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Ladies and gentlemen. Along with the launch of season 2 reloaded today, we got a brand new weapon in our overall meta known as the SOA subverter. This is a brand new battle rifle. It's free for everyone, and it's unlocked through the week-five challenges. Today I wanted to break down the best ways to go through and actually unlock it, and of course once you max it out and level it up, the best setups for it, it's actually a pretty versatile battle rifle.

Like I said, first things first, if you want to actually access the S SOA subverter, the most direct way is going to be through the week five challenges for season 2, so with this, you've got seven challenges between multiplayer, seven challenges between zombies, and seven challenges between Battle Royale, and you just have to complete any five of these, so obviously if you're a free-to-play player only playing, you know.

War Zone, you'll be stuck with the BR challenges. If you have the premium game, you could do zombies or multiplayer, but you could do two in multiplayer, one in zombies and two in Battle Royale if you wanted to all five in multiplayer, which is personally what I did, and I got it done in about three or four games time.

modern warfare 3 soa subverter

So initially, for the multiplayer side of things, you have to get 15 operator hipfire kills with a recommended battle rifle set to full auto. I just use the Sidewinder for that and get 10 operator melee backstabs and kills, so actually knifing someone in the back, and 15 operator quick scope kills with a new glassless optic equipped.

Keep in mind that it's got to be a sniper for those quick scopes. Get 15 operator-long shot kills with a suppressed recommended battle rifle. Get 20 operator double kills with the Hoger 556. Get 20 operator kills with the Jack Magift kit on the haym maker, and then lastly, get 20 operator kills with the Tyrant 762 kit on the Longbow for zombies here.

Kill 50 mercenary soldiers with a recommended assault rifle. Get 250 critical kills with a recommended lmg; get 250 ad kills with a recommended SMG; get 400 kills with the hoger 556. 500 kills with a recommended shotgun at purple rarity or higher, 300 kills with a recommended lmg while stamina UPS is active, or five rapid kills 15 times with an assault rifle, so you can do a couple of those at once in theory.

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Then, for Battle Royale, the first four are going to be very basic; it's going to be in fortunes. Keep getting killed in different areas of the map, so the north region, the west region, the south region, and then the east region. Incredibly, it's extremely easy to use, and all around, I think you could have a case for it being the best battle rifle in the game now that they've nerfed the MTZ 762.

The bass's kind of been mid and decent for a while—nothing crazy but also not too bad. The sidewinder is kind of more gimmicky than anything else. This thing is consistent, has a good fire rate, and has insanely easy recoil. Mobility like strafe speed and whatnot is a little bit lacking; it feels kind of heavy, but it still gets the job done nicely, and so for instance, this build is more centered around the mid-range, so I'm using an iron sight-based build initially, and here I've got the Zen 35 compensator.


Obviously hurting that velocity a little bit, but for mid-range and whatnot 80 weight, it's going to be just fine. It makes it a tad bit easier to use with that better control and also firing aim stability. I do have the long barrel on here just because we can extend that range some and extend its efficiency in the mid-range area as well.

On top of getting some better V and some better control. I ended up opting for breu and heavy support just because when I built this thing out elsewhere, there's not really much you can do for the mobility unless you are willing to kill the control. Or the strip speed or something like that, so I felt like just using a brew and heavy was all right here.

You could try out some more aggressive underbarrels, like maybe a DR6, a hand stop, or an edge bw4. To see how you like the feel of it in terms of control here, you would have some better mobility, but for me, I just like the laser beam aspect of it. The 50-round drum is kind of a necessary option here, especially if you're playing, you know, Duos trios quads; you're going to want to have that safety net, and lastly, I went for the telescoping.

mw3 soa subverter

Stock, or the telescoping, ends up just helping out with my ad speed and my strafe speed a little bit there and then hurts the control, but we gain it back elsewhere, so that's not really a huge deal, and you'll see in the firing range here. I mean, this thing is like a laser beam; you can shoot it very consistently.

Even at the far dummy, it's going to be very low recoil; that's the general pattern, essentially straight vertical going all the way down, and when you're fighting 30-40-50 m, sort of in the mid-range here, this is going to be a really easy build. The traffic isn't crazy. It's not awful though for a battle rifle either; this is a nice little middle ground setup, at least in my opinion.

Hey, everyone really wanted to take a second and highlight the gamer advantage, of course. In every single article, you guys see me rocking my Horizon frames, even when I'm not recording articles. These are on. All day, every day. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. These are by far the most important parts of my day-to-day setup, and the reason for that is that they allow me to be the most efficient I can be.

soa subverter

Every single day wearing them. I'm getting reduced headaches, reduced eye strain, and, best of all. I'm sleeping better at night so I can wake up feeling nice and refreshed every single day to get back on that grind to make content for y'all. So if you're looking at screens for long periods of time, whether it be playing games, doing work, or doing school, whatever the case, do yourself a favor.

Get a pair of Gamer Advantage glasses. Then I also have a build built more around the long range as well that I wanted to try out and see exactly how I could get this thing to feel, and there's really a few different ways you could build this to be effective as well, so initially here I'm going for the Cassis break compensator, using the Z35 hurting that a little bit, not really a huge thing, but I love the long range base setup there while it is giving some control.

soa subverter best loadout

This is going to make the pattern just so easy, and with the firing aim stability, it's still going to be even more of a laser beam over the long range. Again, we're using the long barrel; no surprises there. Obviously, for the long term, we want the increases. From the range to the control to the velocity, 50 round drums are on here as well, which is very standard.

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