a lot more aggressive basic 45 round accent mag here no surprises there glassless optic here as well it's by far the best optic for the close to mid-range, then the Moe 40 stock helps out with some strafe speed some general control going to make the weapon a lot easier to use and like I said this for close-range gunfights works surprisingly, well for a rifle really love the feel of this and this as a Duo is just so much fun next up here we've got my main sniper Loadout for Resurgence featuring The xrk Stalker this can oneshot this particular build up to 70 M which is so efficient for just general Resurgence gameplay on any map that's a lot of one shot head shots you can get there then I pair this with the MCW, conversion kit which is a surprisingly.

Warzone 3 best xrk stalker & mcw conversion loadout

Warzone 3 best xrk stalker & mcw conversion loadout

Good sniper support option here, so really, you get a very aggressive setup here too for the stalker I'm focused on, like I said, at least getting a decent one-shot range in 70.1. M is totally sufficient there, and I get that by using the suppressed barrel, and I also pair that with the high-grain ammo, which also extends that range out some way, giving you 1,200.

Velocity which is super nice as well basically hit scan within that range elsewhere I'm just looking for mobility and stats there so I don't love the bass optic I do you go for the 6.6, time scope that's totally preferen though if you're okay with the base optic you could go for a rear grip or an under Barrel that'll help out with some Mobility or if you want to go for a different scope go for that I do go for no stock obviously speeds up the ads, the general movement speed the strafe speed very clutch for an aggressive sniper and then just behind the face cam here I do have the light bolt which is just faster rechambering speed so I can get those shots off back to back to back a little bit quicker and get those finishes or get those knocks if I'm not getting the head shot there or from out of range so a fantastic, aggress Rive sniper load out here and of course this MCW.

The conversion kit really turns it into more of an SMG AR hybrid. Initially, I do have the spirit fire suppressor, but obviously, staying off the map is nice if you want to use, you know, a z35 or something like that. You could do so as well, but this will also help out with the range and with the control, which is a nice added bonus.

I do have the hand stop on here; this thing is relatively easy to use, especially in the sniper support range, so if I can speed it up, the more the better, essentially.

Best warzone soa subverter & hrm-9 loadout for resurgence

Best warzone soa subverter & hrm-9 loadout for resurgence

Next up, we've got probably my favorite loadout of the season right now; we've got the S SOA subverter, which has a crazy ttk, as we've talked about previously. And the HMR 9, which is one of my favorite SMGs at the moment, I love the feel of it; it's aggressive, and it also has a really surprising range here, especially with this build.

I initially go for no stock, which does kind of kill the recoil, so I focus on that elsewhere, but it gives me great mobility stats that say some players won't love the bounce that this has, so you could just switch over to the light stock, and that'd be really good too, but I personally go for no stock.

I go for the 50-round drum with the angle under the barrel to help out with some horizontal recoil and some stability here, so it just makes the gun a tad bit easier to use. I go for the Princeps long barrel, which helps out with stability, range, and velocity, so it makes it really efficient even in some mid-range fights, and I just love the versatility.

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