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New warzone update patch notes & ricochet ␜upgrades␝ revealed

New warzone update patch notes & ricochet ␜upgrades␝ revealed

We've actually seen a handful of small mini-updates go out in regards to fixing certain things or updating a couple of additional patch notes that they didn't initially have back in the full notes from the update itself. We also got a brand new anti-che update, or Ricochet update, to break down a handful of very interesting things to cover in today's article in regards to new gameplay changes and a few things to look out for.

New mini update patch notes in warzone & mw3

starting first with a new post from Sledgehammer, where they say we've amended the Modern Warfare 3 season 2 reloaded patch notes to include an improvement to the stem tactical equipment, where now upon use a 25 second resupply timer begins allowing multiple uses per life, so now if you're using the Sims in multiplayer, they're going to automatically, just regen, over 25 seconds, which honestly gives them a lot more use.


You know, stems are cool, especially when you need to get that health back. They're by far the most efficient way to do so, but they're also super limited, or at least they were before the update, so now that they do constantly regenerate, it's a really cool quality of life update that's going to make them a lot more valuable moving forward now initially back on update date Cod updates did post saying for Modern Warfare zombies and Modern Warfare 3 were investigating reports that a limited number of PC players are crashing when navigating to the zombies multiplayer and multiplayer private match menus.

After the season 2 reload update, surprise, the update dropped, and there were crashing issues. But as of last night, they did go through an update and say, Hey, a new update's now out for MW3. In Modern Warfare Zombies, we've deployed an update to PC platforms to address an issue that caused some players to crash in the menus after the season 2 reloaded updates, so if you were experiencing that as you were bouncing back and forth between multiplayer and zombies, that should now be fully fixed again.

That was a PC-specific problem. They say just a heads up for MW3 in war zone the dopamine camo for the SOA subverter, may appear unlocked without actually completing that Associated challenge, despite this completing the challenge is required to unlock the completionist camos, for this weapon so you might say hey I'm actually available to unlock gold right now but it actually is because, it says you have dopamine unlocks but you probably didn't fully complete the challenges so if you're trying to get all the Mastery camos on the subverter, make sure you go through and do complete all four of those base ones even if it says you have that last one completed you might want to double check and just do a couple of extra you know steps there just to make sure you fully got that required number in there then before we preview a handful of the other fixes and updates coming to MW3, in war zone we also have a new anti-che.

New warzone/mw3 anti-cheat update explained

New warzone/mw3 anti-cheat update explained

Patch notes, meta breakdowns, and everything going on in COD is right here, so feel free to hit that sub button and turn on those post notifications. But yeah, Cod updates posted this as a team Ricochet update. Our team has seen and shared your frustrations about a rise in cheating reports. I mean, it's been especially bad lately, but it's been bad for a while.

We remain focused on this fight. With the launch of season 2 reloaded, we've deployed several aggressive upgrades, including fixes to combat flying vehicles, with more on the way now. That said, the day that this update went out, I saw multiple tweets of people experiencing players flying in boats and cars.

modern warfare 3

So I have some doubts about fully fixing this. There's a new mitigation: boom vehicles that shouldn't be airborne or too airborne. May randomly explode, so that's interesting, but I also wonder if there's like a certain timer there because what if you send like a truck and you're going pretty fast and you jump off a really high mountain or something and you're in the air for a decent amount of time?

Hopefully that doesn't trigger anything there; it's got to be like, Hey, you're flying for like 5 seconds straight, 10 seconds straight, because that'd be pretty obvious at that point, right? They enhanced protections and increased response times for colonel-level drivers. Now this is something that's been just flat out bad since Rickochet dropped the kernel-level detection system.

It's just not good. If it were good, we wouldn't have countless and countless and countless clips of cheaters going crazy in games only to then get ricocheted afterwards; it would detect their cheats before they started cheating, like. I'm pretty sure there's some clips going around where the Apex Legends anti-cheat actually detects Call of Duty cheats better than the Cod Ricochet, you know, anti-cheat, detect Cod sheets.

modern warfare 3 patch notes

That's a little problematic. And again, even after this update went out, I've already seen multiple clips of new cheaters. With this update and speed optimizations for detections in ranked play, I feel like that sort of just falls under the first one, the third party. Hardware device detection was upgraded, so like cronis and zims that are being used to cheat, they should be detecting more of that, and over 26, 000 accounts apparently got banned.

I have a feeling probably a good 13, 000 of those probably just made a brand new account right after and started cheating again. Our team continues development on further updates, in addition to those we launched today. This is funny timing for this because I've actually got a article coming up about how Dut's main priorities don't really get enough attention from them, and tweets like this are a pretty hot subject in that just because.

This communication is nice, but it seems like most of the time this is a lot more talking than action because, like I said, even though all this stuff went out, there still is a significant amount of cheating on the game, and there's been plenty of clips that have already gone around since season 2 reloaded dropped several of these exact issues.

Being abused, so much more work needs to be done on Ricochet to actually bring it up to, I would say, industry standard.

New gameplay updates & fixes previewed for mw3 & warzone 3

New gameplay updates & fixes previewed for mw3 & warzone 3

At bare minimum now, as mentioned, we do also have a couple of update previews that have gone out since season 2 reloaded via Cod updates. They posted a bunch of different tweets, but luckily they're consolidated on the Trellis board, so we don't have to go from tweet to tweet to tweet. We can just go here and look at the various things that they are looking into.

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