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New fjx horus & mors best loadouts in warzone!

New fjx horus & mors best loadouts in warzone!

We obviously got our brand new seasonal weapons via the battle pass; they are available for free for anyone. If you go through, you get the black cell, and you can get the special variants of it, but as just a base weapon, anyone can go through, grind out the sectors, and get the new FJX. Horus SMG, and then also the new Moors sniper rifle.

Those are our main two weapons here from the season 2 pass, and I've gone through them. I've maxed out each weapon, used it a decent amount, tested it, and found out the absolute best setup for each of them.

Warzone best fjx horus loadout in season 3

I wanted to break them down for you guys today, so we're starting first with the fjx.

fjx horus loadout

Like I said, this is an SMG, and essentially, what this is the MP9. It really feels like it's more of an SMG and Pistol hybrid sort of machine pistol, if you will. The thing is here; its damage is not absolutely insane or anything like that, especially with the Nerfs that went into effect today. I'd have to say the HMR 9 is absolutely the number one SMG; it's not like neck and neck with that per se.

What this thing does have going for it, though, is some of the insane movement stats that you can create when you go through and build a certain setup here. For instance, initially, something I like to run on pretty much all my SMGs right now is the Z35 Compensator. It's going to help out with some horizontal control and some vertical control.

It's also going to give you shorter radar pings, so your red dot's going to disappear quicker. Obviously, it's not a suppressor, so you will show up on the map. It's only going to hurt your ad speed by 5%, and we're at 164 right now, which is not bad. I also go for the light barrel here, which speeds things up across the board with better movement speed and better tack sprint speed; that's something I'm taking note of.

fjx horus smg

It also helps out some with the vertical control, which is nice to see, but ads and the Sprint to Fire also get boosted up there. Keep in mind that with all the attachments here, we've also got a 78-millisecond sprint of fire, which is pretty crazy as well. I also got the Dr6 hand stop. This was slightly nerfed with season 3, but it's still ridiculously good for just any general mobility build here.

Better movement strafe, 8-s sprint of fire, all feeling fantastic, yet again extended mag here. 48 is going to be your max, and this thing does have a decent fire rate, so you are going to burn through this ammo. 48 is somewhat limited here; you're definitely going to have to be mindful of what your ammo is like, and when you are reloading here, you're going to have to do it frequently.

Then, lastly, here I go for the light stock because, again, this helps out a ton with tack sprint speed. We've got some other good options here. 7.4. M/, second on the mobility with the T Sprint speed with the no stock but light stock is a 7.6. It's not doing a ton to your recoil helps out with your Sprint to fire yet again, like there's a lot of good mobility-based stocks here to me though.

horus loadout

Ripper lights are the obvious choice for the perfect balance of even better movement and very minimal cons across the board, so when we run those five attachments together, we get a very, very aggressive Horus is now the base recoil on this thing; it's not going to be crazy. Keep in mind that the firing range does sort of exaggerate the muzzle smoke and the visual.

You know the balance of it, but the pattern is pretty sporadic. It's something that is not going to be really viable. Outside of 10 to 15 m, I would say like the first dummy here, it's at 10 m pretty easy to stay on target. You get to that mid-range, though, and especially because we are using an iron sight build here, it starts to become a little bit less and less viable.

modern warfare 3

I would treat this gun exactly like you would the WASP Swarm as a super aggressive close-range option, but as you can see, our strap speed here is pretty solid. Our attack Sprint speed, you fly around at this thing, so while it doesn't have the craziest ttk or damage stats ever in terms of mobility-based builds If you're a fan of movement in this game, you like to finesse with the attack.

Sprint the slide cancellation transition into, you know, jump shots and whatnot. This is a gun that's going to be phenomenal. For a movement meta style, build here, for sure. Of course, the iron sights here are not incredible by any means, and I'm not a huge fan of them. However, when I'm looking at this build, it's like, Okay, do I want to use an MK3 reflector?

Do I want to use, you know, a slate or something? What am I going to replace that with? regardless of what you choose here you're going to be taking away from the setup in a substantial way one way or another you lose the stock that's a lot of mobility out the window you can't replace the exin mag here in war zone of course dr6, hands stop is still so clutch for movement as well so you really got to pick your poison here and see what you value the most Whether it's a little bit of movement speed or a sprint of fire with the barrel, this is probably what I'd lean towards the most if you were to replace it.

You know anything about an optic, but regardless of what you replace, you're going to be lacking in one area. This build-in is very dedicated to going all in on movement, and it works very well for that.

Warzone best mors meta loadout in season 3

Warzone best mors meta loadout in season 3

Now our second new weapon is the Moors, the Sniper, and as we get into this conversation, a quick reminder: if you are new to the channel, every day I get you covered with all things going on in COD news updates.

Patch notes, meta breakdowns—it's all right here. We obviously got rebirth out now, so we'll be doing a top five for rebirth and a general top 10 coming soon full of meta breakdowns. But the Moors, you may recall, were an iconic sniper back in Advanced Warfare, ridiculously good and fun back then.

It brings the power this time around as well. I know your first question about what's going on with the one-shot capabilities, and I was in a dev call the other day previewing season 3. They confirmed that this thing is going to behave just like the cat would, but it's a little bit more aggressive than the cat, so in my opinion, it's going to be a great balance between the stalker and the cat as a third viable sniper option that can one-shot head-shot all right.

modern warfare iii

Post-edit Zack here because I wanted to clarify a little bit on the onot capabilities initially. This will behave more like the stalker in the sense that its effective damage range that you see on the screen that's where it's going to one shot head shot regardless, now based on my gameplay testing and some other things that I've seen different clips of with other creators and whatnot.

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